7 accommodations in Lage Vuursche

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Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve Den Dolder in Den Dolder Hotel
Distance: 2,0 km8.9
Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve Den Dolder
Soestdijkerweg 10b-Lage V, Den Dolder

Find tranquility in a forest retreat featuring robust amenities such as pool, gym, and renowned restaurant.

Allure Camping De Zeven Linden in Baarn Camping
Distance: 2,7 km8.5
Allure Camping De Zeven Linden
Zevenlindenweg 4, Baarn

Camping De Zeven Linden: quiet place in De Vuursche. Ideal for walking and cycling tours. Pets welcome.

Bungalowpark De Spar V.O.F. in Bilthoven Bungalow park
Distance: 505 meter9.1
Bungalowpark De Spar V.O.F.
, Bilthoven

Bungalow park De Spar: small-scale, family-run park in the middle of a natural area, ideal for cycling and walking routes and cultural outings to Utrecht and Amersfoort.

Natuurcamping Fazantenhof in Hollandsche Rading Camping
Distance: 1,7 km8.5
Natuurcamping Fazantenhof
Karnemelks Weg 1a, Hollandsche Rading

Nature campsite Fazantenhof, heart of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. With peace, space and nature. Ideal for walking and cycling tours. Feel the peace!

B&B Lage Vuursche in Lage Vuursche Bed and breakfast
Distance: 55 meter10
B&B Lage Vuursche
Dorpsstraat 13, Lage Vuursche stay in characteristic B&Bs ranging from orchards in the Betuwe to monumental buildings. Certified with pink tulips!

Kasteel De Hooge Vuursche in Baarn Hotel
Distance: 3,1 km9.1
Kasteel De Hooge Vuursche
Hilversumsestraatweg 14, Baarn

De Hooge Vuursche Castle: your picturesque location in Baarn's forests for weddings, company parties, dinners and meetings. Event Company member.

Jopie's wonen in Maartensdijk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,7 km10
Jopie's wonen
Dorpsweg 91, Maartensdijk

Jopie's Wonen, a unique home furnishings store and guesthouse in Maartensdijk. Surrounded by cycle routes, terraces and forests, close to Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.

Information about Lage Vuursche

Lage Vuursche is an authentic Dutch town, located in the province of Utrecht. Framed by dense forests and varied nature reserves, Lage Vuursche offers a harmonious combination of rural tranquility and historic charm. This location is famous for its miniature scale, with fewer than 200 inhabitants but an impressive array of reputed pancake houses and restaurant farms, attracting locals and distant visitors alike with their artisanal Dutch cuisine.

An important feature of Lage Vuursche is Drakensteyn Castle, the private residence of Princess Beatrix, surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens and parks. Long walking and cycling routes cut through the surrounding forests, ideal for nature lovers and active tourists to enjoy the serene beauty of the Dutch landscape. This place is also easily accessible from major cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, making it an attractive day trip for those looking to escape the urban hustle and bustle.