26 accommodations in Holten

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De Swarte Ruijter Holten in Holten Hotel
Distance: 1,5 km9.3
De Swarte Ruijter Holten
Holterbergweg 7, Holten

Indulge in pristine nature reserves, superb dining, free parking and exclusive biking access.

Restaurant & Hotel Hoog Holten in Holten Hotel
Distance: 1,1 km9.1
Restaurant & Hotel Hoog Holten
Forthaarsweg 7, Holten

Exceptional business suite, future-proof amenities and strict privacy protocols.

Outdoors Holten  in Holten Holiday resort
Distance: 2,8 km8.7
Outdoors Holten
Langstraat 6, Holten

Upscale suites offering tranquil settings, exceptional services, and modern conveniences.

Camping Coolewee in Bathmen Camping
Distance: 5,1 km9.1
Camping Coolewee
Arkelsteijnweg 6, Bathmen

Camping De Coolewee in Bathmen offers a green oasis with spacious, private camping pitches, clean sanitary facilities, and proximity to the Salland landscape and Schipbeek.

de Witte Wieven in Nieuw Heeten Vacation home
Distance: 6,9 km9.9
de Witte Wieven
Oude Diepenveenseweg 4, Nieuw Heeten

Duistermarsch Farm: quiet apartment near Sallandse Heuvelrug and Deventer. Sustainable, with wood stove, Netflix and optional hot tub.

The Heidebloem Recreation in Haarle Camping
Distance: 7,5 km9.3
The Heidebloem Recreation
Oude Deventerweg 8A, Haarle

Heidebloem Recreation: enjoy peace and quiet in the nature of Overijssel. Comfortable camping pitches, Pipowagen, near De Sallandse Heuvelrug.

Bungalow De Holter Weide in Holten Bungalow park
Distance: 3,3 km7.7
Bungalow De Holter Weide
Wildweg 107, Holten

Holterweide: comfortably accessible via the A1. Your gateway to Arnhem, Utrecht, Zwolle and Enschede. Clear signage, near N350 and railway line.

De Zuurberg Camping Kampeerboerderij in Holten Camping
Distance: 2,4 km8.3
De Zuurberg Camping Kampeerboerderij
Evertjesweg 3, Holten

Camping and camping farm De Zuurberg: cozy, group-friendly stay between Holten, Markelo and the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Ideal for Pieterpad walkers.

Het Bravenne in Holten Vacation home
Distance: 3,3 km9.3
Het Bravenne
Beusebergerweg 74, Holten

Boerderij Het Bravenne: spacious group accommodation in Overijssel, with recreational and football fields for 22 people. Close to Holterberg and the Pieterpad.

Camping De Poppe in Markelo Camping
Distance: 3,6 km9.3
Camping De Poppe
Holterweg 23, Markelo

Recreation park De Poppe: your luxurious base on the border of Twente and Salland, with spacious camping pitches, safari tents and swimming facilities near De Sallandse Heuvelrug.

Vakantieboerderij Lambooy Holten in Holten Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km10
Vakantieboerderij Lambooy Holten
Fliermatenweg 8, Holten

Holten Holiday home: room for 13, panoramic view of Salland. Equipped with modern facilities, children's accessories, trampoline, table tennis.

B&B de Noordenberg in Holten Bed and breakfast
Distance: 594 meter8.5
B&B de Noordenberg
Oranjestraat 60, Holten

B&B de Noordenberg: comfort in Holten. Equipped with a garden, terrace, kitchen facilities, private bathrooms and close to the Holterberg Nature Diorama.

Landal Twenhaarsveld in Holten Holiday resort
Distance: 1,9 km8.9
Landal Twenhaarsveld
Landuwerweg 17, Holten

Landal Twenhaarsveld: Natural holiday park with bungalows, swimming pool and dog facilities near the Sallandse Heuvelrug and Hanseatic cities.

Bungalow Casa Familia Salland in Holten Vacation home
Distance: 2,2 km8.5
Bungalow Casa Familia Salland
Vianenweg 160, Holten

Casa Familia Salland: small-scale Christian holiday park with comfortable country houses, wooded surroundings and active recreation team.

Bungalowpark Mooi Holten in Holten Bungalow park
Distance: 2,5 km8.9
Bungalowpark Mooi Holten
Postweg 84, Holten

Bungalow Park Mooi Holten: Unique accommodations in peaceful De Borkeld. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, near picturesque Holten.

Erve Look in Holten Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km10
Erve Look
Schreursweg 8, Holten

Erve Look holiday home: Quietly located in Salland, with wood stove and barrel sauna. Ideal for nature lovers and active holidaymakers.

Erve Protzmann in Holten Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km9.5
Erve Protzmann
Helhuizerweg 14, Holten

Erve Protzmann: Luxury holiday homes in Twente near the Holterberg, on the edge of Sallandse Heuvelrug. Perfect for walking and cycling trips, near Deventer.

Camperplaats Lookerland Holten in Holten Camping
Distance: 1,3 km9.1
Camperplaats Lookerland Holten
Rijssenseweg 34, Holten

Camper site Lookerland offers space for 25 campers, free WiFi and a view of Holterberg. Close to the center of Holten and the Hanseatic city of Deventer.

Ardoer camping Holterberg in Holten Camping
Distance: 1,6 km8.5
Ardoer camping Holterberg
Reebokkenweg 8, Holten

Camping de Holterberg: perfect for nature lovers, family outings, with an indoor playground and heated outdoor swimming pool in the heart of Twente and Salland.

de Geitenmeijer in Holten Vacation home
Distance: 4,1 km9.7
de Geitenmeijer
Helhuizerweg 22, Holten

Guesthouse De Geitenmeijer: experience our rural charming farm life, with various sleeping options for groups of 6-14. Discover the goat stable nearby!

Glamping Holten, luxe safaritenten in Holten Camping
Distance: 1,6 km9.5
Glamping Holten, luxe safaritenten
Reebokkenweg 8, Holten

Glamping Holten: Luxury safari tents in a wooded area; perfect mix of comfort and camping. Recreational facilities available.

Procamp4all in Holten Camping
Distance: 1,5 km10
Reebokkenweg 8, Holten

Procamp4all: luxury safari tents on the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Combine authentic camping with the convenience of home, ideal for families!

Minicamping Ikkinkshof in Okkenbroek Camping
Distance: 6,5 km9.5
Minicamping Ikkinkshof
Ikkinksweg 7, Okkenbroek

Camping Ikkinkshof: mini-campsite in Overijssel with spacious pitches, neat facilities and near the Oostermaet estate and Hanseatic city Deventer.

mini boerencamping Campeerd in Okkenbroek Camping
Distance: 7,4 km9.5
mini boerencamping Campeerd
Schiphorsterweg 6a, Okkenbroek

Camping in Okkenbroek: attractive camping with 12 places, stables for horses at Stal Cura and near Oostermaet and the Sallandse Heuvelrug!

Oostermaet, groepskampeer natuurterrein in Okkenbroek Camping
Distance: 7,7 km9.5
Oostermaet, groepskampeer natuurterrein
Oerdijk 123a, Okkenbroek

Group Natural Campsite Oostermaet: unique camping experience in an old forest with a campfire area, simple sanitary facilities and support for nature conservation.

In het huis van Teunis ten Velde in Okkenbroek Vacation home
Distance: 8,3 km8.7
In het huis van Teunis ten Velde
Oostermaatsdijk 12, Okkenbroek

House of Teunis ten Velde - Authentic 20th century house on the Het Oostermaet estate, with modern conveniences, surrounded by serene forests.

Information about Holten

Located in the province of Overijssel, Holten is a charming place that offers an ideal mix of nature and culture. Known for the Sallandse Heuvelrug, a national park that attracts visitors and locals alike with its breathtaking slopes and hiking trails, the city offers rich biodiversity and numerous recreational opportunities. In addition, the historic buildings such as De Waerdenborch Castle and the Holterberg Nature Museum also attract the attention of the visitor due to their architectural excellence and historical wealth.

Various annual events take place in the city and surrounding area, which contribute to the vibrant community and local economy. The Liberation Day parade, commemoration of the Second World War at the Holten Canadian War Cemetery and the cycling and walking event De Diepe Hel are just some of the highlights. The local catering industry offers an array of dining options ranging from traditional Dutch to international cuisines, making Holten an ultimate destination for anyone wanting to experience Dutch culture and natural beauty.