7 accommodations in Emmeloord

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Van der Valk Hotel Emmeloord in Emmeloord Hotel
Distance: 2,2 km8.5
Van der Valk Hotel Emmeloord
Het Hooiveld 9, Emmeloord

Deluxe lodging with plush rooms, complimentary parking, and a welcoming restaurant. Easy access to local attractions.

Hotel Restaurant 't Voorhuys Emmeloord in Emmeloord Hotel
Distance: 425 meter8.9
Hotel Restaurant 't Voorhuys Emmeloord
De Deel 20, Emmeloord

Peerless cuisine, theatre proximity, luxury rooms, and accessible beautiful villages.

Camping the Bosbad in Emmeloord Camping
Distance: 1,2 km8.5
Camping the Bosbad
Banterweg 4, Emmeloord

Camping Het Bosbad: spacious camping pitches, cozy mobile homes, near Emmeloord center, ideal for walking and cycling trips in the Noordoostpolder.

Appartement Mijn Ouders Bed en Breakfast Emmeloord in Emmeloord Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,2 km10
Appartement Mijn Ouders Bed en Breakfast Emmeloord
Gooilaan 17A, Emmeloord

My Parents B&B; comfortable stay in a quiet area, private entrance, separate bedroom, private bathroom and private terrace. Shopping center within 2 minutes walking distance.

Pension 't Slaaphuys in Emmeloord Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,6 km9.9
Pension 't Slaaphuys
Drostlaan 40, Emmeloord

Pension 't Slaaphuys Emmeloord: Premium comfort, free WiFi and parking, near supermarkets. Rooms with private showers available.

Gastvrij Schokland in Nagele Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,2 km9.3
Gastvrij Schokland
Oud Emmeloorderweg 14, Nagele

Hospitable Schokland: holiday homes and B&B at UNESCO Schokland, ideal for privacy and nature tours.

Minicamping Welkom op de boerderij in Nagele Camping
Distance: 7,3 km9.9
Minicamping Welkom op de boerderij
Zuidwesterringweg 3-I, Nagele

MiniCamping 'Welcome to the Farm': Family campsite with picking garden & vegetables from our own garden since 2022 in Nagele.

Information about Emmeloord

Strategically located in the heart of the province of Flevoland, Emmeloord is the administrative center and largest city of the Noordoostpolder - a pioneer in the Dutch landscape created by land reclamation. Structure and planning characterize this young city, with the Lange Nering as the main shopping street and the Polder Tower as an imposing landmark. From this former water tower, which testifies to the technical and architectural expertise of the mid-last century, one has a panoramic view of the unique grid structure of the city center and the extensive agricultural land around it.

The city is also known for the exploitation of modern and sustainable agricultural practices and contributes to the continued agricultural development of the Netherlands. In addition to shopping and architecture, Emmeloord offers a range of outdoor activities, thanks in part to the nearby Kuinderbos and the many waterways suitable for water sports. The many events and festivals organized throughout the year, such as the Tulip Festival and the Polder Race, underline the local community spirit and emphasize the connection with its agricultural and horticultural heritage.