23 accommodations in Genemuiden

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CamperParkingHasselt.NL in Hasselt Camping
Distance: 5,3 km8.9
Grintwal 1, Hasselt

CamperParkingHasselt: Historically located parking space on the Zwartewater quay. Rates up to €36 per camper, max. stay 14 days, no reservation.

Hotel Van Dijk in Kampen Hotel
Distance: 11,1 km9.1
Hotel Van Dijk
IJsselkade 30-31, Kampen

Hotel van Dijk: your stay in historic Kampen with modern comfort, top service and close to attractions. A base for Zwolle and Elburg.

Bed & Breakfast De Stadsboerderij in Kampen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 11,4 km9.9
Bed & Breakfast De Stadsboerderij
Groenestraat 148, Kampen

B&B De Stadsboerderij: monumental allure in the heart of Kampen. Includes kitchenette options, breakfast and free parking. Ideal for cyclists!

Zeediekhoeve in Genemuiden Vacation home
Distance: 5,9 km8.5
Kamperzeedijk 153, Genemuiden

Zeediekhoeve: luxury farm holiday near IJsseldelta, Kamperzeedijk & Zuiderzeepad. Perfect for rest & recreation.

Bij Isa & Max in Kampen Vacation home
Distance: 11,1 km10
Bij Isa & Max
Marktgang 6, Kampen

Apartment Isa offers you a fantastic view in Kampen, complete with king-size bed, rain shower, fully equipped kitchen and free WiFi.

FarmCamps De Oostermaat in Genemuiden Camping
Distance: 4,1 km9.3
FarmCamps De Oostermaat
Pieperweg 3, Genemuiden

FarmCamps De Oostermaat: Stay in luxury tents, farm life, near Kampen & Zwolle.

B&B 't Hanzehuys in Kampen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 11,1 km10
B&B 't Hanzehuys
IJsselkade 57-A, Kampen

B&B 't Hanzehuys, rustic accommodation on IJsselkade in Kampen. View of the IJssel, historic city wall and charm of the city and village.

De Pieper Horizon in Genemuiden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,1 km10
De Pieper Horizon
Slangenweg 4, Genemuiden

De Pieper Horizon: Luxury holiday in Genemuiden with wellness, sauna and nature.

Bed&Breakfast Tussen de Poorten in Kampen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 11,5 km9.5
Bed&Breakfast Tussen de Poorten
2e Ebbingestraat 8, Kampen

TussenDePoorten B&B, luxurious stay in historic Kampen. Hosts Michel & Anja offer privacy, city garden views and proximity to medieval architecture.

Boetiek Hotel Kampen in Kampen Hotel
Distance: 11,1 km9.5
Boetiek Hotel Kampen
IJsselkade 20, Kampen

Boutique hotel Kampen: luxurious and affordable rooms in a historic building, with beautiful views of the IJssel, in the bustling center of the Hanseatic city.

Hotel & Restaurant Zwartewater in Zwartsluis Hotel
Distance: 2,6 km8.7
Hotel & Restaurant Zwartewater
De Vlakte 20, Zwartsluis

Hotel Zwartewater in Zwartsluis: High-quality, luxurious rooms, ideal for cycling trips in Wieden & Weerribben, near Giethoorn and Zwolle.

Camping Op De Polle in Belt-Schutsloot Camping
Distance: 5,0 km9.7
Camping Op De Polle
Belterweg 84, Belt-Schutsloot

Camping Op de Polle: watery oasis in Belt-Schutsloot. Stay in 1 of the 13 accommodations, explore De Wieden or enjoy your own mooring.

Camping Watersport Zwartsluis in Zwartsluis Camping
Distance: 2,7 km9.3
Camping Watersport Zwartsluis
De Vleugel 2, Zwartsluis

Recreation center Zwartewater: Your perfect harbor for water sports in Zwartsluis, awarded a 10th Blue Flag and close to Zwolle.

Camping De Wieden in Belt-Schutsloot Camping
Distance: 5,0 km9.7
Camping De Wieden
Belterweg 96, Belt-Schutsloot

Camping De Wieden: 50 years of experience with camping on the water. Location in Weerribben-Wieden National Park, permanent pitches, boat moorings and quality services.

Camping Wanepe in Belt-Schutsloot Camping
Distance: 5,4 km9.5
Camping Wanepe
Vaste Belterweg 6, Belt-Schutsloot

Camping & Marina de Wanepe: stay in chalets/mobile homes on the water in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. With your own mooring for your boat!

B&B de Zilverreiger in Belt-Schutsloot Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,5 km10
B&B de Zilverreiger
Vaste Belterweg 8, Belt-Schutsloot

B&B De Zilverreiger - in the middle of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, authentic accommodation with private rooms, beautiful garden and numerous walking, cycling and sailing routes.

De Zilveren Karper in Kampen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 11,4 km9.9
De Zilveren Karper
Graafschap 36, Kampen

Bed and Breakfast De Zilveren Karper: Comfort in the historic heart of Kampen. Spacious rooms, private kitchen and free parking. Culture and Hanseatic times within walking distance.

Ecostay de IJsvogel in IJsselmuiden Vacation home
Distance: 10,8 km8.9
Ecostay de IJsvogel
Zwolseweg 1C, IJsselmuiden

Ecostay De IJsvogel: Live in houseboats near the IJssel floodplains, near the Hanseatic city of Kampen. Visit historical sights within 10 minutes by bike.

Bed & Breakfast De Hooiberg Oosterholt in IJsselmuiden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 9,4 km10
Bed & Breakfast De Hooiberg Oosterholt
Oosterholtseweg 42, IJsselmuiden

B&B De Hooiberg: cozy apt for 2, with kitchen & breakfast. Rent e-bikes to explore IJsselmuiden.

Alpaca IJsseldelta Logies in IJsselmuiden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 9,8 km9.9
Alpaca IJsseldelta Logies
Sonnenbergweg 7, IJsselmuiden

Alpaca IJsseldelta: Stay in a 50m2 guest house with a view of 14 alpacas. Meet the herd & discover local wool products.

Zuivelboerderij camperlocatie Erf-1 in Kampen Camping
Distance: 6,7 km9.5
Zuivelboerderij camperlocatie Erf-1
Mandjeswaardweg 6, Kampen

Erf1: Historic farm since 1432 on Kampereiland, with organic dairy and grazing cows.

De Nachtweg in Genemuiden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 336 meter
De Nachtweg
Langestraat 106, Genemuiden

The Nachtweg B&B in Genemuiden combines luxury, history and nature. Enjoy amenities such as rain shower and box spring, explore Zwolle, use free bicycles.

Vakantiewoning de Waterstein in Genemuiden Vacation home
Distance: 1,3 km10
Vakantiewoning de Waterstein
Cellemuiden 1, Genemuiden

Holiday home Waterstein: escape to our wellness oasis between Hasselt and Genemuiden, close to the Zwartewater, nature and historic cities!

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