6 accommodations in Loppersum

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Hotel Spoorzicht & SPA Loppersum in Loppersum Hotel
Distance: 178 meter7.9
Hotel Spoorzicht & SPA Loppersum
Molenweg 11, Loppersum

Monumental hotel offering personal service, outstanding cuisine, and nearby hiking trails.

Boerderij De Diek'n in Zeerijp Vacation home
Distance: 3,4 km8.5
Boerderij De Diek'n
Dijkumerweg 2, Zeerijp

Farm De Diekamp'n: More than a B&B with facilities for events, activities in nature, near local museums and Wadden Islands.

Vakantiehuis Kalverliefde in Zeerijp Vacation home
Distance: 2,9 km10
Vakantiehuis Kalverliefde
Garsthuizerweg 4, Zeerijp

Holiday home Kalverliefde: Country retreat for 2-4 people in North Groningen, near Loppersum. Quiet atmosphere, covered terrace, no pets.

Landgoed de Camping in 't Zandt Camping
Distance: 4,4 km9.5
Landgoed de Camping
, 't Zandt

DeCamping estate, unique accommodation on a historic football field with space for campers, caravans, tents and references to the sporting past.

Huisje Vergezicht in Eenum Vacation home
Distance: 2,0 km
Huisje Vergezicht
Bosweg 1, Eenum

Cottage Verzicht: Luxury, tranquility near Groningen & Appingedam, WiFi, TV, pets allowed.

Landgoed Schoolland in Garrelsweer Vacation home
Distance: 2,7 km9.7
Landgoed Schoolland
Stadsweg 92, Garrelsweer

Luxury Holiday Home Groningen: 2 unique lofts in an old school building, including free bicycle & kayak.

Information about Loppersum

Located in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands, Loppersum is a small village with a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Characterized by its unique landscape, this village is the perfect destination for visitors seeking relaxation and rustic charm. Extensive green fields surround the homes and businesses, interspersed with traditional Groningen farms that are unique to the region. The John the Baptist Church, built in the 13th century, is one of the oldest and most striking buildings in Loppersum and a testament to the deep-rooted history of the place.

Loppersum is also home to several local Dutch eateries and special shops. Visitors have the chance to taste traditional Dutch cuisine, as well as trying local specialties. There are also numerous walking and cycling tours in and around Loppersum, such as the Lopster Wind tour, which gives you the opportunity to experience the idyllic beauty of the Groningen countryside. These routes lead you through vast fields, along winding paths and offer you breathtaking views of the ancient architecture and the landscape that changes with the seasons. It is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the simple charms of rural life.