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Hotel Buxus Gasselte in Gasselte Vacation home
Distance: 412 meter9.3
Hotel Buxus Gasselte
Dorpsstraat 35, Gasselte

Centrally-located hotel offering the luxury of a villa, with heated pool and sauna facilities.

Vakantiehuis in Drenthe in Gasselternijveen Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km8.7
Vakantiehuis in Drenthe
Zuiderdwarsdijk 53, Gasselternijveen

Luxury Holiday Home Drenthe: Wooded area, sauna, near nature reserve for walking and cycling. Book now!

Drouwenerzand Hotel in Drouwen Holiday resort
Distance: 2,1 km8.7
Drouwenerzand Hotel
Gasselterstraat 7, Drouwen

Hotel Drouwenerzand: innovative family accommodation in Drenthe offers free access to the Amusement Park + UNESCO Geopark De Hondsrug in the vicinity.

Groepsverblijf De Kwartjesberg in Drouwen Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km8.1
Groepsverblijf De Kwartjesberg
Gasselterstraat 9, Drouwen

Group accommodation De Kwartjesberg, wooded setting in Drouwen, up to 112 people. Sustainable family business in UNESCO's only Geopark in the Netherlands.

Landschapscamping Sparrenhof in Gasselte Camping
Distance: 1,5 km9.7
Landschapscamping Sparrenhof
Kamplaan 1, Gasselte

Sparrenhof Camping, 5-star ANWB award-winning location in Gasselte, Drenthe. Peace, space and nature at Hunze streamdal and Drentsche Aa.

Horstmannsbos in Gasselte Camping
Distance: 1,3 km9.3
Hoogte der Heide 8, Gasselte

Camping Horstmannsbos in Drenthe: camp in nature & luxury with private sanitary facilities, attractive safari tents and a swimming and fishing pond.

Camping Alinghoek Drenthe in Drouwen Camping
Distance: 1,8 km8.9
Camping Alinghoek Drenthe
Alinghoek 16, Drouwen

Alinghoek Camping offers an idyllic location on the Hondsrug; near cycling/walking routes, Dolmen Center & Drenthe nature reserve.

Camping Drouwenerzand in Drouwen Camping
Distance: 1,6 km8.7
Camping Drouwenerzand
Gasselterstraat 7, Drouwen

Camping Drouwenerzand: Spacious camping pitches with private sanitary facilities. Includes admission to theme park and located in UNESCO Geopark.

Camping de Berken in Gasselte Camping
Distance: 822 meter9.1
Camping de Berken
Borgerweg 23, Gasselte

Camping de Berken in Gasselte; surrounded by nature, with a choice of various accommodations. Cycling network, renovated sanitary facilities and top facilities.

Bungalowpark De Kremmer in Gasselte Bungalow park
Distance: 1,5 km8.9
Bungalowpark De Kremmer
De Kremmerlaan 2, Gasselte

Bungalow Park De Knemer: Luxury bungalows in the middle of the Hondsrug near Staatsbossen. Perfect for trips to historic dolmens and the picturesque Drentsche Aa.

B&B De Buren in Gasselte Bed and breakfast
Distance: 98 meter9.7
B&B De Buren
Dorpsstraat 6, Gasselte

B&B De Buren: Rustic stay in Drents Gasselte with free parking and WiFi. Close to bustling Groningen.

Huize Cossee in Gasselte Bed and breakfast
Distance: 338 meter9.7
Huize Cossee
Dorpsstraat 25, Gasselte

Huize Cossee: Comfy B&B in Gasselte, with forest walks on the doorstep. Benefit from free WiFi, breakfast service, bicycle storage & 9.6 rating.

Ravijnzicht, Bungalowpark in Gasselte Holiday resort
Distance: 1,0 km9.1
Ravijnzicht, Bungalowpark
Gieterweg 6a, Gasselte

Drenthe Holiday home: In the middle of nature and history, close to national parks, with comfort, cycling opportunities and children's attractions.

Gastenverblijf Perron1 in Gasselte Vacation home
Distance: 943 meter
Gastenverblijf Perron1
, Gasselte

Platform 1, quietly located in charming Drenthe. Authentic guesthouse, equipped with every comfort. Near nature reserves and Borger and Gieten.

Drouwenerzand Bungalowpark in Drouwen Holiday resort
Distance: 1,5 km9.5
Drouwenerzand Bungalowpark
Gasselterstraat 7 47, Drouwen

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Vakantiehuis gasselterstraat 7-154 in Drouwen Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km9.5
Vakantiehuis gasselterstraat 7-154
Gasselterstraat 7, Drouwen

Drouwenerzand Amusement Park: Versatile entertainment in Drenthe, with attractions for all ages, including wheelchair-friendly facilities.

Groepsaccommodatie Alinghoek in Drouwen Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km10
Groepsaccommodatie Alinghoek
Alinghoek 16a, Drouwen

Group accommodation Alinghoek in Drenthe, spacious accommodation with its own cafe, ideal for group outings, near the Drouwenerzand nature reserve.

Roompot HunzePark in Gasselternijveen Holiday resort
Distance: 3,4 km8.1
Roompot HunzePark
Hunzepark 4, Gasselternijveen

Hunzepark: Enjoy fishing, canoeing, volleyball & more. Near Drentsche Aa and dolmens!

Hunzepark 1 in Gasselternijveen Vacation home
Distance: 3,5 km6.1
Hunzepark 1
Hunzepark 4, Gasselternijveen

Hunzepark: Chalets near water, cycling, canoe & Emmen Zoo nearby. Ideal for nature & sports lovers.

Information about Gasselte

Located in the province of Drenthe, Netherlands, Gasselte is a small and picturesque village that perfectly reflects traditional Dutch life. The village is home to a population of less than 2,000 people, giving it a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Gasselte is notable for its long and rich history, which can still be seen today in the medieval churches and historic buildings. The James Church, a 12th-century church in Romanesque style, is one of the most prominent landmarks in the village.

The nature around Gasselte offers various recreational opportunities, including walking, cycling and swimming. The nearby heathlands of the Drentsche Aa National Park and the Gasselterveld offer scenic views and an extensive network of hiking and cycling trails. Furthermore, the blue lake, a local swimming area with crystal clear waters, provides the ideal place for relaxation in the warmer months. This makes Gasselte an attractive destination for the tranquility-seeking tourist who enjoys nature and history-oriented activities.