15 accommodations in Kasterlee

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Hotel De Residentie Kasterlee - Lichtaart in Kasterlee Hotel
Distance: 6,1 km8.9
Hotel De Residentie Kasterlee - Lichtaart
Steenfortstraat 5, Kasterlee

Savor 4-star luxury in a serene woodland setting, boasting a pool, gym, dine & bar options.

Driehoekshoeve in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 2,5 km9.9
Vorsel 9, Kasterlee

Driehoekshoeve: Charming holiday home in the green Kempen for groups of up to 42 people. Enjoy walking trails, gardens, and nearby farm.

Hotel Fauwater in Kasterlee Hotel
Distance: 2,9 km8.1
Hotel Fauwater
Lichtaartsebaan 52, Kasterlee

Hotel Fauwater in Kasterlee, Belgium: Stylish rooms in the middle of rustic woods, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and business travelers.

Vakantiehuis Sint Lutgardis in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 2,5 km8.5
Vakantiehuis Sint Lutgardis
Boskabouterpad , Kasterlee

Holiday home St. Lutgardis: In the middle of the woods between Lichtaart and Kasterlee with 3.5 hectares of playing field. Perfect for groups or adventurous children!

Sporthal (De Hoge Rielen) in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 2,9 km8.3
Sporthal (De Hoge Rielen)
Hoge Rielen 1, Kasterlee

De Hoge Rielen, Kasterlee: Comfortable stay with modern amenities. Surrounded by forests, ponds and hiking trails. Ideal for groups and nature activities.

De Hoge Rielen in Kasterlee Hostel
Distance: 3,5 km8.7
De Hoge Rielen
Molenstraat 62, Kasterlee

Hoge Rielen, Kasterlee: Enjoy camping sites, hostels, adventurous outdoor activities and creative workshops in vast nature.

Gebouw 47 (De Hoge Rielen) in Kasterlee Hostel
Distance: 2,9 km7.9
Gebouw 47 (De Hoge Rielen)
, Kasterlee

De Hoge Rielen: Extensive nature reserve in Kasterlee with camping grounds, hostels and numerous activities for groups, youth camps and organizations.

Hostel Wadi (De Hoge Rielen) in Kasterlee Camping
Distance: 3,1 km8.7
Hostel Wadi (De Hoge Rielen)
Molenstraat , Kasterlee

De Hoge Rielen, Kasterlee: Ideal for groups and schools with sports fields, adventure village and environmentally friendly facilities in the middle of the Kempen nature.

Glamping Josephine in Geel Camping
Distance: 5,0 km8.9
Glamping Josephine
Roerdompstraat 2, Geel

Glamping Josephine: Luxury glamping on a horse holiday in the Kempen. Close to Bobbejaanland, De Zegge nature reserve, and the cities of Geel and Kasterlee.

De Casteleer in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.3
De Casteleer
Pastorijstraat 38, Kasterlee

De Casteleer: Versatile location in Kasterlee with stylish banquet rooms, modern seminar rooms, B&B, award-winning restaurant, spacious garden and flexible catering.

Camping Houtum in Kasterlee Camping
Distance: 2,2 km9.1
Camping Houtum
Houtum 39, Kasterlee

Camping Houtum: Enjoy camping pitches, bungalows and hiker's huts in Kasterlee, with modern facilities and recreation in the beautiful Belgian Kempen.

B&B Caramel in Turnhout Vacation home
Distance: 2,7 km9.7
B&B Caramel
Winkel 45, Turnhout

Bed and Breakfast Caramel: Quiet location near E34, perfect for holidays or business. Discover Kasterlee and the Antwerp Kempen just a stone's throw away.

De Schaapskooi in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 5,7 km9.5
De Schaapskooi
Heidriesstraat 1, Kasterlee

De Schaapskooi in Kasterlee offers rural charm, modern conveniences and is close to Bobbejaanland and the Kempense Heuvelrug. Perfect for groups and meetings.

Vakantiewoning De Wilgoren in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 5,1 km8.1
Vakantiewoning De Wilgoren
Wilgorenstraat 2, Kasterlee

Holiday home De Wilgoren: Quietly located in Lichtaart, ideal for nature lovers with a nearby Kempense Heuvelrug hiking network. Suitable for 8 guests.

Vakantiewoning Asberg in Kasterlee Vacation home
Distance: 530 meter9.9
Vakantiewoning Asberg
Asberg , Kasterlee

Holiday home Asberg in Kasterlee offers luxury for 30 guests. Enjoy a heated swimming pool, home cinema, stylish bar, and private bathrooms.

Information about Kasterlee

Located in the province of Antwerp, Belgium, Kasterlee is a charming municipality known for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It is located in the Kempen, a region characterized by extensive forests, sand dunes and winding rivers. The city is famous for the Kabouterberg, a child-friendly attraction where visitors enjoy fairytale walks. Kasterlee also offers a range of activities such as cycling and walking through the natural surroundings, and has excellent recreational facilities.

In addition to the natural attractions, Kasterlee also has numerous cultural and historical attractions. The Sint-Willibrorduskerk, a Gothic church from the 15th century, is worth a visit for lovers of historical architecture. The annual Pumpkin Regatta, in which participants sail down the Nete in giant pumpkins, also attracts many visitors from within and outside Belgium. Due to the wide range of attractions and activities, Kasterlee is an excellent destination for a versatile and refreshing tourist experience.