38 accommodations in Emmen

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Van der Valk Hotel Emmen Nieuw Amsterdam in Nieuw Amsterdam Hotel
Distance: 8,1 km8.7
Van der Valk Hotel Emmen Nieuw Amsterdam
Verlengde Herendijk 50, Nieuw Amsterdam

Indulge in optimal comfort with top-notch amenities, sumptuous meals, and superior gym facilities.

Hotel ten Cate Emmen in Emmen Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km9.1
Hotel ten Cate Emmen
Noordbargerstraat 44, Emmen

Located near Wildlands Zoo, this urban retreat offers a gym, solarium, bar, and quality dining.

Stads-hotel Boerland Emmen in Emmen Hotel
Distance: 1,1 km8.1
Stads-hotel Boerland Emmen
Hoofdstraat 57, Emmen

Experience first-rate amenities in a historic setting near popular attractions.

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Emmen in Emmen Hotel
Distance: 1,9 km8.9
Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Emmen
Van Schaikweg 55, Emmen

Superb accommodations for business guests, featuring free parking and remarkable private corporate spaces.

the Heerenhof in Nieuw-Dordrecht Camping
Distance: 7,1 km9.3
the Heerenhof
Herenstreek 130, Nieuw-Dordrecht

Camping Oosterbos: Nature holidays in Drenthe, on the edge of Oosterbos & close to Geopark De Hondsrug.

B&B Het Veurhuus in Erica Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,2 km9.3
B&B Het Veurhuus
Ericasestraat 8, Erica

B&B Het Veurhuus in Erica: WiFi, own kitchen, TV, free parking. Near Emmen & activities such as windsurfing.

Camperpark de Berkenweide in Erica Camping
Distance: 10,9 km9.5
Camperpark de Berkenweide
Noordersloot 3, Erica

Camper park De Berkenweide: quiet pitches, luxurious sanitary facilities, near Bargerveen. Ideal for cyclists.

Luxury Villas Rentals in Erica Vacation home
Distance: 10,2 km9.9
Luxury Villas Rentals
Verlengde Vaart Zuidzijde 143A, Erica

Luxury Houses Rent: Wellness & Tree Houses near Bargerveen, ideal for nature and Wildlands Zoo.

Cottage 169 in Emmen Vacation home
Distance: 7,4 km7.7
Cottage 169
, Emmen

Center Parcs: enjoy Aqua Mundo, nature tours and more, everything sustainable and carefree with flexible booking.

Center Parcs Parc Sandur in Emmen Holiday resort
Distance: 7,3 km8.3
Center Parcs Parc Sandur
Sandurdreef 7, Emmen

Parc Sandur: in the heart of Drenthe, with spacious cottages on De Grote Rietplas. Near WILDLANDS Zoo and Dolmen Center.

Cottage 166 in Emmen Vacation home
Distance: 7,4 km7.5
Cottage 166
, Emmen

Center Parcs: Holiday in nature, Aqua Mundo, luxury cottages & pets welcome. Flexible rebooking.

Mazzelhof vakantieappartement in Emmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,9 km
Mazzelhof vakantieappartement
Emmerhoutstraat 55, Emmen

Mazzelhof: holiday apartment for 2, near Emmen. Kitchen, lounge, new shower.

Cottage 359 in Emmen Vacation home
Distance: 6,9 km8.1
Cottage 359
, Emmen

Parc Sandur Emmen: quiet, natural environment with pet-friendly VIP cottages and numerous activities for the whole family.

B & B en vakantieappartement Het Tuinhui in Emmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,4 km9.3
B & B en vakantieappartement Het Tuinhui
Laan van de Iemenhees 574, Emmen

Tuinhuis Emmen: Stylish B&B with parking, modern kitchen and terrace with BBQ. Ideal for cyclists, near Emmerhout.

Bed & Breakfast 'De Vossenburcht' in Emmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,4 km9.3
Bed & Breakfast 'De Vossenburcht'
De Woerd 18, Emmen

The Vossenburcht in Drenthe offers access to cycling routes, dolmens, Wildlands Zoo, historical museums and its own kitchen. 3 tulips B&B, including breakfast.

Huisje op Centerparcs Emmen parc Sandur in Emmen Vacation home
Distance: 7,4 km8.5
Huisje op Centerparcs Emmen parc Sandur
, Emmen

Center Parcs offers comfortable accommodations in the Netherlands and Europe, surrounded by green areas with Aqua Mundo, activities and pet-friendly.

Cottage 171 in Emmen Vacation home
Distance: 7,4 km10
Cottage 171
, Emmen

Center Parcs: Luxury cottages in nature with Aqua Mundo swimming paradise and flexible booking options throughout Europe.

Cottage 170 in Emmen Vacation home
Distance: 7,4 km8.1
Cottage 170
, Emmen

Center Parcs: Unique holiday parks in nature, luxury cottages to houseboats, pet-friendly, Aqua Mundo swimming paradise and free rebooking option.

Tjonge Jonge vakantiehuis in Haren (Ems) Vacation home
Distance: 11,9 km9.7
Tjonge Jonge vakantiehuis
Hermann-Gröninger-Straße 17, Haren (Ems)

Tjonge Jonge Holiday Home: near Emmen, free bicycles, pets allowed, ideal for walkers.

BED EN BREAKFAST T Aolepakhuus in Klazienaveen-Noord Bed and breakfast
Distance: 8,0 km10
, Klazienaveen-Noord

Aole Pakhuis B&B: wooded tranquility with WiFi & TV, including breakfast. Near Emmen and Meppen, bicycle available for nature explorations!

B&B Op 't eind in Erm Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,2 km9.3
B&B Op 't eind
Oostereind 25, Erm

Op 't Eind B&B: Charming farmhouse, private bathroom, breakfast room, TV, coffee/tea facilities, private parking, bicycle shed, terrace, garden and nearby restaurants.

Restaurant & Camperplaats Wielens in Noord-Sleen Camping
Distance: 6,7 km9.1
Restaurant & Camperplaats Wielens
Dorpsstraat 19, Noord-Sleen

Restaurant & Hall Center Wielens: authentic Dutch cuisine, party rooms, trail center and camper pitches in Noord-Sleen for 60+ years. Reliable and innovative.

Galerie23 in Noord-Sleen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,6 km9.3
Dorpsstraat 23, Noord-Sleen

Galerie23, spend the night surrounded by art in Noord-Sleen. Breakfast included, with option for inspiring workshops and tours.

B&B Mendelts in Emmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,3 km9.3
B&B Mendelts
Eikenweg 59, Emmen

B&B Mendelts, Emmen: Free WiFi, shared lounge, garden, terrace & bicycle rental. Near Emmen Center for Visual Arts.

de Ermerhoek in Erm Vacation home
Distance: 7,3 km10
de Ermerhoek
De Hoek 4, Erm

Ermerhoek in Erm: peaceful stay in a farm apartment or modern holiday home. Enjoy Ermerzand nature reserve and Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.

B&B de Bosbraam in Sleen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 7,4 km10
B&B de Bosbraam
Braambos 6, Sleen

Bosbraam B&B in enchanting Drenthe: enjoy walking routes, exclusive transport, comfortable rooms & private terrace for those seeking peace and quiet.

Onder de eiken in Sleen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 7,1 km9.1
Onder de eiken
Heirweg 38, Sleen

Under the Oaks in Sleen: rustic enjoyment at the Pieterpad, with access to forests and dolmens, within walking distance of the bus to Emmen and Assen.

Minicamping Loeksham in Emmen Camping
Distance: 6,7 km9.3
Minicamping Loeksham
Wilhelmsweg 28, Emmen

Minicamping Loeksham: Spacious pitches, luxurious sanitary facilities and free WiFi in SE Drenthe. Near Wildlands Adventure Zoo & historic Veenpark.

Vakantieverblijf- vergaderlocatie en jacuzzihuisje de Berenshoev in Emmen Vacation home
Distance: 6,2 km9.9
Vakantieverblijf- vergaderlocatie en jacuzzihuisje de Berenshoev
Oude Wilhelmsweg 13, Emmen

Berenshoeve: Luxury villa for 32 people, jacuzzi house near Emmen. Perfect for events and meetings. Customized packages available.

't Hunebed recreatie in Sleen Vacation home
Distance: 7,0 km8.1
't Hunebed recreatie
Brink 9, Sleen

't Hunebed: group accommodation in a former café/brasserie in Drenthe with bar, ideal for relaxation, parties and sports activities.

B&B BEDbijPET in Emmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,9 km9.5
Waanderweg 3, Emmen

BEDbijPET offers a range of comfortable rooms in Drenthe, perfect for short/long stays and working in Emmen.

Bed & Breakfast Veenloopcentrum in Weiteveen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 15,3 km9.1
Bed & Breakfast Veenloopcentrum
Zusterweg 17, Weiteveen

Veenloopcentrum Weiteveen: B&B in Drenthe, nature park tours, 4 rooms with private sanitary facilities, including breakfast.

Bed & Breakfast Bij het Veen in Weiteveen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 15,4 km10
Bed & Breakfast Bij het Veen
Zuidersloot 90, Weiteveen

B&B 'Bij het Veen' in Weiteveen: hot tub, air conditioning, Smart TV, near Europe's largest sheepfold & nature.

Camping Veenweide in Zwartemeer Camping
Distance: 14,0 km8.9
Camping Veenweide
Kamerlingswijk Westzijde 123, Zwartemeer

Camping Veenweide at Het Bargerveen offers peace, WiFi, and guided tours. Perfect for nature lovers.

Bed & Breakfast Zonnedauw in Zwartemeer Bed and breakfast
Distance: 14,3 km9.5
Bed & Breakfast Zonnedauw
, Zwartemeer

Bed & Breakfast Zonnedauw: Luxury rooms, private bath, TV, internet at Het Bargerveen. Ideal for walking and cycling routes.

ArtzofNature in Emmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 569 meter
Sparrenlaan 37, Emmen

Art and B&B Hotel Emmen: Luxury apartment near Emmerdennen & center, close to Wildlands Zoo.

B&B Villa Emmen in Emmen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 742 meter9.5
B&B Villa Emmen
Stationsstraat 65, Emmen

Experience style and comfort at Villa Emmen, a luxury B&B in Emmen with architectural charm, managed by Gerti & Renate Olijslager. Rooms with balcony or bath available!

minicamping Bosveen in Klazienaveen Camping
Distance: 12,3 km9.5
minicamping Bosveen
Verlengde Scheperweg 7, Klazienaveen

Camping Bosveen: Rustic escape in Drenthe, 17 spacious pitches, indoor pool, WiFi, near Bargerveen.

Information about Emmen

Emmen is a Dutch city located in the province of Drenthe. It is known for its diverse cultural wealth, vibrant commercial climate and pleasant living environment. The city offers a mix of modern amenities, including shopping centers, cozy restaurants and a wide range of recreational facilities. The beautiful green surroundings and cycle-friendly routes make it an attractive destination for nature lovers and entertainment seekers.

Emmen is also internationally recognized for 'WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo', an ecological theme park that engages visitors on interactive safari adventures. In addition, it offers an in-depth look at the historic Dolmens, old grave monuments made of stones, which are unique in this part of the Netherlands. The attractive town center combines old world charm with modern sophistication and is the beating heart of local commerce and festivals. This proves Emmen's reputation as a hospitable and versatile city.