23 accommodations in Libramont Chevigny

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Domaine de Wisbeley in Libramont-Chevigny Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km9.9
Domaine de Wisbeley
Wisbeley 55, Libramont-Chevigny

Domaine de Wisbeley: 2.5 hectares of luxury gites, wellness, playground, horse riding, and hiking in the Luxembourg Ardennes. Perfect for family and friends!

Ardennen Camping Bertrix in Bertrix Camping
Distance: 12,6 km8.1
Ardennen Camping Bertrix
Route de Mortehan , Bertrix

Ardennes Camping Bertrix: Located between Bouillon and Bastogne, with an outdoor swimming pool, luxurious accommodations, and adventure activities such as climbing and canoeing.

La Remise in Neufchâteau Bed and breakfast
Distance: 12,0 km9.1
La Remise
Chaussée de Luxembourg , Neufchâteau

La Remise: Rustic B&B near Parc Naturel de la forêt d'Anlier. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, museum, tavern and local breakfast items. 4 km from Neufchâteau.

Le Haut des Vannes in Neufchâteau Vacation home
Distance: 12,9 km10
Le Haut des Vannes
Fond des Vannes 8, Neufchâteau

Gîte Le Haut des Vannes: Modern comfort in an Ardennes farmhouse from 1850, near Neufchâteau. Near tourist hotspots and Forêt d'Anlier for outdoor enthusiasts.

La Héronnière in Libramont-Chevigny Vacation home
Distance: 5,8 km9.7
La Héronnière
Freux , Libramont-Chevigny

Domaine du Château de Freux: Visit our historic charm with modern comfort in the Belgian Ardennes. Including church, pond and unique accommodations such as the sphair.

La chambre aux bois in Libramont-Chevigny Vacation home
Distance: 5,8 km9.1
La chambre aux bois
Rue Suzerain 1, Libramont-Chevigny

Domaine du Château de Freux: Spend the night in historic charm and contemporary comfort in the middle of the Ardennes. Perfect for private and corporate events.

Les Sphairs de Freux in Libramont-Chevigny Vacation home
Distance: 5,8 km8.7
Les Sphairs de Freux
Rue Suzerain 1, Libramont-Chevigny

Domaine du Château de Freux: Perfect for private and business events, with castle, park, pond, terrace and unique rooms in the picturesque Ardennes.

La ferme du Doux in Libramont-Chevigny Vacation home
Distance: 7,0 km9.7
La ferme du Doux
, Libramont-Chevigny

La ferme de Basseilles: Enjoy free WiFi, spa facilities and parking. Ideal for walking and cycling, close to Walibi Belgium and Anseremme.

La Citadine - Gîte in Neufchâteau Vacation home
Distance: 9,8 km9.1
La Citadine - Gîte
Avenue de la Gare 6, Neufchâteau

La Citadine: Charming gîte in Neufchâteau, Ardennes. Four rooms, apartment, Netflix, near Bastogne and Orval, garden with cozy corners.

Le Salmon in Neufchâteau Hotel
Distance: 9,3 km9.7
Le Salmon
Avenue de la Gare 185, Neufchâteau

Le Salmon: Authentic 19th century hotel in Neufchâteau, accommodating 23 guests, private bathrooms, lounges, and close to La Via Arduinna pilgrimage route.

Le Moulin de la Piérie in Neufchâteau Vacation home
Distance: 10,0 km9.9
Le Moulin de la Piérie
A la Piérie 1, Neufchâteau

Le Moulin de la Piérie: Historical charm and modern comfort with wellness, swimming pool, and space for 24 guests in the beautiful Neufchâteau.

Gîte Framboisier III&IV (13 personnes)Ardennes Neufchâteau in Neufchâteau Vacation home
Distance: 13,5 km8.1
Gîte Framboisier III&IV (13 personnes)Ardennes Neufchâteau
Les Wés 11, Neufchâteau

Gîte Les Framboisiers: Holiday homes on an organic farm in Neufchâteau, Belgium, with fallow deer park, micro-distillery and ample group options.

Gîte Sous les Vents in Léglise Vacation home
Distance: 14,5 km10
Gîte Sous les Vents
Rue Sous-les-Vents 2, Léglise

Gîte Sous Les Vents: Escape to the serene surroundings of Bernimont, enjoy hiking, cycling in Haute Sûre Forêt d'Anlier and Ardennes cuisine.

Chambre d'Hôtes Le chant du Merle in Neufchâteau Vacation home
Distance: 8,5 km9.7
Chambre d'Hôtes Le chant du Merle
Chaussée des Barrières 12, Neufchâteau

Le Chant du Merle: Charming rooms near Neufchâteau, surrounded by forests and culture. Private bathrooms, relaxation area & free Wi-Fi!

Gîte au Grand Cerf in Neufchâteau Vacation home
Distance: 7,3 km9.5
Gîte au Grand Cerf
La Cornée 49, Neufchâteau

Gîte Au Grand Cerf: renovated family home in Grandvoir for 15 people, close to Neufchâteau, Bouillon and Bastogne. Including games room and bar corner.

Maison Paquay in Libramont-Chevigny Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km10
Maison Paquay
, Libramont-Chevigny

Maison Paquay: Luxury gites in the Ardennes for 2-16 people, ideal for nature activities. Completely privatize. Perfect for families and groups.

A L'inattendue in Bertrix Bed and breakfast
Distance: 10,7 km9.5
A L'inattendue
Rue Al Paul 15, Bertrix

Lamp'Inattendue, Bertrix: Three rooms, private stove, terrace, wellness, infrared sauna, vibration energy therapy by Christiane in the Ardennes.

Hôtel L'Amandier in Libramont-Chevigny Hotel
Distance: 1,2 km8.9
Hôtel L'Amandier
Avenue de Bouillon 70, Libramont-Chevigny

Hôtel l'Amandier: Comfortable rooms, free WiFi, wellness area and close to attractions in the Belgian Ardennes. Free parking and charging stations.

Hotel L'Avenue in Libramont-Chevigny Hotel
Distance: 725 meter7.5
Hotel L'Avenue
Avenue de Houffalize 42, Libramont-Chevigny

Hôtel l'Avenue: Completely renovated, centrally located near the city park, hospital and train station. Comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and parking.

Au frêne centenaire in Libramont-Chevigny Vacation home
Distance: 5,8 km8.1
Au frêne centenaire
Rue du Presbytère 5, Libramont-Chevigny

Gîte Au Calme in the Belgian Ardennes: spacious accommodation for 9 people with sheltered garden, terraces and hiking trails near Libramont and Saint-Hubert.

Gite Bella in Léglise Vacation home
Distance: 13,5 km8.9
Gite Bella
Maisoncelle 42, Léglise

Gîte Bella Maisoncelle: Peaceful retreat between Ardennes and Gaume with facilities for riders and cycling tourists, ideal for families and friends.

Le domaine de Gerbaifet in Libin Vacation home
Distance: 4,2 km10
Le domaine de Gerbaifet
Gerbaifet 16, Libin

Domaine de Gerbaifet: Historic square farm with modern conveniences, near Libin and Libramont. Enjoy panoramic views and local attractions.

L'Ecole Buissonnière in Herbeumont Vacation home
Distance: 11,8 km9.7
L'Ecole Buissonnière
Grand'Rue 3, Herbeumont

L'Ecole Buissonnière: Charming eco-house in the Ardennes, between Bouillon and Neufchâteau, perfect for hiking, cycling and nature lovers.

Information about Libramont Chevigny

Libramont Chevigny, located in the province of Luxembourg in Belgium, is a municipality known for its agricultural fairs and events. The place is especially famous for the annual Libramont Agricultural Fair, which is the largest open-air agricultural spectacle in Europe. In addition, Libramont offers numerous recreational opportunities, including walking and cycling routes through the picturesque Ardennes landscapes and forests, as well as cultural attractions such as the Saint-Pierre Church and the Celtic Museum, specialized in Celtic history.

In addition to its tourist attractions, Libramont Chevigny plays a crucial role as an educational center in the region, with several schools and training centers. The municipality offers a range of services and infrastructures, including modern sports facilities, hotels, and various eateries serving local specialties. This combination of agricultural traditions, natural beauty and modern facilities makes Libramont Chevigny an attractive destination for both short visits and longer stays.