15 accommodations in Heijenrath

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Best Western Hotel Slenaken Heijenrath in Heijenrath Hotel
Distance: 426 meter8.3
Best Western Hotel Slenaken Heijenrath
Heijenratherweg 4, Heijenrath

Top of the hill accommodations, with stunning views, child-friendly facilities, and nearby nature routes.

Hotel Heijenrath in Heijenrath Hotel
Distance: 20 meter8.5
Hotel Heijenrath
Heijenratherweg 12, Heijenrath

Experience supreme comfort and warm hospitality at our quintessential family-run inn.

Landhotel Alberts Heijenrath in Heijenrath Hotel
Distance: 45 meter9.1
Landhotel Alberts Heijenrath
Vaarzegel 2, Heijenrath

Discover the charm of southern Limburg. Top-tier rooms, outstanding cuisine and unbeatable service.

Auberge de Smockelaer Heijenrath in Heijenrath Hotel
Distance: 560 meter8.3
Auberge de Smockelaer Heijenrath
Givelderweg 2, Heijenrath

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Hotel Kreutzer in Heijenrath Hotel
Distance: 202 meter9.1
Hotel Kreutzer
Heijenratherweg 13, Heijenrath

Hotel Kreutzer: highest point in Slenaken, ideal for explorers of the Mergelland Route with stylish rooms and free Wi-Fi.

Landgoed Landsrath in Gulpen Vacation home
Distance: 1,3 km9.7
Landgoed Landsrath
Landsrade 5, Gulpen

Spacious Landsrath Estate in South Limburg: 5 bedrooms, wheelchair friendly, Free WiFi, with extensive garden bordering the forest, near Gulpen.

Camping Heuvelland Oaze in Heijenrath Camping
Distance: 803 meter9.5
Camping Heuvelland Oaze
Givelderweg 4, Heijenrath

Heuvelland Oaze: relaxed camping with luxurious facilities for adults. Enjoy fresh rolls, heated sanitary facilities and our own beef products.

Landgoed Karsveld in Gulpen Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km9.7
Landgoed Karsveld
Slenakerweg 23, Gulpen

Karsveld estate: luxury in South Limburg. Monumental square farm near Maastricht, perfect for nature and culture lovers.

Schaapskooi Mergelland in Epen Camping
Distance: 1,2 km8.9
Schaapskooi Mergelland
Julianastraat 41B, Epen

Sheepfold Mergelland: Picturesque stay in Epen with active nature management, walking routes, lamb days and local culinary delights.

Bungalowpark Landsrade in Gulpen Bungalow park
Distance: 1,2 km8.9
Bungalowpark Landsrade
Landsrade 9, Gulpen

Bungalow park Landsrade: luxurious accommodations for up to 25 people. in the South Limburg hills, playground & petting zoo, near cycling, walking routes, and picturesque villages.

Hoeve Hazendries in Heijenrath Apartments
Distance: 738 meter9.1
Hoeve Hazendries
Landsraderweg 9, Heijenrath

Hoeve Hazendries: stay in monumental guest houses from 1720, located in South Limburg. Enjoy peace and quiet in the picturesque hilly landscape.

Top van Epen in Epen Vacation home
Distance: 1,3 km9.3
Top van Epen
Beatrixweg 2, Epen

Top van Epen: luxury holiday homes in South Limburg. Smoke and pet friendly, walking, cycling and wine tasting. Free WiFi and parking.

Camping Heyenrade in Heijenrath Camping
Distance: 205 meter8.7
Camping Heyenrade
Heijenratherweg 13, Heijenrath

Camping Heyenrade, rurally located in South Limburg with 180 places. Perfect for nature walks, bike rides and city visits.

Vakantiehuis Karsveld in Gulpen Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km8.5
Vakantiehuis Karsveld
Karsveldervoetpad 1, Gulpen

Half-timbered farm Karsveld, in the five-star Gulpdal nature reserve, offers equipped accommodation for 14 people near Maastricht.

AanHetGroteBos in Beutenaken Vacation home
Distance: 1,6 km7.9
Beutenaken 26, Beutenaken

AanHetGroteBos in South Limburg: relaxing holiday homes near Maastricht, the Eifel, Ardennes and High Fens. Ideal for hikers and nature lovers.

Information about Heijenrath

Heijenrath, located in the province of Limburg, is a small rural village on the hilltops of the beautiful Heijenrath Plateau. With its height ranging from 195 to 220 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest places in the Netherlands. The area is characterized by its rich, unspoilt nature and impressive landscapes, ideal for walking and cycling trips. Heijenrath is distinctive for its traditional white farm building, which adds a unique architectural value to this region.

Culturally, Heijenrath is a place of heritage and tradition. It has been privately funded for the conservation and restoration of the traditional farms, which gives a historic charm to the village. In addition, there are numerous local attractions nearby, such as the three-country point, the highest point in the Netherlands, and the historic city of Maastricht. The locals are hospitable and the region offers a range of culinary experiences, making Heijenrath an ideal destination for both nature and culture lovers.