28 accommodations in Gilze

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Restaurant Motel Gilze in Gilze Hotel
Distance: 2,9 km8.7
Restaurant Motel Gilze
Rijksweg A 58 no. 2, Gilze

Strategically positioned motel providing luxury stay, restaurant, and access to wellness centre.

Vakantiepark Capfun Wondermolen in Molenschot Holiday resort
Distance: 4,9 km8.3
Vakantiepark Capfun Wondermolen
Molenschotsebaan 21, Molenschot

Camping Wondermolen: Luxury chalets near De Biesbosch, heated swimming park, Kids Wonderland playground and close to Breda and the Efteling.

Mastendol in Rijen Camping
Distance: 4,7 km8.3
Oosterhoutseweg 7, Rijen

'n Mastendol: Oasis in Brabant forests with heated swimming pool, natural playground and various accommodations such as tree houses and luxury chalets.

Recreation D'n Mastendol, camping and playground in Rijen Camping
Distance: 4,8 km8.1
Recreation D'n Mastendol, camping and playground
Oosterhoutseweg 13, Rijen

Mastendol recreation park offers unique tree houses, luxury chalets, cozy huts and spacious camping pitches in Brabant forests, with swimming pool, playground & activities.

Camping de Heidelust BV in Molenschot Camping
Distance: 4,8 km7.9
Camping de Heidelust BV
Heideweg 4, Molenschot

Camping de Heidelust: the ideal mix of relaxation and adventure with swimming pool, children's pool, tennis court and pet-friendly, in wooded Brabant since 1957.

Camping Petit013 in Tilburg Camping
Distance: 1,7 km9.7
Camping Petit013
Oude Lijn 5, Tilburg

Petit013: Luxury safari tents & spacious pitches in Stadsbos013. Free WiFi, near Efteling & Beekse Bergen.

't Hultens End in Tilburg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,5 km10
't Hultens End
Bredaseweg 565, Tilburg

't Hultens End: modern comfort, historical roots in Tilburg, hospitality by Gerard and Mieke.

Kampeer & Chaletpark De Paddock in Baarle-Nassau Camping
Distance: 11,2 km8.3
Kampeer & Chaletpark De Paddock
Bredaseweg 16, Baarle-Nassau

Chalet park De Paddock: renovated accommodation with a range of accommodations and charging stations.

Minicamping de Venneweide in Alphen Camping
Distance: 10,2 km9.5
Minicamping de Venneweide
Venweg 1, Alphen

Minicamping De Venneweide: Quiet farm campsite next to 'het Belslijntje', modern facilities, open 29/3-30/9.

Mini-camping Rural Brabant in Chaam Camping
Distance: 7,0 km8.9
Mini-camping Rural Brabant
Zuurstraat 3, Chaam

Minicamping Inrana: distinguished by Brabant hospitality, natural beauty, private sanitary facilities, plus activities and fresh vegetables from the own garden.

Recreation Little Paradise in Chaam Camping
Distance: 8,2 km8.1
Recreation Little Paradise
Schaanstraat 11, Chaam

Camping Klein Paradijs: Eldorado Parken family campsite in Chaam, North Brabant, surrounded by nature. Ideal for rest, recreation and events.

Minicamping 't Hofland in Chaam Camping
Distance: 7,5 km9.3
Minicamping 't Hofland
Kerkdreef 2, Chaam

Mini campsite 't Hofland: Spacious camping pitches (120m2) near Chaam, with modern sanitary building, close to cycling and walking routes De Baronie. Safety guaranteed!

Chalet- Mobile Home Park Meysberg in Chaam Camping
Distance: 7,8 km8.9
Chalet- Mobile Home Park Meysberg
Sluisstraat 2A, Chaam

Chalet and Mobile Home Park De Meysberg in Chaam: enjoy nature, provide lots of comfort, child-friendly, access to Brabant culture and cuisine.

BuitenGewoon in Chaam Bed and breakfast
Distance: 9,0 km10
Kleistraat 9, Chaam

B&B BuitenGewoon: charming stay in idyllic Chaam. Former stable now transformed, close to the village center and various cycling routes.

Doeboerderij De Vergulde Hand in Riel Camping
Distance: 3,9 km9.5
Doeboerderij De Vergulde Hand
Vijfhuizenbaan 33a, Riel

Doeboerderij De Vergulde Hand: mini-campsite for people over 50. Offers unique accommodations such as yurts and tepees and group accommodation in a haystack.

Hoeve de Lakenvelder B.V. in Gilze Vacation home
Distance: 2,2 km9.1
Hoeve de Lakenvelder B.V.
Horst 32, Gilze

Hoeve 'de Lakenvelder': Authentic farm near Gilze, ideal for families, up to 10 people.

Camping Schouteveld in Gilze Camping
Distance: 6,6 km8.3
Camping Schouteveld
Schouteveld 1, Gilze

Camping Schouteveld; embrace nature in Ulvenhout forests, environmentally friendly, pet-friendly, with Wi-Fi and a campfire area.

B&B Rimpelaar N71 in Molenschot Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,0 km10
B&B Rimpelaar N71
Rimpelaar 71, Molenschot

Rimpelaar N° 71: Luxurious B&B in Molenschot between Tilburg and Breda. With private bathroom, pantry, lounge area, swimming pool and wellness. Local tips included!

Camping Het Gilzer Lindehof in Gilze Camping
Distance: 2,8 km9.3
Camping Het Gilzer Lindehof
Brakken 12, Gilze

Camping Het Gilzer Lindehof: peace, nature and comfort. With luxurious sanitary facilities, near Chaamse Bossen, Efteling and Safari Park de Beekse Bergen.

B&B en vakantiehuis Vijverhoef in Ulicoten Bed and breakfast
Distance: 12,5 km9.5
B&B en vakantiehuis Vijverhoef
Heihoef 1A, Ulicoten

De Vijverhoef: B&B and holiday home in Ulicoten near nature & swimming pond. Space for 7 people.

Camping Ponderosa in Ulicoten Camping
Distance: 10,3 km8.1
Camping Ponderosa
Maaijkant 26, Ulicoten

Holiday Park Ponderosa: Chalets, lodges, pet-friendly, pools with slide, next to Efteling & Beekse Bergen.

Huis Barla in Baarle-Hertog Vacation home
Distance: 12,8 km10
Huis Barla
Molenbaan 22B, Baarle-Hertog

House Barla, authentic holiday home on the Dutch-Belgian border. Enclosed by a romantic garden and equipped with all amenities for an unforgettable stay.

Minicamping Boshoven in Alphen Camping
Distance: 9,8 km9.3
Minicamping Boshoven
Boshoven 29, Alphen

Camping Boshoven in Alphen: close to Breda, Tilburg & Turnhout. New sustainable rooms, also open in winter.

Recreatiepark 't Zand in Alphen Camping
Distance: 6,1 km8.7
Recreatiepark 't Zand
Maastrichtsebaan 1, Alphen

Recreation park 't Zand: Family campsite with chalets in wooded Berckenbosch, new beach pavilion in 2023.

Minicamping de Kwaalburg in Alphen Camping
Distance: 8,4 km9.5
Minicamping de Kwaalburg
Kwaalburg 19, Alphen

Minicamping de Kwaalburg: Luxury camping pitches between Breda and Tilburg, WiFi, and walking routes.

Glamping de Bosweide in Alphen Camping
Distance: 8,5 km9.9
Glamping de Bosweide
Kwaalburg 21, Alphen

Glamping de Bosweide: luxury safari tents, wellness with hot tub, play area, vegetable garden & donkey walks in Alphen.

Oard in Alphen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 9,9 km10
Boshoven 29, Alphen

Oard: Authentic accommodation in Brabant with yoga studio and sustainable materials, including breakfast.

Bed & Breakfast de Bonte Stal in Gilze Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,3 km10
Bed & Breakfast de Bonte Stal
Hengelstraat 54, Gilze

B&B De Bonte Stal in Gilze combines rural tranquility with urban dynamics. Near A58, Efteling, Beekse Bergen and hospitable hosts.

Information about Gilze

Gilze, located in the province of North Brabant, is a picturesque city known for its rich history and beautiful green landscape. Founded in the 8th century, this city offers visitors the chance to experience Dutch culture and traditions through a range of local events and festivals. In addition, Gilze has several historical sights, including Sint-Petrus' Banden Church, an impressive example of architecture from the 19th century, and the Prinsenhoef, a historic farm dating from 1791.

Gilze's natural environment is at least equal to its cultural content. It offers an extensive network of cycling and walking routes that run through both forests and farmlands. The nearby nature reserves, such as the Chaamse Bossen and the Strijbeekse Heide, are ideal for nature lovers. In addition, Gilze is close to larger cities such as Breda and Tilburg, making it the perfect base for tourists who want to explore the region.