16 accommodations in Enkhuizen

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Hotel De Koepoort Enkhuizen in Enkhuizen Hotel
Distance: 901 meter8.5
Hotel De Koepoort Enkhuizen
Westerstraat 294, Enkhuizen

Relish the historic charm with modern amenities, centrally located near the business hub.

Hotel Du Passage Enkhuizen in Enkhuizen Hotel
Distance: 393 meter9.1
Hotel Du Passage Enkhuizen
Paktuinen 8, Enkhuizen

Distinguished Enkhuizen centre hotel, near historic monuments and marinas. Ideal for water sports.

SuyderSee Hotel Enkhuizen in Enkhuizen Hotel
Distance: 307 meter8.3
SuyderSee Hotel Enkhuizen
Koltermanstraat 7, Enkhuizen

Central location, direct access to historical harbor city, housing modern amenities and conveniences.

Het Wapen van Enkhuizen  in Enkhuizen Hotel
Distance: 359 meter8.3
Het Wapen van Enkhuizen
Breedstraat 59, Enkhuizen

Strategically located near town hall, our hotel brims with family warmth, comfort, and hospitality.

Bed & Breakfast Bij de Buren in Enkhuizen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 273 meter9.9
Bed & Breakfast Bij de Buren
Bagijnestraat 6, Enkhuizen

Bij de Buren B&B - Charming accommodation in the heart of Enkhuizen with private roof terrace. Including breakfast, parking ticket and excellent service.

VOChuys in Enkhuizen Vacation home
Distance: 559 meter8.9
Breedstraat 162, Enkhuizen

VOChuys, renovated holiday home for 10 in Enkhuizen; close to Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizer Zand, indoor swimming pool and Fairytale Wonderland. NS station nearby!

Bed & Breakfast De Houten Uil in Enkhuizen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 444 meter9.1
Bed & Breakfast De Houten Uil
Havenweg 24, Enkhuizen

Bed & Breakfast De Houten Uil: serene harbor location in Enkhuizen, spacious rooms, private bathroom, free WiFi, cable TV, breakfast included. Near railway station.

Camping Enkhuizerzand in Enkhuizen Camping
Distance: 1,6 km8.1
Camping Enkhuizerzand
Kooizandweg 4, Enkhuizen

EuroParcs Enkhuizer Beach: Luxury, sustainable, on the IJsselmeer, water sports, Green Key label.

Estel - Enkhuizen in Enkhuizen Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km10
Estel - Enkhuizen
Immerhornweg 15, Enkhuizen

Estel Chalet in Enkhuizen: 6 people, energy neutral, roof terrace, SMART TV, near IJsselmeer & EuroParcs facilities.

Sonnenplätzchen am IJsselmeer in Enkhuizen Bungalow park
Distance: 1,6 km8.1
Sonnenplätzchen am IJsselmeer
Immerhornweg 15, Enkhuizen

Sonnenplätzchen: Chalets near IJsselmeer, water activities, private garden & parking.

EuroParcs Enkhuizer Strand in Enkhuizen Holiday resort
Distance: 1,5 km7.5
EuroParcs Enkhuizer Strand
Immerhornweg 15, Enkhuizen

EuroParcs Enkhuizer Beach: Luxury on the IJsselmeer, sustainable options, beach & water sports center nearby.

Vakantie appartement Boven Jan Enkhuizen in Enkhuizen Vacation home
Distance: 974 meter10
Vakantie appartement Boven Jan Enkhuizen
Burgwal 40, Enkhuizen

Above Jan: Peace, space and privacy in Enkhuizen; on the fortress wall, near Amsterdam. Excellent starting point for cycling, walking and car holidays.

Appartement/ Vakantiehuis Aan de Veste in Enkhuizen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 377 meter9.9
Appartement/ Vakantiehuis Aan de Veste
Noordergracht 56, Enkhuizen

Aan de Veste: charming holiday home in historic Enkhuizen. Equipped with kitchen, conservatory, unique garden and private parking. Within walking distance of attractions.

Strand-Chalet am Ijsselmeer in Enkhuizen Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.9
Strand-Chalet am Ijsselmeer
Immerhornweg 15, Enkhuizen

Ijsselmeer Chalet: Modern and comfortable, fully equipped for four, near Zuiderzee Museum and Fairytale Wonderland, with beautiful views.

Villa Enkhuizen in Enkhuizen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 511 meter9.9
Villa Enkhuizen
Snouck van Loosenpark 1, Enkhuizen

National monument Villa Enkhuizen: experience from 1897 with modern facilities such as WiFi. Next to Buitenhaven and Snouck van Loosenpark. Free parking.

Bed and Breakfast Enkhuizen in Enkhuizen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 409 meter9.7
Bed and Breakfast Enkhuizen
Westerstraat 157, Enkhuizen

Bed and Breakfast Enkhuizen: luxurious comfort in modern equipped rooms close to historic harbours, with free parking and paddleboard rental.

Information about Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen, located in the province of North Holland, Netherlands, is a city with a rich history dating back to the 12th century. It once functioned as one of the ports of the VOC (United East India Company) in the 17th century, resulting in an evocation of wealth and growth. Enkhuizen is known for its well-preserved historic buildings and structures, including the 16th-century Renaissance-style Dromedaris Gate and the prominent St. Pancras Church. The old city center is further characterized by picturesque streets, old buildings, and the original fortress moats and walls are still largely intact.

Enkhuizen is also known as an attractive tourist destination for the Zuiderzee Museum, where the maritime history of the Netherlands comes to life with restored old buildings, boats and crafts. Furthermore, the city offers a range of tourist activities, including boat trips on the IJsselmeer, cycling in the surrounding region, and visiting several annual festivities. Whether it concerns discovering its rich history, enjoying the local cuisine or relaxing on the waterfront, Enkhuizen is characterized by a balanced mix of culture, history and relaxation.