17 accommodations in Heerlen

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Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen in Heerlen Hotel
Distance: 2,0 km8.9
Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen
Terworm 10, Heerlen

Relax at a prime location near Terworm, with free spa, Wi-Fi, and parking. Ideal for day trips.

Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre in Heerlen Hotel
Distance: 669 meter6.9
Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre
Wilhelminaplein 17, Heerlen

Enjoy a comfortable stay in a unique Art Deco building featuring a lively Irish pub.

Bastion Hotel Heerlen in Heerlen Hotel
Distance: 3,5 km7.7
Bastion Hotel Heerlen
In de Cramer 199, Heerlen

Strategically located accommodation offering stellar amenities at cost-effective rates.

Alpine Hotel SnowWorld Landgraaf in Landgraaf Hotel
Distance: 2,8 km8.3
Alpine Hotel SnowWorld Landgraaf
Witte Wereld 1, Landgraaf

Seamlessly combine business & leisure at this top-tier hotel fronting a world-class indoor ski slope.

Hotel Kasteel Terworm Heerlen in Heerlen Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km9.3
Hotel Kasteel Terworm Heerlen
Terworm 5, Heerlen

14th-century castle hotel with expert culinary team, lush gardens, and premier business amenities.

Hotel de Rousch Heerlen in Heerlen Hotel
Distance: 1,4 km9.7
Hotel de Rousch Heerlen
Henri Dunantstraat 1, Heerlen

Unrivaled service meets supreme comfort in our top-tier business accommodations.

Stadshotel Botterweck Heerlen in Heerlen Hotel
Distance: 486 meter8.1
Stadshotel Botterweck Heerlen
Geleenstraat 1, Heerlen

Central hotel offering free WiFi, flatscreen TV, and safe storage in every room. TripAdvisor-reviewed.

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Parkstad-Zuid Limburg in Kerkrade Hotel
Distance: 3,4 km8.1
Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Parkstad-Zuid Limburg
Roda JC Ring 59, Kerkrade

Centrally located hub offering easy travel access, modern amenities, free parking, and culinary delights.

Vakantiewoning Simply11 Bed & Kitchen in Simpelveld Vacation home
Distance: 4,7 km9.9
Vakantiewoning Simply11 Bed & Kitchen
Oude Molsbergerweg 11, Simpelveld

Simply11 in Molsberg: the ideal South Limburg holiday home for cycling and walking adventures, near Maastricht, Valkenburg and Aachen.

Camping Café in den Hof in Heerlen Camping
Distance: 2,4 km9.1
Camping Café in den Hof
Musschenbroek 27, Heerlen

In den Hof, heart-warming group accommodation in Heerlen with camping, cafe, summer garden and parking spaces. Popular with cyclists, motorcyclists and festival visitors!

Natuurvriendenhuis Eikhold in Heerlen Hotel
Distance: 1,1 km9.1
Natuurvriendenhuis Eikhold
Valkenburgerweg 72, Heerlen

Villa Eikhold: 34 modern rooms in a park-like garden in Heerlen, with facilities such as a library and free WiFi. Near shops and university.

B&B The Project in Heerlen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,4 km9.7
B&B The Project
Sittarderweg 81, Heerlen

B&B The Project, the historic jewel of Heerlen, Limburg. Graffiti art rooms, personal service and local expertise!

Gasterij In den Hof in Heerlen Holiday resort
Distance: 2,4 km9.1
Gasterij In den Hof
Musschenbroek 27, Heerlen

In den Hof Heerlen, your group accommodation with café, overnight accommodation plus camping. Popular among cyclists, motorcyclists and Pinkpop guests.

De kleine dame in Heerlen Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km
De kleine dame
Kasteellaan 1, Heerlen

De Kleine Dame in South Limburg: charming, compact holiday home full of amenities and high ceilings, dogs welcome!

La Chambre Blanche in Heerlen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,4 km9.7
La Chambre Blanche
Schelsberg 308, Heerlen

La Chambre Blanche: Luxury chambre d'hôtes in Heerlen with kitchenette, BBQ, campfire options and direct access to Brunssumerheide.

Loft23 in Voerendaal Vacation home
Distance: 3,3 km9.1
Heerlerweg 23b, Voerendaal

Loft23: the perfect group holiday location in Voerendaal, Limburg, with a special setting for business meetings in a former hayloft.

B&B 85 in Voerendaal Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,6 km10
B&B 85
Bergseweg 85, Voerendaal

B&B 85 Voerendaal - rurally nestled in the Limburg hilly landscape, luxury suite with kitchenette, near cycling routes & cities of Maastricht/Aachen.

Information about Heerlen

Heerlen, located in the southeast of the Netherlands in the province of Limburg, is a city with a deeply interwoven historical heritage and modern urban comfort. Founded by the Romans in the 2nd century, the city is an important hub of historical excavations, especially the Thermal Museum, which presides over the remains of a Roman bathhouse. In addition, the Dutch Mining Museum offers a fascinating insight into Heerlen's involvement in the coal mining industry until the mid-20th century.

Heerlen's contemporary architecture speaks volumes of its progressive nature. The Maankwartier, an urban adventure, combines living, working and recreation in a futuristic landscape and is an example of innovative urban development. Festivals, such as Cultura Nova and the International Breakdance Event, reflect a thriving cultural climate. With varied shopping and dining options, Heerlen meets all the demands of the modern traveler.