28 accommodations in Meerlo

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ParcCamping de Witte Vennen in Oostrum Holiday resort
Distance: 3,7 km8.7
ParcCamping de Witte Vennen
Sparrendreef 10, Oostrum

Recreation Park de Witte Vennen: 4-star comfort in Limburg. Luxury bungalows next to water, near De Groote Peel and De Maasduinen.

Herberg Lambic in Blitterswijck Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,4 km9.3
Herberg Lambic
Kerkstraat 1, Blitterswijck

Herberg Lambic in Blitterswijck: ideal for cyclists, near Maas and Maasduinen, close to cities, free parking.

de Blauwververij in Blitterswijck Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,4 km10
de Blauwververij
Kortestraat 1, Blitterswijck

De Blauwververij: B&B in Blitterswijck with garden, terrace, free WiFi and parking.

Camping ‘t Veerhuys in Blitterswijck Camping
Distance: 2,8 km8.9
Camping ‘t Veerhuys
Veerweg 7, Blitterswijck

Camping 't Veerhuys: picturesque Maas location in Limburg, with luxurious apartments, modern amenities and proximity to the Tante Jet restaurant.

Veerhuys Tante Jet in Blitterswijck Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,8 km8.3
Veerhuys Tante Jet
Veerweg 7, Blitterswijck

Veerhuys Tante Jet: on the Maas, delicious Limburg pie, lunches, dinners, parties, luxury apartments and camping facilities led by Janssens.

Minicamping d'n Dikkenberg in Wellerlooi Camping
Distance: 5,8 km9.1
Minicamping d'n Dikkenberg
Paaldijk 2, Wellerlooi

Minicamping D'n Dikkenberg: Peace and nature in the heart of Maasduinen. Relax at our campsite, walk in the woods and discover the beautiful surroundings.

Recreatiepark Maas en Bos in Wellerlooi Camping
Distance: 4,4 km8.1
Recreatiepark Maas en Bos
Westerweg 1, Wellerlooi

Recreational park Maas en Bos: luxury chalets, pet-friendly, surrounded by forests, outdoor swimming pools, brasserie with terrace, laundry and playgrounds.

Vakantieboerderij de Looische Hoeve in Wellerlooi Vacation home
Distance: 3,6 km8.7
Vakantieboerderij de Looische Hoeve
Rijksweg-Zuid 21, Wellerlooi

Looische Hoeve, historic holiday farm for 14 people in Wellerlooi, Limburg. Next to De Maasduinen nature park, near Arcen and Hertog Jan brewery.

Vakantieboerderij de Zanderhoeve in Wellerlooi Vacation home
Distance: 3,8 km9.9
Vakantieboerderij de Zanderhoeve
Looierweg 4, Wellerlooi

Zanderhoeve: characteristic holiday farm from 1869 in Wellerlooi, on the Maasduinen. Space for 8-10 people and popular for hospitality.

Hoeve de Maasduinen in Wellerlooi Camping
Distance: 6,0 km8.7
Hoeve de Maasduinen
Venweg 5, Wellerlooi

Hoeve de Maasduinen: quiet mini campsite in Wellerlooi, 25 spacious pitches, free WiFi, access to nature and marked walking/cycling routes.

Vakantiepark Leukermeer in Well Holiday resort
Distance: 6,2 km8.9
Vakantiepark Leukermeer
De Kamp 5, Well

Vakantie & Resort Leukermeer offers luxurious accommodations, water sports options and access to the De Maasduinen National Park.

Mini Camping Halve Maan in Well Camping
Distance: 7,3 km9.1
Mini Camping Halve Maan
Halve Maan 1, Well

Camping Halve Maan in De Maasduinen offers tranquility, spacious pitches, sanitary facilities, free WiFi and direct forest access for your pets.

Camping en Groepsaccomodatie 'De Beukenhof' in Well Camping
Distance: 7,3 km8.7
Camping en Groepsaccomodatie 'De Beukenhof'
Halve Maan 2, Well

De Beukenhof camping farm: in the middle of Maasduinen with room for 75+, near the Well shopping center, ideal for cyclists, walkers and horse riders.

B&B op de Halve Maan in Well Bed and breakfast
Distance: 7,0 km10
B&B op de Halve Maan
Halve Maan 11, Well

B&B Halve Maan: Natural pearl in Maasduinen with private bathrooms, breakfast by experienced Carin and 9.4 rating. Ideal for cycling and walking routes!

Marina Resort Leukermeer in Well Holiday resort
Distance: 6,5 km9.3
Marina Resort Leukermeer
Halve Maanseweg 1, Well

Marina Resort Leukermeer: luxury holiday homes on the water in Limburg, managed by Landal GreenParks, ideal for water sports enthusiasts.

Landal Marina Resort Well in Well Holiday resort
Distance: 6,5 km8.5
Landal Marina Resort Well
Halve Maanseweg 1, Well

Landal Marina Resort Well; luxury accommodations with marina on Leukermeer, bordering the Maasduinen National Park. Equipped with swimming pools and Beach Club!

B&B Bosserheide in Well Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,1 km9.9
B&B Bosserheide
Bosserheide 35, Well

B&B Bosserheide is your oasis of peace in Well, North Limburg, near the enchanting Reindersmeer in the Maasduinen nature reserve.

Veronique Bed and Breakfast in Well Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,8 km9.9
Veronique Bed and Breakfast
Grotestraat 34, Well

Veronique Well B&B in historic village, comfortable rooms with a view of the Maas, nice ice cream parlour. Quality & hospitality guaranteed.

Baaima in Well Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,8 km
Sterrenbos 5, Well

Five-star courtyard: Luxury B&B in North Limburg. Offers idyllic forest hut with private entrance, free parking, and bicycle rental. Perfect for adventurous cycling routes.

Bed en Breakfast Vijfsterrenhofje Well Noord Limburg in Well Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,8 km9.3
Bed en Breakfast Vijfsterrenhofje Well Noord Limburg
Sterrenbos 5, Well

B&B Vijfstarhofje: Luxury forest hut in picturesque Well, near castle and cycling routes. Complete with private facilities and bicycle rental.

B&B Op de Kleijne Hei in Well Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,5 km9.9
B&B Op de Kleijne Hei
Schepersweg 3, Well

On the Kleijne Hei: rustic stay in Well, near Nijmegen, Venlo, German border, view of the Maas, close to nature reserves, including luxury facilities and breakfast option.

Best Deal in Weeze Hotel
Distance: 9,8 km7.3
Best Deal
Flughafen-Ring 17, Weeze

Best Deal Hotel Weeze: Directly at Airport Weeze, free WiFi & parking, 24/7 self-service. Ideal for work professionals.

Camping 't Wolfsven in Well Camping
Distance: 7,6 km9.1
Camping 't Wolfsven
Wolfsven 14, Well

Mini Camping 't Wolfsven: Family campsite in a nature reserve with spacious pitches and bungalows.

Camping 't Karrewiel in Meerlo Camping
Distance: 806 meter7.9
Camping 't Karrewiel
Peschweg 8, Meerlo

Camping 't Karrewiel, your attractive base in North Limburg. Close to Meerlo, with excellent facilities, mobile home rental and catering options.

De Gunse Hoeve in Swolgen Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km8.7
De Gunse Hoeve
Gun 28, Swolgen

Gunse Hoeve: Luxury group accommodation in North Limburg, surrounded by nature and next to the iconic Pieterpad route. Perfect for walkers, horse lovers.

Logement de Heerlijkheid in Geijsteren Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,7 km9.9
Logement de Heerlijkheid
Dorpstraat 19, Geijsteren

Logement de Heerlijkheid, B&B in Geijsteren, offers stylish rooms, a delicious breakfast and optional 3-course dinner, surrounded by rich nature and culture.

Camping Den Buizerd in Geijsteren Camping
Distance: 4,2 km8.7
Camping Den Buizerd
Lange Ven 6, Geijsteren

Camping Den Buizerd offers 20 wooded pitches on the Geijsteren Estate, near the picturesque village and golf course. Enjoy nature, peace and deer.

Parc de Witte Vennen in Oostrum Holiday resort
Distance: 3,8 km8.7
Parc de Witte Vennen
Sparrendreef 12, Oostrum

Parc de Witte Vennen: 4-star holiday park with luxury bungalows in Limburg, located on a recreational lake and near De Groote Peel and De Maasduinen.

Information about Meerlo

Located in the province of Limburg, Meerlo is a Dutch place known for its rich cultural heritage and serene natural beauty. This picturesque village offers a mix of historic charm and modern amenities. Originally built in the 15th century, the Church of St John the Baptist is an award-winning heritage site that has much historical value to the region. Meerlo also offers varied accommodation options, from luxury hotels to cozy B&Bs, suitable for every type of traveler.

It borders the protected nature reserve 'De Oude Maasarm', which is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. This nature reserve has a rich biodiversity and offers numerous hiking trails and picnic areas. The city is also the gateway to various cycling and walking routes that wind through the Limburg landscape. Meerlo's cultural calendar includes a range of events, from local festivals to music concerts, immersing visitors in the lifestyle of the local community.