31 accommodations in Medemblik

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Bed & Breakfast Dirosa Wervershoof in wervershoof Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,2 km9.3
Bed & Breakfast Dirosa Wervershoof
Van Velzenstraat 7, wervershoof

Engage in elegant lodgings nestled beside IJsselmeer Lake, surrounded by diverse recreation feats.

Hotelhuisjes Medemblik in Wieringerwerf Hotel
Distance: 2,2 km7.5
Hotelhuisjes Medemblik
Zuiderkwelweg 2, Wieringerwerf

Redefining calm with farm estate lodging near IJsselmeer, a destination for avid cyclists and hikers.

Bed & Breakfast Hemels Twisk in Twisk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,5 km9.5
Bed & Breakfast Hemels Twisk
Dorpsweg 121 a, Twisk

Theater Church Hemels: unique sleeping experience in a 16th century church in Twisk. Enjoy live music, theater and beautiful acoustics.

Het Twiscker Huys in Twisk Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,7 km10
Het Twiscker Huys
Dorpsweg 202, Twisk

'Twiscker Huys' B&B in historic Twisk with garden, BBQ and ensuite bathroom for a comfortable, authentic Dutch stay.

Camping Veerhof in Oostwoud Camping
Distance: 4,6 km9.3
Camping Veerhof
Vereweg 4, Oostwoud

Camping Veerhof: the best of West Friesland. Unique camping experience with green space, stove rental, close to North Sea beaches and IJsselmeer coast!

Patricius House in Oostwoud Vacation home
Distance: 4,8 km7.9
Patricius House
Oosteinde 32, Oostwoud

Patricius House: authentic 19th century holiday home in Oostwoud. Enjoy the hot tub, sauna and wood stoves, or sail on the water with the available boat.

Camping Valkenhof in Oostwoud Camping
Distance: 5,6 km8.9
Camping Valkenhof
Broerdijk 39, Oostwoud

Camping Valkenhof: quiet camping in West Friesland with 25 spots, sanitary facilities, close to IJsselmeer and historic cities. Member of SVR.

Camping Ruimzicht in Midwoud Camping
Distance: 7,0 km8.3
Camping Ruimzicht
Midwouder Dorpsstraat 38, Midwoud

Camping Ruimzicht: Rustic SVR farm campsite, family-run since '91. Offers 25 pitches, sanitary facilities, children's play areas and chalets.

Bed and Breakfast Opperdoes in Opperdoes Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,2 km9.3
Bed and Breakfast Opperdoes
Nieuweweg 64, Opperdoes

Housity, your access to various accommodations worldwide: villas to hotels. Also offers guided tours and unique day trips.

Bed en breakfast Opperbest Medemblik in Opperdoes Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,0 km10
Bed en breakfast Opperbest Medemblik
Nieuweweg 37, Opperdoes

Opperbest Medemblik B&B in Opperdoes; enjoy peace, nature, sustainability and a view of the Museum Steam Tram Hoorn Medemblik.

Papenveer in Oostwoud Vacation home
Distance: 4,8 km10
Oosteinde 25, Oostwoud

Papenveer: picturesque 4-person holiday home in Oostwoud. Beautiful waterway views, modern facilities, near VOC cities and kitesurfing hotspots.

MOOSE HOUSE TWISK in Twisk Vacation home
Distance: 3,7 km10
Zuiderweg 1, Twisk

Moose House: strategically located on Beukenhoeve, offers luxury, comfort, a spacious veranda and a breathtaking view of the meadows.

Tiny Twisk in Twisk Vacation home
Distance: 5,1 km6.1
Tiny Twisk
Dorpsweg 74A, Twisk

TINY.TWISK: Authentic 19th-century monumental bell-shaped farmhouse in picturesque Twisk, West Friesland. For 4 guests, modern comfort meets historic charm.

Melchiorhoeve in Twisk Vacation home
Distance: 5,4 km10
Dorpsweg 48, Twisk

Melchiorhoeve: comfortable apartments with coffee/tea garden and community table. Instant confirmation and reliable booking experience.

Arado camping & lodge in Medemblik Camping
Distance: 1,1 km8.7
Arado camping & lodge
Brakeweg 61, Medemblik

Lodge 61, circular hotel near the IJsselmeer: elegant sustainable lodges, historical museum, water sports & coworking spaces within walking distance of Medemblik.

The Vlietlanden in Wervershoof Bungalow park
Distance: 1,7 km8.7
The Vlietlanden
Droge Wijmersweg 5, Wervershoof

Bungalow park de Vlietlanden: enjoy sailing and swimming activities. Close to Medemblik, the Zuiderzee Museum and Vooroever project.

Recreatiepark De Groote Vliet in Wervershoof Holiday resort
Distance: 2,4 km8.9
Recreatiepark De Groote Vliet
Onderdijk 245, Wervershoof

Holiday park De Groote Vliet: On the water in Wevershoof, with boat rental, carp pond and cafe. Easy access to Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik.

De Vooroever in Wervershoof Hotel
Distance: 2,8 km7.3
De Vooroever
Onderdijk 189, Wervershoof

Hotel De Vooroever: Naturally located between IJsselmeer and Grote Vliet, with leisure facilities such as fishing, bicycle rental and barbecue on the spacious terrace.

Ferienhaus Visvriend: Angelurlaub in Holland in Wervershoof Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km9.5
Ferienhaus Visvriend: Angelurlaub in Holland
Onderdijk 245-081, Wervershoof

Ferienhaus Visvriend: Charming holiday home on the Ijsselmeer with private jetty, comfortable facilities and nearby supermarket.

Chalet Livslyst in Wervershoof Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km8.9
Chalet Livslyst
Lijsterlaan 1693, Wervershoof

Chalet Livslyst: Luxury accommodation for 3 people with central heating, dishwasher, two bedrooms and private fishing pier at the Groote Vliet lake. Ideal for nature lovers!

Camping Ariënstocht Onderdijk in Wervershoof Camping
Distance: 3,7 km9.9
Camping Ariënstocht Onderdijk
Dirk Bijvoetweg 19, Wervershoof

Camping Onderdijk: New, spacious, near IJsselmeer & Medemblik, lots of privacy and activities for children. Flexible check-in and check-out times.

De Vlietlanden 55 in Wervershoof Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km9.7
De Vlietlanden 55
Droge Wijmersweg 5-055, Wervershoof

Vlietlanden 55: Luxury private holiday home in Bungalow Park between Medemblik & Wervershoof, near Ijsselmeer. For 8 people, water sports & fishing enthusiasts.

De groene mus in Wervershoof Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,2 km9.1
De groene mus
Droge Wijmersweg 5261, Wervershoof

B&B De Groene Mus: ultimate relaxation in naturally furnished rooms, with strict sustainable policy, vegan breakfast and unique privacy.

Hotel Medemblik in Medemblik Hotel
Distance: 497 meter9.1
Hotel Medemblik
Oosterhaven 1, Medemblik

Het Wapen van Medemblik: enjoy our familiar hotel and restaurant, centrally located in Medemblik, near three marinas and the IJsselmeer.

B&B De Stadshoeve in Medemblik Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,1 km9.3
B&B De Stadshoeve
Uiverstraat 22, Medemblik

Stadshoeve B&B: Charming stay in Medemblik. Walking distance from harbour, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, vegetarian breakfast. The perfect quiet base!

Bed bij Bistro in Medemblik Bed and breakfast
Distance: 533 meter8.1
Bed bij Bistro
Kaasmarkt 3, Medemblik

BedbyBistro: monumental charm in Medemblik with nearby culinary hotspots, marina, IJsselmeer and comfortable interior with roof terrace.

B&B Kleine Vliet in Medemblik Bed and breakfast
Distance: 145 meter9.9
B&B Kleine Vliet
Vlietsingel 37, Medemblik

B&B Kleine Vliet: renovated place near IJsselmeer, free WiFi, private parking. Bicycle rental and breakfast available. Near Medemblik center.

Recreatiepark Klein Giethoorn in Opperdoes Holiday resort
Distance: 2,1 km8.1
Recreatiepark Klein Giethoorn
Oosteinde 12, Opperdoes

Klein Giethoorn Holiday Park: near Medemblik, Enkhuizen, Hoorn & Fairytale Wonderland. Ideal for families!

Medemblik Bed and Breakfast in Medemblik Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,0 km9.3
Medemblik Bed and Breakfast
Houtkopersgilde 4, Medemblik

Medemblik Retreat: Historic center, Radboud Castle, museums & harbours.

THE BEE in Opperdoes Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,3 km8.7
Oosteinde 41, Opperdoes

The Bee in Opperdoes: B&B, café, camping, bee museum and model trains. Run by Vickey & Björn since 2021.

Bij San En Ka in Hauwert Vacation home
Distance: 6,3 km9.5
Bij San En Ka
Hauwert 133, Hauwert

San & Ka in Hauwert: Relaxing garden accommodation in North Holland, 26 km from Alkmaar. Free private parking, pet friendly and close to nature reserves.

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