19 accommodations in Hulst

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Hotel L'Aubergerie Hulst in Hulst Hotel
Distance: 508 meter8.5
Hotel L'Aubergerie Hulst
Van der Maelstedeweg 4a - 6, Hulst

Satisfy business lodging needs in a family-run inn, nestled in historic Hulst, near Gent and Antwerp.

Hotel De Linde in Kloosterzande Hotel
Distance: 9,9 km8.5
Hotel De Linde
Hulsterweg 47, Kloosterzande

Hotel De Linde: characteristic accommodation in Zeeland-Flemish Kloosterzande, close to the Western Scheldt. Enjoy parties, dining and comfortable overnight stays.

B&B De Zeeuwsche Stee in Kloosterzande Bed and breakfast
Distance: 10,2 km8.9
B&B De Zeeuwsche Stee
Cloosterstraat 116, Kloosterzande

Zeeuwsche Stee: Historic B&B in Kloosterzande, quietly located near the Westerschelde. Perfect for trips to Hulst, with party location available.

B&B Het Verborgen Geluk Zeeland in Nieuw Namen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 8,0 km9.7
B&B Het Verborgen Geluk Zeeland
Koninginnestraat 1A, Nieuw Namen

B&B Het Verborgen Geluk: luxurious rooms and suites in picturesque Zeeland Flanders. Equipped with a garden, swimming pond, terrace and close to Hulst.

Voedselbron Graauw in Graauw Vacation home
Distance: 6,6 km9.1
Voedselbron Graauw
Dwarsstraat 9, Graauw

Food source Graauw; spend the night quietly at the Zeeuwse Akker, enjoy organic food and tour the Food Forest.

Camping Tuinenburg in Zaamslag Camping
Distance: 8,6 km8.9
Camping Tuinenburg
Koning Willem III-Weg 1, Zaamslag

Camping Tuinenburg: Peace, space and rural life in East Zeeland Flanders. Perfect for cycling and walking tours. Near supermarkets and eateries.

Fort Bedmar in Sint-Gillis-Waas Camping
Distance: 4,3 km7.3
Fort Bedmar
Fort Bedmarstraat 42, Sint-Gillis-Waas

Camping Fort Bedmar: Heated pools, sports, fishing & cycling in East Flanders.

Camperplaats hulst in Hulst Camping
Distance: 475 meter8.9
Camperplaats hulst
, Hulst

Camper club Skeller offers renovated spacious camper pitches in Het Havenfort and Traverse, Hulst with water taps and wastewater facilities.

Bivakzone Stropersbos in Stropersbos Camping
Distance: 4,7 km8.9
Bivakzone Stropersbos
, Stropersbos

**Bivouac zone Stropersbos:** Camp in a 300 hectare nature reserve with diverse landscapes, ecological toilet, hiking trails and near hiking trails GR 5A and Streek-GR.

La Anea in Stekene Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,9 km9.3
La Anea
Kiekenhaag 26, Stekene

La Anea, Stekene: Charming tavern and B&B in green surroundings. Extensive breakfast, spacious parking spaces, ideal for cycling tours and events for up to 40 people.

Camping Voorhout in Stekene Camping
Distance: 5,8 km7.9
Camping Voorhout
Maatweg 1, Stekene

Camping Voorhout, relaxing in Stropersbos. Suitable for short/long stays, charging electric cars, modern sanitary facilities and child-friendly animal park.

Hotel & Bistro Reynaert in Kapellebrug Hotel
Distance: 3,7 km9.3
Hotel & Bistro Reynaert
Gentsevaart 135, Kapellebrug

Hotel Reynaert combines luxury with nature in vibrant Zeeland, ideal for cycling tourism and business travelers from the port of Antwerp. Enjoy local products at Bistro Reynaert.

De Bosbubbel, vakantiehuisje Kapellebrug in Kapellebrug Vacation home
Distance: 3,6 km9.7
De Bosbubbel, vakantiehuisje Kapellebrug
Van Hogendorplaan 9, Kapellebrug

Guest house De Bosmobiel: cozy accommodation on the edge of a forest in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, perfect for two. Near Verbeke Foundation and local cuisine.

Casanus Hotel in Stekene Hotel
Distance: 5,7 km8.1
Casanus Hotel
, Stekene

CasAnus, part of Verbeke Foundation Sculpture Park, offers a unique stay in an artificial intestine sculpture with modern comfort.

Recreatiecentrum de Vogel in Hengstdijk Camping
Distance: 8,2 km8.9
Recreatiecentrum de Vogel
Vogelweg 4, Hengstdijk

De Vogel Recreation Center: Family campsite with swimming pool, playground & zoo, near Antwerp and Ghent.

Camping De Vogel in Hengstdijk Camping
Distance: 8,1 km9.1
Camping De Vogel
Vogelweg 4, Hengstdijk

Recreation center De Vogel: 5-star family campsite with swimming pool, playground & more in Zeeland.

Camperplaats Landwinkel Oude Stoof in Hengstdijk Camping
Distance: 9,2 km8.3
Camperplaats Landwinkel Oude Stoof
Zuiddijk 6, Hengstdijk

De Landwinkel: camping pitches between pear trees, with swimming pools 10 minutes by bike & local products.

Zeekraal vakantiewoning in Hulst Vacation home
Distance: 2,2 km10
Zeekraal vakantiewoning
Zeildijk 17, Hulst

Zeekraal holiday home: Stylish, spacious for 6, near Hulst, with garden. Close to Antwerp, Bruges & Ghent.

Axelse Hof logies, charme verblijf in Axel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,8 km9.3
Axelse Hof logies, charme verblijf
Hulsterseweg 65, Axel

Axelse Hof Logies: Peace and quiet in Zeeland, private guesthouses, ideal for adults. No children/pets.

Information about Hulst

Hulst is a historic fortified town in the Zeeland-Flemish region of the Netherlands, close to the Belgian border. The city is surrounded by impressive star-shaped defenses, a unique remnant from the 17th century, which now serve as a scenic walking route. It offers a charming mix of ancient and modern features, with well-preserved medieval architecture, including the Gothic St. Willibrordus Basilica, and a vibrant modern shopping and dining scene in the centre.

Cultural events such as the annual Fortress Days and numerous music and theater festivals are a big draw, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy Hulst's rich heritage while participating in the local community. In addition, the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, with its diverse flora and fauna, is a nature lover's paradise. The short distance to major cities such as Antwerp and Ghent makes Hulst an ideal base for exploration in the greater Benelux region.