8 accommodations in Lier

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Zimmer Hotel Lier in Lier Hotel
Distance: 556 meter9.1
Zimmer Hotel Lier
Aarschotsesteenweg 4, Lier

Your luxurious retreat in historic Lier, featuring wellness facilities, fitness center, and free parking.

Klavertje Lier in Lier Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km9.7
Klavertje Lier
Lintsesteenweg 46, Lier

Klavertje Lier: Stay in a modern farmhouse from 1912, near the main market of Lier. Enjoy bike rides, walks and rural tranquility.

Hof van Loverrijk in Lier Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,9 km9.5
Hof van Loverrijk
Galgeveld 59, Lier

Hof van Loverrijk: Four rooms with private bathroom, Finnish sauna, covered bicycle shed, petting zoo and near cycling junction and Abraham Hans Cycling Route.

Vakantiestudio 'Kleine Johannes' in Duffel Vacation home
Distance: 2,8 km9.5
Vakantiestudio 'Kleine Johannes'
Euster 8, Duffel

Holiday studio 'Kleine Johannes': Central location, near Lier. Enjoy walking and cycling routes such as GR12, Kiliaanpad and Netelandroute. Discover Duffel!

Hof van Aragon in Lier Hotel
Distance: 159 meter7.9
Hof van Aragon
Aragonstraat 6, Lier

Hof van Aragon: Historic charming hotel in Lier near Antwerp. Modern rooms, banquet rooms, Sunday lunch and catering. Perfect for tourists and business travelers.

Best Western Plus Zimmerhof in Lier Hotel
Distance: 355 meter8.7
Best Western Plus Zimmerhof
Begijnhofstraat 2, Lier

Zimmerhof Hotel: Luxurious stay in Lier's historic center with modern rooms, attractive courtyard, lounge bar and proximity to top sights.

Hotel Florent in Lier Hotel
Distance: 524 meter8.5
Hotel Florent
Florent Van Cauwenberghstraat 45, Lier

Hotel Florent: Modern rooms with free WiFi and air conditioning, cozy bar with various beers. Located in the center of Lier near the Zimmertoren and Grote Markt.

Jeugdherberg Bed Muzet in Lier Hostel
Distance: 161 meter7.9
Jeugdherberg Bed Muzet
Volmolenstraat 65, Lier

Bed Muzet: Cultural hostel in historic Lier with courtyard, practice rooms, recording studio and close to St. Gummarus Church and Zimmer Tower. Breakfast included.

Information about Lier

Lier is a historic city in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. The city offers a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, with well-preserved architectural heritage such as St. Gummarus Church, the Zimmer Tower and the Beguinage, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lier is also known for its picturesque city center, crossed by charming canals and surrounded by green parks, making it an attractive destination for cultural and recreational activities.

In addition to its historical sights, Lier offers several museums, including the City Museum and the Timmermans-Opsomerhuis, which provide insight into local culture and history. The city's range of events is varied, with annual festivals and markets offering visitors an authentic experience. Furthermore, the city is easily accessible by public transport and has a wide range of dining options and accommodations, making it an ideal destination for both day tourists and longer stays.