27 accommodations in Harderwijk

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Van der Valk Hotel Harderwijk in Harderwijk Hotel
Distance: 2,5 km8.9
Van der Valk Hotel Harderwijk
Leuvenumseweg 7, Harderwijk

Located in tranquil woodland, offering an à la carte restaurant and welcoming bar. Perfect for business or relaxation.

Kasteel de Essenburgh Hierden in Harderwijk Hotel
Distance: 5,2 km8.3
Kasteel de Essenburgh Hierden
Zuiderzeestraatweg 199, Harderwijk

Unwind in historical splendor, surrounded by charming scenery and top-notch services crafted for relaxation.

Best Western Hotel Baars Harderwijk in Harderwijk Hotel
Distance: 438 meter8.5
Best Western Hotel Baars Harderwijk
Smeepoortstraat 52, Harderwijk

Renowned 4-star accommodation ensuring an ideal blend of comfort and connectivity for business travelers.

Restaurant & Hotel Monopole Harderwijk in Harderwijk Hotel
Distance: 349 meter8.7
Restaurant & Hotel Monopole Harderwijk
Buiten de Bruggepoort 3, Harderwijk

Discover lakeside luxury with top-notch amenities, personalised service & proximity to Dolfinarium.

Hotel Bella Ciao Harderwijk in Harderwijk Hotel
Distance: 330 meter8.3
Hotel Bella Ciao Harderwijk
Strandboulevard west 2, Harderwijk

High-end hotel boasting a lounge restaurant, waterfront terrace, and elite accommodations.

Hotel Marktzicht Harderwijk in Harderwijk Hotel
Distance: 200 meter8.1
Hotel Marktzicht Harderwijk
Markt 8, Harderwijk

Relish our historic locale for water sports and cycling adventures, boasting vibrant market views.

Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer in Biddinghuizen Bungalow park
Distance: 3,9 km8.7
Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer
Leuvenumse Beek 1, Biddinghuizen

Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer: on the Veluwemeer, private marina, golf, swimming pool & close to Walibi.

Molecaten Park Flevostrand in Biddinghuizen Holiday resort
Distance: 3,8 km8.5
Molecaten Park Flevostrand
Strandweg 1, Biddinghuizen

Molecaten Park Flevostrand: Enjoy the Veluwemeer with marina, swimming pools, restaurant and free WiFi.

CampSpirit in Biddinghuizen Camping
Distance: 2,6 km9.1
, Biddinghuizen

Campspirit: Spend the night in a teepee/yurt on De Kluut Island, near Lake Veluwe. Authentic and adventurous!

Harderwold Villa Resort Zeewolde in Zeewolde Bungalow park
Distance: 3,3 km7.9
Harderwold Villa Resort Zeewolde
Pluvierenweg 9, Zeewolde

Accommodating 4-10 guests, our waterfront villas offer luxury, nature pursuits and optional hot tubs.

De Rumelshof in Hierden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,0 km9.5
De Rumelshof
Kleine Mheenweg 10, Hierden

De Rumelshof near Veluwemeer: B&B and boarding stable, ideal for nature lovers and horse riders.

Camperplaats De Doornekamp in Hierden Camping
Distance: 3,3 km9.3
Camperplaats De Doornekamp
Brouwersbosweg 1C, Hierden

Camper site De Doornekamp: Serene base in nature, near historic Hereinden. Discover cycling routes, monuments and the unique Veluwe farms.

Het Bakhuys in Hierden Vacation home
Distance: 5,2 km9.1
Het Bakhuys
Watervalweg 2, Hierden

Staying in Hierden: Enjoy the Veluwe's natural beauty, in our family-friendly B&B with modern amenities and near the Zwaluwhoeve Wellness Resort.

Campingpark de Vuurkuil in Hulshorst Camping
Distance: 5,9 km8.9
Campingpark de Vuurkuil
Vuurkuilweg 15, Hulshorst

Camping park De Vuurkuil - Oasis of peace on the Veluwe with options for a tent, camper, chalet or Tiny House. Sustainable investing possible.

B&B het Veluws Bakhuis in Hierden Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,8 km
B&B het Veluws Bakhuis
Ooster Mheenweg 16, Hierden

Veluws Bakhuis: authentic B&B experience in Hierden, close to Veluwemeer, forest areas and historic Harderwijk. Enjoy comfort, hospitality and local attractions!

Loft Harderwijk - Luxury Waterfront Loft in Harderwijk Vacation home
Distance: 397 meter9.9
Loft Harderwijk - Luxury Waterfront Loft
Strekdam 18, Harderwijk

Loft Harderwijk, luxurious stay on the boulevard. Perfect for bon vivants with a steam cabin, spacious bath and stocked refrigerator.

Boothuys 86 Harderwijk in Harderwijk Vacation home
Distance: 585 meter10
Boothuys 86 Harderwijk
Strekdam 86, Harderwijk

Boothhuys 86: luxurious, waterfront accommodation for 6 in Harderwijk. Near the lively city center, Veluwe nature and local fish market.

Bed & Breakfast Onder de Dekens in Harderwijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 67 meter8.9
Bed & Breakfast Onder de Dekens
Grote Oosterwijck 15, Harderwijk

Bed and Breakfast Harderwijk: modern rooms in the historic center, close to Michelin star restaurants, Dolphinarium and wellness resort.

Het Verscholen Dorp, Bungalowpark in Harderwijk Bungalow park
Distance: 2,7 km8.7
Het Verscholen Dorp, Bungalowpark
Boslaan 2, Harderwijk

Bungalow park Het Verscholen Dorp: serene oasis in Harderwijk, surrounded by Veluwe nature. Spacious accommodations near Veluwemeer, ideal for outdoor activities.

Het StadsLogement in Harderwijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 92 meter9.7
Het StadsLogement
Vischmarkt 4, Harderwijk

Tinaz: Combines winery, city accommodation and studio in one location in Harderwijk. Taste local wines and tapas, or stay in comfort.

Stadsappartementen Harderwijk in Harderwijk Apartments
Distance: 395 meter9.3
Stadsappartementen Harderwijk
Vijhestraat 1a, Harderwijk

City apartments Harderwijk, luxurious stay in historic building with access to its own restaurant, next to the Dolfinarium and local shops.

Huisje Harderwijk in Harderwijk Vacation home
Distance: 101 meter8.1
Huisje Harderwijk
Kleine Oosterwijck 16, Harderwijk

Huisje Harderwijk: authentic residence in the historic Hanseatic city, next to the city wall, with complete kitchen, patio, free WiFi, and close to shops and Veluwemeer.

B&B De Keizerin in Harderwijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 100 meter10
B&B De Keizerin
Keizerstraat 9, Harderwijk

Bed and Breakfast De Keizerin in Harderwijk; serene oasis near the harbor, shops and nature. For the perfect mix of city and countryside.

Woonboot 4 Harderwijk in Harderwijk Boat
Distance: 276 meter10
Woonboot 4 Harderwijk
Vissershaven 4, Harderwijk

Houseboat4: romantic stay in the Hanseatic city of Harderwijk. Historic harbour, top kitchens and renovated comfort nearby.

B&B het Vogeltje in Harderwijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 347 meter10
B&B het Vogeltje
Vogelstraat 2, Harderwijk

B&B Het Vogeltje: Scandinavian tiny house near boulevard Harderwijk, restaurants and Dolfinarium. Experience hospitality and comfort!

Camping De Konijnenberg Harderwijk in Harderwijk Camping
Distance: 2,6 km7.5
Camping De Konijnenberg Harderwijk
Korhoenlaan 2, Harderwijk

Camping De Konijnenberg: Unique glamping experience in the Veluwe forests. Safari tents, Waterlodge homes, near Veluwemeer and investment opportunities!

B&B Logeren bij Lies in Harderwijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,3 km9.9
B&B Logeren bij Lies
Stationslaan 15, Harderwijk

B&B Staying with Lies: luxurious stay near Veluwe, Randmeren and Harderwijk's culinary center. Excellent reviews since 2019.

Information about Harderwijk

Harderwijk, located on the edge of the Veluwe on the banks of the Wolderwijd in the province of Gelderland, offers a mix of nature, culture and history. The city has an ancient history dating back to the Middle Ages, visible in the 100 monuments scattered throughout the city. The prominent city wall with its bastions and fish gate remind visitors of the time when Harderwijk was part of the Hanseatic League, a leading trading alliance in Northern Europe in the 14th to 17th centuries.

Harderwijk is not only rich in history, but also in contemporary attractions. The city is home to the famous Dolphinarium, the largest marine mammal park in Europe, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. In addition to the various maritime experiences, Harderwijk offers a pleasant city center with a wide range of shops, restaurants and terraces. The nearby Veluwe makes Harderwijk a perfect base for nature and cycling enthusiasts. With this variety of sights both within and beyond its city limits, Harderwijk represents the diversity and charm of Dutch life.