37 accommodations in Kamperland

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Amadore Hotel Restaurant De Kamperduinen in Kamperland Hotel
Distance: 3,3 km8.1
Amadore Hotel Restaurant De Kamperduinen
Patrijzenlaan 1, Kamperland

Superb accommodations along N57 coastal route, melding luxury and nature. Modern amenities included.

Zeelandhaus in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km10
Saturnuslaan 26, Kamperland

Holiday home Kamperland, your private paradise with garden, close to Veerse Meer. Equipped with BBQ, bicycles and beach materials for optimal recreation.

Roompot Domein Het Camperveer in Kamperland Holiday resort
Distance: 1,8 km8.9
Roompot Domein Het Camperveer
Camperveer 1 - 26, Kamperland

Roompot Domein Het Camperveer: Luxury accommodations on the Veerse Meer, top location for water sports, near historic Veere and Middelburg.

Casa Bos Schotsman Villa and Wellness in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km9.7
Casa Bos Schotsman Villa and Wellness
Schotsmanweg 18, Kamperland

Casa Bos: luxury holiday homes by the sea or in natural environments, from Santa Pola to Zeeland, for long holidays. Secure payment options.

Zeelandbleibe Haus Meerland in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km9.5
Zeelandbleibe Haus Meerland
Venuslaan 30, Kamperland

House Meerland, renovated Zeeland gem with private garden, close to the beach, marina and shopping areas. Ideal for nature walks and water fun.

De Vlasschelf in Kamperland Camping
Distance: 842 meter9.5
De Vlasschelf
Baas Huisweg 2, Kamperland

Camping de Vlasschelf: near the coast & Neeltje Jans in Zeeland. Safari tents & more, ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

Roompot Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard in Kamperland Holiday resort
Distance: 3,1 km8.9
Roompot Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard
Banjaard Boulevard 1, Kamperland

Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard: On the beach, near the Oosterschelde, with swimming pool, tennis court and restaurant. Close to Middelburg and Delta Park Neeltje Jans.

De Groote Duynen in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km9.3
De Groote Duynen
Duinvallei 21, Kamperland

Z'ANDvillas: luxury holiday villas in Zeeland with 5-star comfort, panoramic views, sauna, jacuzzi, charging station and close to nature reserves.

Ferienhaus Möwennest in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,3 km9.5
Ferienhaus Möwennest
Noordzee Boulevard 50, Kamperland

Möwennest: Luxurious stay in 5-star park Zeeland near Banjaard beach. With facilities such as swimming pool, bicycle rental, restaurant.

Camping Vredenhoef in Kamperland Camping
Distance: 3,1 km9.1
Camping Vredenhoef
Vredenhofweg 5, Kamperland

Camping Vredenhoef, idyllically located near natural areas and the Banjaard beach on the North Sea, also near Middelburg and Vlissingen.

Duinvallei 27 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km8.1
Duinvallei 27
Duinvallei 27, Kamperland

Duinvallei 27: luxurious 6-person wellness villa with Finnish and infrared sauna, near the beach. Stylish living room, panoramic views, modern kitchen.

Duinvallei 10 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km9.1
Duinvallei 10
Duinvallei 10, Kamperland

Z'ANDvillas, luxury accommodations on the Zeeland coast with panoramic views, wellness facilities, and luxury for 4-8 people; your relaxing island refuge!

Zandbank 3 in Sint Philipsland Vacation home
Distance: 3,2 km9.7
Zandbank 3
Zandbank 3, Sint Philipsland

Z'ANDvillas: luxury holiday villas on the water in Zeeland with panoramic views, terraces, saunas and whirlpools, suitable for 4, 6 or 8 people.

Zandbank 21 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km9.7
Zandbank 21
, Kamperland

Z'ANDvillas: luxurious 4-8 person holiday homes in Zeeland, located on the coast, surrounded by dunes, with 5-star service, wellness facilities, and charging points for electric cars.

Zandbank 6 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km
Zandbank 6
, Kamperland

Z'ANDvillas, luxurious Zeeland villas for 4-8 people, intertwined with nature, equipped with saunas, outdoor whirlpool and gas fireplace.

Zandbank 2 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km9.9
Zandbank 2
Zandbank 2, Kamperland

Z'ANDvillas: Luxury, eco-friendly accommodations in Zeeland, sauna, jacuzzi, EV charging stations and ultimate tranquility in the new nature reserve De Groote Duynen.

Zeeland-Strandhaus in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km9.5
Leeuwerikenlaan 8, Kamperland

Zeeland Strandhaus: family-friendly, pet-friendly, 250m from the coast, modern furnishings and private garden. Close to 'Most Beautiful Beach in the Netherlands'.

Waterlijn 3 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km
Waterlijn 3
Waterlijn 3, Kamperland

Ferienhaus Zandvilla-AGIS, luxury for 6 in Kamperland, Zeeland. Enjoy wellness facilities and a fireplace, surrounded by unique coastal scenery.

Waterlijn 11 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km10
Waterlijn 11
Waterlijn 11, Kamperland

Z\#039;ANDvillas - Luxury villas in Zeeland, with facilities such as sauna, jacuzzi, fireplace. Ideal for nature lovers, electric vehicles welcome.

Villa Meerchen Kamperland in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km
Villa Meerchen Kamperland
Golfslag 13, Kamperland

Villa Meerchen in Kamperland, 800m from the beach, sleeps 6, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen and enclosed garden.

Vakantievilla GOLFSLAG 9 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km9.1
Vakantievilla GOLFSLAG 9
Golfslag 9, Kamperland

Golfslag 9, comfortable holiday home in Kamperland, near the beach. With kitchen, comfortable beds and proven reliability on Micazu.

Noordzee Résidence De BanjaardKAMPERLAND in Sint Philipsland Vacation home
Distance: 3,3 km9.1
Noordzee Résidence De BanjaardKAMPERLAND
Kering 31, Sint Philipsland

Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard, between Oosterschelde and Veerse Meer: beautiful beach walks, sporting adventures and top-class dining options. Secure booking & payment.

Strandvilla in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,2 km10
Helmgras 7, Kamperland

Ferienhaus am Meer in Kamperland offers accommodation for 5, pet-friendly, 250m from De Banjaard beach, with a view of the lake, garden and recreational opportunities.

Ferienvilla Zeeduin in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km10
Ferienvilla Zeeduin
Oosterscheldelaan 3, Kamperland

Family-friendly holiday home in Kamperland offers space for 4, sauna, enclosed garden, close to the beach, accessible to pets.

Waterlijn 36 in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 2,7 km
Waterlijn 36
Waterlijn 36, Kamperland

Z'ANDvillas: Luxurious holiday villas in Zeeland. Enjoy natural beauty, tranquility and 5-star service, with wellness options and electric charging stations.

Ferienhaus Banjaardstrand in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 2,9 km9.7
Ferienhaus Banjaardstrand
Oosterscheldelaan 20, Kamperland

Exclusive villa in Zeeland, Banjaardstrand: modern furnishings, 3 bedrooms, smart TVs, Netflix, 2 sunny terraces, near the North Sea and Veerse Meer, swimming pool and tennis court.

Kamperland in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km8.7
Veerse Gat 34, Kamperland

Lieblingsplatz: picturesque holiday home near Banjaard-Strand, child-friendly, near Veere/Domburg, 4 bedrooms. Sparkling local eateries 500m away.

Zeeland-Feeling: kleines TURMHAUS in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km9.1
Zeeland-Feeling: kleines TURMHAUS
, Kamperland

Kleine Turmhuis in Zeeland: a relaxing coastal retreat with picturesque villages and green landscapes. Ideal for the 2023 season, including energy costs.

Banjaard Villa in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,3 km10
Banjaard Villa
Eb en Vloed 7, Kamperland

Banjaard-Villa, luxury stay in Zeeland for 8 people, just 300m from the North Sea beach. Sauna, fireplace, free WiFi and BBQ!

Ferienhaus Zeeland, Kamperland, Noordzee Boulevard 51 b, NL in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 3,3 km4.1
Ferienhaus Zeeland, Kamperland, Noordzee Boulevard 51 b, NL
Noordzee Boulevard 52, Kamperland

Ferienhaus Noordzeeboulevard 51: modern holiday home in Kamperland with 3 bedrooms, TV, WiFi and parking, 2 minutes from the beach.

Familiecamping De Molenhoek in Kamperland Camping
Distance: 879 meter8.9
Familiecamping De Molenhoek
Molenweg 69a, Kamperland

Camping De Molenhoek: Rural tranquility, modern facilities in Noord-Beveland. Ideal for all ages and family sizes, close to supermarkets.

D'Ouwe Smidse in Kamperland Bed and breakfast
Distance: 294 meter9.3
D'Ouwe Smidse
Noordstraat 26, Kamperland

Pension d'Ouwe Smidse: authentic B&B in Kamperland, Zeeland. Comfortable rooms, sublime meals and countless activities such as cycling, sailing and surfing!

Hoeve Hofwijk in Kamperland Camping
Distance: 1,5 km9.3
Hoeve Hofwijk
Hofwijkweg 1, Kamperland

Hoeve Hofwijk: enjoy luxury in studio apartments or camp in the nature of Noord-Beveland with comfortable facilities and easy online reservations.

Roompot Water Village in Kamperland Bungalow park
Distance: 2,1 km8.5
Roompot Water Village
Anna Frisoweg 4, Kamperland

Water Village, an eco-friendly park in Kamperland, offers luxury holiday homes on the Zeeland coast near safe Blue Flag beaches.

De Goede Verwachting in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 251 meter9.7
De Goede Verwachting
Molenweg 2-38, Kamperland

De Goede Wachting, a converted flour mill, offers tranquility, access to Zeeland beaches, Middelburg and Goes for a versatile holiday.

KAMPERLAND-CHALETS in Kamperland Vacation home
Distance: 843 meter10
, Kamperland

Kamperland Chalets in 4-star family campsite 'De Molenhoek'. Luxury, comfort, near Zeeland beaches and cycle paths, with free WiFi and barbecue.

FarmCamps Camping in Kamperland Camping
Distance: 1,2 km8.9
FarmCamps Camping
Baas Huisweg 11-A, Kamperland

FarmCamps Five Star in Kamperland: luxury tents, hands-on animal experiences and daily farm tasks. Including near Veerse Meer and Banjaardstrand.

Information about Kamperland

Kamperland, located in the province of Zeeland, is a picturesque village that offers direct access to the Veerse Meer and the North Sea. With a rich history dating back to Roman times, it embodies the unique Zeeland culture through its traditional, well-preserved architecture and the distinctive atmosphere of a coastal community. The presence of various water sports facilities offers all kinds of recreational opportunities, making it a popular place for both relaxation and adventure.

Due to its strategic location, Kamperland is the perfect base for exploring the surrounding region. The proximity of the Oosterschelde Nature Park and the historic cities of Middelburg and Veere makes it an excellent choice for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. For culinary pleasure, Kamperland offers a variety of restaurants, ranging from traditional Zeeland cuisine to international dishes. From rustic B&Bs to luxury resorts, accommodation options in Kamperland are varied and offer something for every type of traveler.