29 accommodations in Harlingen

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Hotel Almenum Harlingen in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 50 meter8.9
Hotel Almenum Harlingen
Kruisstraat 6-14, Harlingen

Bask in the fusion of history and luxury at our exceptional city-centre accommodation.

Hotel Zeezicht Harlingen in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 552 meter8.1
Hotel Zeezicht Harlingen
Zuiderhaven 1, Harlingen

Pristine harbour views, easy ferry & transport access, with plentiful water-based activities nearby.

Bed and Breakfast de Zeehoeve Harlingen in Harlingen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,2 km8.1
Bed and Breakfast de Zeehoeve Harlingen
Westerzeedijk 45, Harlingen

Uncover marine wonders, sport activities & island travels at this waterfront B&B with private marina.

BnB Oosterpark Harlingen in Harlingen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,1 km9.7
BnB Oosterpark Harlingen
Jacob Catsstraat 16, Harlingen

Relish comfort in cosy rooms, enjoy a hearty breakfast and stay near Harlingen center.

Herberg Greate Pier Kimswerd in Kimswerd Hotel
Distance: 3,7 km9.3
Herberg Greate Pier Kimswerd
Greate Pierwei 9, Kimswerd

Classical 1860 inn by the canal in Kimswerd, Frisian hero theme rooms, local cuisine.

Het Heerenlogement Harlingen in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 178 meter7.7
Het Heerenlogement Harlingen
Franekereind 23, Harlingen

Waterfront lodging with varied room styles, advanced amenities, and an acclaimed restaurant.

Logement Garjen in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 363 meter9.3
Logement Garjen
Noorderhaven 75, Harlingen

Logement Garjen, picturesque hotel in historic Harlingen, near Wadden Sea, shops & ferry. Enjoy 18th century charm & bike rental facilities.

Harlingen Lighthouse in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 628 meter9.5
Harlingen Lighthouse
Havenweg 1, Harlingen

Harlingen Lighthouse: Unique stay in a historic setting with breathtaking views of the Wadden Sea and city harbour, including private dinner in the light dome.

Havenzicht in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 445 meter
Noorderhaven 32A, Harlingen

Hotel Zeezicht in Harlingen: monumental residence with harbor views, comfortable rooms, meeting packages and parking service. Ideal for trips to Vlieland and Terschelling.

Pension Zeilschip Rode Swan in Harlingen Boat
Distance: 527 meter10
Pension Zeilschip Rode Swan
Zuiderhaven , Harlingen

Sailing ship Rode Swan in Harlingen offers unique mudflat walking experiences. Enjoy the comfort on board and sail to the Wadden Islands led by Vincent and Dorette.

B&b De Pronkkamer Harlingen in Harlingen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 434 meter10
B&b De Pronkkamer Harlingen
Noorderhaven 43, Harlingen

De Pronkkamer, a luxury B&B in historic Harlingen, offers a unique listed accommodation with comfortable facilities in the heart of the port city.

Ons Pakhuisje in Harlingen Vacation home
Distance: 362 meter10
Ons Pakhuisje
Droogstraat 63, Harlingen

Ons Pakhuisje, attractive apartment in historic Harlingen for 4 people, child-friendly, WiFi, Chromecast and daily cleaning included.

B&B De Gulden Halsband in Pingjum Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,7 km9.9
B&B De Gulden Halsband
Kleine Buren 26, Pingjum

B&B De Gulden Halsband in Pingjum offers modern comfort with 2 rooms, air conditioning, WiFi and kitchenette. Near Harlingen and right next to the historic ring dike!

Tusken de Diken in Pingjum Camping
Distance: 5,9 km9.1
Tusken de Diken
Nijenhuisweg , Pingjum

Camper site Tusken de Diken, surrounded by nature, ideal for rest and outdoor activities. Close to artistic Pingjum and agricultural traditions. Ideal camping!

Herberg de Gekroonde Leeuw in Arum Hotel
Distance: 6,0 km8.9
Herberg de Gekroonde Leeuw
Sytzamaweg 15, Arum

Herberg de Gekroonde Leeuw: historic luxurious group accommodation with attractive café and facilities for private events. Book now!

Harlingen Garden Apartment in Midlum Vacation home
Distance: 1,3 km9.9
Harlingen Garden Apartment
Harlingerstraatweg 52A, Midlum

Harlingen Garden Apartment: flexible check-in and check-out times, attention to special requests, including cot option. Payment with commonly used cards possible!

Bed and Breakfast De Ruimte in Harlingen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,1 km9.7
Bed and Breakfast De Ruimte
Grensweg 4, Harlingen

Bed and Breakfast De Ruimte: comfortable stay in Harlingen, with bicycle rental, large apartments, private kitchen, and parking.

Vakantiehuis Harlingen 'Mooi Fut' in Harlingen Vacation home
Distance: 212 meter10
Vakantiehuis Harlingen 'Mooi Fut'
Scheffersplein 26, Harlingen

Mooi Fut in Harlingen: comfortable holiday home with modern facilities, pet-friendly, child-friendly facilities and affordable parking tickets.

De Bolle en De Hynst in Kimswerd Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,7 km5.5
De Bolle en De Hynst
Harlingerweg 17, Kimswerd

Bed & Breakfast De Bolle en de Hynst: comfortable rooms with TV and private bathroom. Enjoy our roof terrace and large garden. Ideal for groups!

Restaurant De Zeehoeve in Harlingen Camping
Distance: 1,2 km8.7
Restaurant De Zeehoeve
Westerzeedijk 45, Harlingen

Camping De Zeehoeve; authentic Frisian breakfast, extensive menu and bread service. Located in Harlingen at Westerzeedijk 45.

Bed and Breakfast Thús by de See in Harlingen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,8 km
Bed and Breakfast Thús by de See
De Wulp 8, Harlingen

Bed & Breakfast Thús by de See: comfort and privacy on open waters, within cycling distance of nature and city sights in Harlingen, with free parking.

B & B De Rode Kers in Harlingen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 345 meter9.5
B & B De Rode Kers
Droogstraat 32, Harlingen

De Rode Kers B&B: Stay in a historic fruit warehouse from 1670, near Noorderhaven, public transport and ferries to Terschelling and Vlieland.

Hotel Harlingen in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 316 meter8.9
Hotel Harlingen
Voorstraat 18, Harlingen

Casparii Group in Harlingen: first-class accommodation, historic charm, restaurants, bars, E-bike and E-sloop rental. Best price guarantee!

Slapen in een Trechter in Harlingen Vacation home
Distance: 690 meter10
Slapen in een Trechter
Nieuwe Willemskade 4A, Harlingen

Sleeping in a Funnel: Unique luxury suite in a converted sand funnel. Breathtaking view of the Wadden Sea, jacuzzi, WiFi, near the center of Harlingen.

't Souterrain in Harlingen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 287 meter9.5
't Souterrain
Scheerstraat 1, Harlingen

't Basement: historic accommodation with comfort. Only 1.1 km from Harlingen beach and close to train stations. Modern amenities including free WiFi.

Boutique Hotel De Eilanden in Harlingen Hotel
Distance: 462 meter9.1
Boutique Hotel De Eilanden
Noorderhaven 24, Harlingen

Boutique Hotel De Eilanden: luxury in a historic building, near train station, ferry terminal & center of Harlingen. With a delicious breakfast in Sea View!

Havenkraan Harlingen in Harlingen Vacation home
Distance: 758 meter9.9
Havenkraan Harlingen
Dokkade 5, Harlingen

Harbor crane on 't Wad: luxurious sleeping place with panoramic view of the Wadden Sea. Equipped with modern conveniences & 360° roof terrace.

Aparthotel De Bank in Harlingen Apartments
Distance: 246 meter9.1
Aparthotel De Bank
Noorderhaven 110, Harlingen

Apart Hotel De Bank: luxury apartments in the heart of Harlingen, near the ferry to the Wadden Islands, with fully equipped kitchen and rain shower.

Het Dakhuis in Harlingen Vacation home
Distance: 207 meter10
Het Dakhuis
Noordijs 4-11, Harlingen

Dakhuis Harlingen: unique stay in a stylish apartment on the roof of a former warehouse, with a view of the Wadden Sea. Suitable for two.

Information about Harlingen

Harlingen, located in the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, is best known for its rich maritime heritage and characteristic architecture. The city has a strong bond with the Wadden Sea, which has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and serves as a gateway to the Wadden Islands of Vlieland and Terschelling. As one of the Frisian eleven cities, the old port city offers visitors a mix of culture, history and water sports activities, complemented by a range of shops, restaurants and accommodation.

Historical sights in Harlingen include the 18th century town hall, the Martini Church and a number of well-preserved old warehouses and merchant houses. The city also features two preserved seaports and numerous canals, constructed during the 17th century. In addition, Harlingen offers the opportunity to participate in guided tours, walking and cycling routes and sailing events, which highlight the city's unique relationship with the sea and the natural beauty of the region.