25 accommodations in Groesbeek

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Hotel de Zeven Heuvelen Groesbeek in Groesbeek Hotel
Distance: 770 meter7.7
Hotel de Zeven Heuvelen Groesbeek
Cranenburgsestraat 23b, Groesbeek

Relax in an idyllic haven equipped with a robust wellness center, nestled near Groesbeek's woods.

Hotel 't Zwaantje Mook in Mook Hotel
Distance: 2,2 km8.7
Hotel 't Zwaantje Mook
Groesbeekseweg 106, Mook

Enjoy the serenity in a family-run hotel nestled between Groesbeek and Mook woodland.

Hotel Restaurant de Wolfsberg Groesbeek in Groesbeek Hotel
Distance: 502 meter8.9
Hotel Restaurant de Wolfsberg Groesbeek
Mooksebaan 12, Groesbeek

Immersed in nature, providing panoramic views and serving sumptuous meals every day.

Hotel Heuvelrijk Berg en Dal in Groesbeek Hotel
Distance: 1,0 km9.7
Hotel Heuvelrijk Berg en Dal
Wylerbaan 1-C, Groesbeek

A newly opened haven offering tailored services, modern amenities and trustworthy facilities.

B&B Het Rijkzicht in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,3 km9.5
B&B Het Rijkzicht
Derdebaan 10, Groesbeek

B&B Het Rijkzicht: Comfort in Groesbeek, next to the largest golf course in the Netherlands, with strict RIVM hygiene & safe breakfast.

Natuurkampeerterrein Groesbeek in Groesbeek Camping
Distance: 1,2 km8.7
Natuurkampeerterrein Groesbeek
Dominee J.A. Visscherlaan 2, Groesbeek

Groesbeek campsite in the Nijmegen region: explore nature, spend the night under the starry sky, adventure forest nearby. Please note: no charcoal BBQ.

Vakantiepark de Oude Molen in Groesbeek Holiday resort
Distance: 953 meter8.1
Vakantiepark de Oude Molen
Wylerbaan 2a, Groesbeek

Holiday park De Oude Molen in Groesbeek: complete facilities with WiFi, restaurant, playgrounds and swimming pool. Outdoor fitness & entertainment team plus near Nijmegen.

Vakantiewoning Klein Amerika in Groesbeek Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km9.7
Vakantiewoning Klein Amerika
Klein Amerika 6, Groesbeek

Holiday home Klein Amerika in Groesbeek: spacious, renovated, close to forest & shops. Space for 10, options for walking and cycling.

Camperplaats De Diepen in Milsbeek Camping
Distance: 4,5 km7.5
Camperplaats De Diepen
Zwarteweg 60, Milsbeek

Eethuis De Diepen: Enjoy our 10 camper pitches, pay via Ideal for Walk of Wisdom walkers. Open outside Tuesday.

Groepsaccommodatie Groesbeek in Groesbeek Vacation home
Distance: 973 meter6.9
Groepsaccommodatie Groesbeek
Wylerbaan 2b, Groesbeek

Group accommodation Groesbeek: space for 20-120 people. Equipped with cinema, pub and close to forests, hills and Nijmegen.

B&B De Garage Kamp 10 in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,4 km10
B&B De Garage Kamp 10
Kamp 10, Groesbeek

B&B De Garage Kamp 10 in Groesbeek, modern comfort on the Pieterpad, near the largest golf course in the Netherlands, with a horse pasture view.

Camping Op den Stuwwal in Groesbeek Camping
Distance: 2,3 km9.1
Camping Op den Stuwwal
Klein Amerika 6, Groesbeek

Camping Op den Stuwwal in Groesbeek; ideal mix of peace, nature and comfort. Perfect for cyclists and walkers.

B&B Panoramaberg Groesbeek in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 679 meter9.7
B&B Panoramaberg Groesbeek
Panoramaberg 4a, Groesbeek

Panoramaberg B&B in Groesbeek: homely accommodation with breathtaking views, run by local expert Sabine, with well-maintained rooms.

B&B Slapen op 29 in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 599 meter10
B&B Slapen op 29
Bosstraat 29, Groesbeek

Bed and Breakfast Slapen op 29 offers a luxurious nature house on the edge of the Groesbeek forests with a view of the Wolfsberg, close to Nijmegen.

Bed and Breakfast Green Cottage in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,6 km9.9
Bed and Breakfast Green Cottage
Bruuk 93A, Groesbeek

Green Cottage B&B: View of Groesbeek nature, close to Reichs Wald. Spot deer and foxes!

Bed & Breakfast Botterpot in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,8 km9.3
Bed & Breakfast Botterpot
Heiland 8, Groesbeek

Bed & Breakfast Botterpot, Groesbeek: view of Reichswald, near St. Jansberg, sustainable with solar energy.

Landschapscamping De Zoete Aagt in Groesbeek Camping
Distance: 2,9 km9.3
Landschapscamping De Zoete Aagt
Grafwegen 31, Groesbeek

Camping De Zoete Aagt: at the foot of the Jansberg, spacious pitches & holiday homes, open until October 1.

Camping en Vakantiewoningen Lagewald in Groesbeek Camping
Distance: 3,7 km9.3
Camping en Vakantiewoningen Lagewald
Lagewald 13, Groesbeek

Camping Lagewald, Groesbeek: ideal for those seeking peace and quiet and nature lovers. Large plots with beautiful views, near walking and cycling routes.

Campsite Kranenburg in Kranenburg Camping
Distance: 5,6 km7.7
Campsite Kranenburg
Alde Börg , Kranenburg

Wohnmobilstellplatz Kranenburg, German gem with a view of Die Düffel, 30 spacious pitches and top facilities. Close to shops and museums.

Estate Den Heuvel in Groesbeek Camping
Distance: 2,7 km8.5
Estate Den Heuvel
Wylerbaan 18, Groesbeek

Den Heuvel Estate in Groesbeek offers serene camping spots with beautiful views, surrounded by nature and locally grown products.

Groepsaccommodatie Het Uitzicht in Groesbeek Vacation home
Distance: 968 meter8.7
Groepsaccommodatie Het Uitzicht
Wylerbaan 1A, Groesbeek

View Groesbeek: group accommodations for up to 60 people, near the Liberation Museum, tennis courts & swimming pools. Rooms with private sanitary facilities, near Nijmegen.

B&B De Twee Gezusters in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 970 meter9.1
B&B De Twee Gezusters
Wylerbaan 1, Groesbeek

De Twee Gezusters B&B: charming accommodation close to Zeven Heuvelenweg, ideal for walkers of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches & Pieterpad. Only 7km from Nijmegen.

B&B Bosrand in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 342 meter9.5
B&B Bosrand
Houtlaan 15, Groesbeek

Bosrand B&B, charming plot near national forest. For Pieterpadlopers, Wolfsberg wedding guests to business people. Experience our warm hospitality!

B&B Het Balkon van Groesbeek in Groesbeek Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,2 km9.5
B&B Het Balkon van Groesbeek
Derdebaan 12, Groesbeek

Balcony of Groesbeek: rustic outing in Berg en Dal. Offers cozy rooms, fresh breakfasts, hiking trails and a quaint pumpkin shop.

Vierdaagsecamping Slapen bij Herman in Milsbeek Camping
Distance: 5,1 km9.7
Vierdaagsecamping Slapen bij Herman
Zwarteweg 44, Milsbeek

Sleeping at Herman: comfortable campsite for Four Days walkers at the Reichswald, meal service and shuttle bus included.

Information about Groesbeek

Groesbeek is located in the province of Gelderland, a historic municipality with a rich history and beautiful nature. This peaceful countryside spot is ideal for nature lovers, with the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 and the Zevenheuvelenweg - a route great for walkers and cyclists. This area was hit hard during the Second World War and the museum tells the story of the crucial role Groesbeek played in the liberation of the Netherlands, an essential piece of history for visitors to explore.

Groesbeek is also the heart of Dutch wine farms. With more than twenty vineyards in the region, production here ranges from white and red wines to sparkling rosés, making it an ideal destination for wine lovers. Besides wine, Groesbeek is known for its twice-yearly traditional event, the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. This world-famous walking event attracts participants from all parts of the world, making Groesbeek a busy, vibrant place full of diverse cultures and traditions.