25 accommodations in Lemmer

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Hotel Iselmar Lemmer in Lemmer Hotel
Distance: 1,6 km8.5
Hotel Iselmar Lemmer
Plattedijk 16, Lemmer

Ideal for both play and business, advancement and relaxation, encircled by beaches and woods.

Hotel Lemmer in Lemmer Hotel
Distance: 575 meter9.1
Hotel Lemmer
Polderdijk 1, Lemmer

Experience the charm of historic comfort in a peaceful, central location with all modern amenities.

minicamping Schotererf in Kuinre Camping
Distance: 7,7 km9.3
minicamping Schotererf
Worstsloot 1, Kuinre

Minicamping Schotererf: relaxing between Overijssel, Friesland & Flevoland. Luxury safari tents, gypsy wagons, free WiFi, near Kuinderbos & Blokzijl.

Camping,Haven Oosterzee in Oosterzee Camping
Distance: 5,7 km8.7
Camping,Haven Oosterzee
Zuivelweg 26, Oosterzee

Riverside Luxury Villa: Spacious, modern accommodation with private pool, close to the bustling city and nature reserve.

Groepsaccommodatie Tjeukemeer in Oosterzee Vacation home
Distance: 5,4 km8.7
Groepsaccommodatie Tjeukemeer
De Akkers 47, Oosterzee

Tjeukemeer Group accommodation in Friesland: wheelchair friendly, directly on 2200 hectares of water with its own harbour. Capacity of 15-50 people, including terrace, sports fields and recreation areas.

B&B Achter-bij-luciaz in Echten Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,8 km
B&B Achter-bij-luciaz
Middenvaart 3, Echten

Behind Luciaz: Enjoy peace and comfort in our rural holiday apartment, 2-6 people, online work facilities, child-friendly garden, BBQ, walking and cycling routes nearby.

Bed & Breakfast Easy to Sleep in Lemmer Bed and breakfast
Distance: 291 meter10
Bed & Breakfast Easy to Sleep
Langestreek 1 A, Lemmer

Bed & Breakfast EasytoSleep in Lemmer overlooking the harbor offers homely rooms, private refrigerator, espresso machine and free breakfast.

Pension 't Lytse Knipke in Lemmer Bed and breakfast
Distance: 270 meter8.7
Pension 't Lytse Knipke
Ooievaarsnest 29, Lemmer

Pension 't Lytse Knipke in Lemmer combines historic charm with modern facilities, right on the waterway. Enjoy home-baked sandwiches for breakfast!

Beach Suites/ Nautisch Kwartier in Lemmer Hotel
Distance: 498 meter9.7
Beach Suites/ Nautisch Kwartier
Vuurtorenweg 1a, Lemmer

Fletcher Hotel Nautisch Kwartier, located on a lake, modern rooms, French/Mediterranean cuisine, wine lounge, near picturesque villages.

Aquaronde 16 in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km9.3
Aquaronde 16
, Lemmer

Lemmer Port City: stay in comfortable holiday homes on the water, with boat ramps and Mediterranean port facilities for your perfect water sports holiday.

Huisje-Lemmer in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.1
Plattedijk 39, Lemmer

Huisje-Lemmer: Modern, equipped holiday homes near IJsselmeer and Lemsterstrand in child-friendly Bungalow Park Iselmar, Friesland.

Buitenhuisje Aan de Linde in Slijkenburg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 10,2 km10
Buitenhuisje Aan de Linde
Slijkenburg 9, Slijkenburg

Country house Aan de Linde: View of the river & farms, close to Kuinderbos for horse riding & cycling.

Vakantiehuisjeinlemmer in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km10
Plattedijk 39 - 28, Lemmer Enjoy luxurious stays on the IJsselmeer. Pet-friendly locations with a view of Woudagemaal, close to the beach.

beachhouse36 in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km10
Plattedijk 39-36, Lemmer

Ferienhaus Lemmer: Beach life 60m away, cozy village within walking distance, fresh renovation with all amenities for a relaxing stay in Friesland.

Bungalowpark Iselmar in Lemmer Hotel
Distance: 1,4 km7.5
Bungalowpark Iselmar
Plattedijk , Lemmer

Sporthotel Iselmar in Lemmer: perfect for water sports enthusiasts and business travelers with its own marina, panoramic restaurant, and top-performance conference rooms.

Ferienhaus Am Wasser in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.5
Ferienhaus Am Wasser
Het Brekkense Wiel 106, Lemmer

Ferienhaus am Wasser Lemmer 208: stunning lake view, 3 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, garden, near fishing and 2.3km from Lemmer beach.

FERIENHAUS Aquaronde 18 LEMMER in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km8.7
Brekkenweg 4/18, Lemmer

Marinapark Lemmer BV's Aquaronde Lemmer 18, stylish bungalow with morning light, fireplace, private parking and views of waterways; perfect for sailing trips.

Lucky Lemmer Ferienhaus in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km8.5
Lucky Lemmer Ferienhaus
Kemphaan 28, Lemmer

Lucky Lemmer Ferienhaus: enjoy a renovated holiday home on the Ijsselmeer with boat mooring, internet and parking.

River House Lemmer in Lemmer Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.7
River House Lemmer
Scholekster 29, Lemmer

River House Lemmer: Luxury on the water near IJsselmeer. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts and beach guests with mooring for boats.

Bed & Breakfast de Rode Baron in Lemmer Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,5 km10
Bed & Breakfast de Rode Baron
Doraweg 3, Lemmer

B&B de Rode Baron: Unique stilp farm near Lemmer. Experience modern comfort in 'De Loft' or 'Het Natuurhuisje', surrounded by rural beauty.

Vakantiehuis Kuunder41 in Langelille Vacation home
Distance: 9,7 km10
Vakantiehuis Kuunder41
A. de Graafweg 41, Langelille

Langelille holiday home: Nature, culture and comfort on the Tjonger river. Ideal remote workplace, with direct access to Frisian lakes.

Dormio Waterpark Langelille in Langelille Holiday resort
Distance: 9,7 km8.3
Dormio Waterpark Langelille
H.B. Stekelenburgweg 9, Langelille

Waterpark Langelille: explore Friesland from comfortable holiday homes with water & nature, near Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Flexible booking conditions!

Stichting Tjongerhûs in Bantega Vacation home
Distance: 6,6 km9.1
Stichting Tjongerhûs
Bandsloot 38, Bantega

The Tjongerhûs in Bantega: education & recreation, 50 beds + chalet, near beach & forest. Ideal for spiritual enrichment.

Camping De Bolderik Friesland in Bantega Camping
Distance: 7,8 km9.9
Camping De Bolderik Friesland
Bandsloot 37, Bantega

Camping de Bolderik: Spacious pitches, unique accommodations, playground and fire pit in peaceful Friesland.

Lekker koese by ús in Bantega Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,4 km9.9
Lekker koese by ús
Bandsloot 26, Bantega

Bed and Breakfast Lekker Koese: Authentic hospitality in Friesland, near Lemmer & Tjeukemeer.

Information about Lemmer

Lemmer, located in the province of Friesland, is known as a lively water town. It occupies a strategic position on the IJsselmeer and the Frisian Lakes, making it a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. This city also offers a unique mix of historic and modern architecture, with notable sights such as the historic Lemstersluis and the 18th-century Lemster Canal. The local marina is a hotspot for sailing trips and boat rental, while the surrounding area provides relaxing cycling and walking routes.

Lemmer's culinary scene offers plenty to explore, ranging from traditional Frisian dishes to international cuisines. Shoppers can expect a variety of shops, from well-known chains to unique local boutiques. Lemmer organizes various festivities throughout the year, with highlights including the Lemster Week and the Glemmer Beach Festival. Lemmer's cultural diversity, historic charm and water activities make it the ideal destination for a wide range of travelers.