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Bed and Breakfast Hotel Erve Bruggert Haaksbergen in Haaksbergen Hotel
Distance: 2,2 km9.1
Bed and Breakfast Hotel Erve Bruggert Haaksbergen
Scholtenhagenweg 46, Haaksbergen

Relax at this peaceful bed & breakfast, nestled within a serene nature area near major towns.

B&B Het Haaksbergs Hofje in Haaksbergen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 297 meter9.1
B&B Het Haaksbergs Hofje
Pastoor Wienholtsstraat 48, Haaksbergen

B&B Het Haaksbergs Hofje: enjoy an attractive stay in Haaksbergen, participate in creative workshops, in a quiet border area of Germany. Book for 2024!

Bed en Breakfast Erve Richters in Haaksbergen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,5 km10
Bed en Breakfast Erve Richters
Stepelerveldweg 30, Haaksbergen

Erve Richters: Ideal for peace seekers & active explorers in Haaksbergen.

Camperplaats Erve Kievit in Haaksbergen Camping
Distance: 2,8 km9.5
Camperplaats Erve Kievit
Hazenweg 15a, Haaksbergen

Erve Kievit: idyllic campsite in Twente. 12 places, Wi-Fi, close to Buurserzand & Pancratius Church.

Bed&Breakfast Op de Steenhaar (fam. Meuleman) in Haaksbergen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,5 km10
Bed&Breakfast Op de Steenhaar (fam. Meuleman)
Galgenslatweg 1, Haaksbergen

B&B 'Op de Steenhaar' in Haaksbergen: tranquility near Buurserzand, ideal for walking and cycling trips.

Hermanshuisje in Haaksbergen Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km10
Buurserstraat 172, Haaksbergen

Hermans Huisje: Modern, comfortable accommodation in Haaksbergen close to nature & cities. Ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

B&B De Pepper in Haaksbergen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,8 km9.7
B&B De Pepper
Beckummerweg 48, Haaksbergen

Farmhouse rooms De Pepper in Haaksbergen: modern comfort in an authentic 19th-century farm barn with ample self-catering options and excellent ratings.

Boerderijcamping De Beek in Haaksbergen Camping
Distance: 5,3 km9.7
Boerderijcamping De Beek
Zoddebeekweg 6, Haaksbergen

Farm campsite De Beek in Buurse: relax between Dexter mini cows and the Zoddebeek. Surround yourself with nature, walking and cycling routes!

Vakantiehuis Zevenbeek Buurse in Haaksbergen Vacation home
Distance: 4,8 km10
Vakantiehuis Zevenbeek Buurse
Meijersgaardenweg z 7b, Haaksbergen

Holiday home Zevenbeek: serene location in Twente near Enschede and Haaksbergen, with modern facilities, forest garden, dog field and borders Germany.

Landrijk de reesprong in Haaksbergen Vacation home
Distance: 6,9 km9.7
Landrijk de reesprong
Alsteedseweg 10b, Haaksbergen

Landrijk de Reesprong: award-winning farm accommodation with luxury lodges and safari tents. An authentic nature experience with Zovoover Gold Awards.

Camping De Veldscholte in Haaksbergen Camping
Distance: 6,0 km9.5
Camping De Veldscholte
Meijersgaardenweg 20, Haaksbergen

Camping De Veldscholte: spacious camping pitches in wooded Buurse. Excellent sanitary facilities and ideal for cycling and walking routes.

Natuurlogies Buurse Buiten in Haaksbergen Vacation home
Distance: 8,4 km10
Natuurlogies Buurse Buiten
Beekweg 4, Haaksbergen

Natural accommodations: enjoy renovated accommodations in Twente nature. Start walking and cycling routes from your own property, discover nearby Kaffee und Kuchen.

Camping Scholtenhagen in Haaksbergen Camping
Distance: 1,4 km8.9
Camping Scholtenhagen
Scholtenhagenweg 30, Haaksbergen

Camping Scholtenhagen in Twente; luxury villa tents, subtropical swimming pool, activities and beautiful nature reserves. Perfect balance of comfort and adventure!

Vakantiepark Bergsehaak in Haaksbergen Holiday resort
Distance: 2,1 km8.5
Vakantiepark Bergsehaak
Scholtenhagenweg 42, Haaksbergen

Bergsehaak Holiday Park: a fusion of Saxon atmospheres, indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool and playground, on the edge of Twente and the Achterhoek.

Restaurant en Hotel De Watermölle in Haaksbergen Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km8.7
Restaurant en Hotel De Watermölle
Watermolenweg 3, Haaksbergen

Hotel Restaurant De Watermölle: Monumental stay in Twente with restaurant. Ideal for walkers and cyclists, breakfast from 8am.

Hotel de Watermölle in Haaksbergen Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km8.9
Hotel de Watermölle
, Haaksbergen

Villa Serenity: 5-star luxury with infinity pool, gourmet kitchen, close to lively markets and ocean-going coastline.

B&B op 3 in Rekken Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,3 km9.9
B&B op 3
Loovelderweg 3, Rekken

B&B on 3 in Rekken: eco-friendly rooms, luxurious bathrooms, 4K TV, free WiFi, extensive organic breakfast.

Camping Den Borg in Rekken Camping
Distance: 6,4 km8.9
Camping Den Borg
Oldenkotseweg 8, Rekken

Camping Den Borg: Family campsite with heated swimming pool, slide, mini golf and more in Rekken, Achterhoek.

B&B Koning te Rijk in Eibergen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 7,2 km10
B&B Koning te Rijk
Looweg 4, Eibergen

Koning te Rijk B&B: luxurious rooms with a unique natural environment in Eibergen, we offer private sanitary facilities, WiFi, TV and gas fireplace for a relaxing stay.

Minicamping 't Veld in Rekken Camping
Distance: 8,7 km9.3
Minicamping 't Veld
Rammelbroeksweg 8, Rekken

Minicamping Achterhoek: quiet camping with 17 pitches, children's playground, fresh farm products and Shetland pony courses, near Zwillbrocker Venn.

The Kooijer Recreation in Rekken Vacation home
Distance: 8,3 km9.1
The Kooijer Recreation
Hakertweg 1A, Rekken

De Kooijer Recreation: luxurious group accommodation with whirlpool, massage showers, open kitchen, swimming pond, play area, and numerous attractions nearby.

Vakantieboerderij Zweersbosch in Rekken Vacation home
Distance: 8,2 km10
Vakantieboerderij Zweersbosch
Hakertweg 4A, Rekken

Extraordinary-Achterhoek: luxurious holiday homes in a relaxing environment. Perfect for groups of up to 20 p., ideal for both holidays and business events.

Buitengewoon-Achterhoek in Rekken Vacation home
Distance: 8,2 km9.3
Hakertweg 4, Rekken

Extraordinary-Achterhoek: Luxury accommodations with full service in the picturesque Achterhoek. Suitable for 20 people, ideal for both holiday and business use.

Camping Ont Moeten in Rekken Camping
Distance: 7,8 km9.3
Camping Ont Moeten
Rekkenseweg 25, Rekken

Camping Ont Moet: camping sites and camper sites in beautiful Rekken, including facilities such as hot showers, WiFi and proximity to Groenlo, Borculo and Enschede.

SVR camping De Bom Bam in Eibergen Camping
Distance: 9,2 km9.1
SVR camping De Bom Bam
't Brendeke 6, Eibergen

Camping De Bombam in Eibergen: quiet farm location with modern facilities next to the beauty of Twente and Germany.

Vos op Gelink in Rekken Vacation home
Distance: 7,9 km10
Vos op Gelink
Zuid Rekkenseweg 32, Rekken

Vos op Gelink, a 17th century farm in the Achterhoek, combines authentic elements and modern comfort. Sleeps 17, ideal for groups and families.

B&B de Olde Hilde in Eibergen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 9,0 km9.7
B&B de Olde Hilde
Nieuwstraat 69, Eibergen

B&B De Olde Hilde in Eibergen, historic village farm on the cycling junction route, near the forest & center, perfect for walks and bike rides.

Groepsaccommodatie Goed te Pas in Haaksbergen Vacation home
Distance: 2,6 km9.5
Groepsaccommodatie Goed te Pas
Bartelerweg 5, Haaksbergen

Goed Te Pas, Haaksbergen: 48 beds, modern sanitary facilities, professional kitchen, at Capriole Equestrian Center.

Wijnhuis Erve Wisselink in Eibergen Vacation home
Distance: 10,8 km9.1
Wijnhuis Erve Wisselink
Winterswijkseweg 22, Eibergen

Erve Wisselink: Luxurious XXL holiday home and charming campsite in Eibergen. Wine tastings, workshops and wedding venue available.

Herberg de Achterhoek in Eibergen Vacation home
Distance: 9,0 km7.7
Herberg de Achterhoek
Keerdijk 2B, Eibergen

Herberg Achterhoek: Spacious accommodation for 16, equipped with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large terrace, garden, open kitchen and play facilities. Enjoy the breathtaking view.

Vakantiepark de Berkelstee in Eibergen Holiday resort
Distance: 9,4 km9.5
Vakantiepark de Berkelstee
Willem Sluyterstraat 30b, Eibergen

Berkelstee: Child-friendly park in Achterhoek, houses for up to 5 people, linen incl., bicycle storage, pets allowed.

Information about Haaksbergen

Haaksbergen, located in the province of Overijssel, is characterized as an ideal mix of historic charm in combination with the serene beauty of the rural environment. Haaksbergen has a rich history, with the village being traced back to the 12th century. The architecture reflects this progression through time, with a range of building styles ranging from traditional farmhouses to historic factories. It is the perfect starting point for cycling and walking routes in the extensive forests and peatlands that surround the center of Haaksbergen.

The natural environment of Haaksbergen reflects the flora and fauna of Overijssel in an unparalleled way. The countryside, which is intersected by several streams and surrounded by nature reserves such as the Buurserzand and Witte Veen, offers the visitor a varied landscape. The village has a diversity of cultural and leisure facilities, including the restored steam train of the Museum Buurtspoorweg, events such as the traditional sheep shearing festival and the Haaksbergen Pop Festival, as well as various dining and sleeping options for every budget.