19 accommodations in Mill

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City Resort Hotel Mill in Mill Hotel
Distance: 278 meter8.1
City Resort Hotel Mill
Hoogveldseweg 1, Mill

Experience rural tranquility and exceptional amenities in Brabant's heartland.

FarmCamps Op De Beemd in Zeeland Camping
Distance: 5,2 km10
FarmCamps Op De Beemd
Beemdsteeg 11, Zeeland

FarmCamps Op de Beemd offers idyllic glamping in luxurious barn tents. Learn dairy farming, feed farm animals, enjoy Brabant hospitality.

Logeer- en Doeboerderij De Lummel in Langenboom Vacation home
Distance: 3,8 km9.3
Logeer- en Doeboerderij De Lummel
Dominicanenstraat 20, Langenboom

Group accommodation De Lummel: space for 10-50 people, perfect for parties, with 9 unique rooms. Near the Maashorst, ideal for nature activities.

De Valkhoeve Mill in Mill Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,2 km8.9
De Valkhoeve Mill
Valkweg 11, Mill

Valkhoeve Mill: find peace, luxury and nature, with comfortable rooms, locally produced food and as a start for walking and cycling routes.

De Nieuwenhof in Mill Camping
Distance: 1,0 km9.3
De Nieuwenhof
Nieuwenhofweg 5, Mill

De Nieuwenhof: authentic nature accommodations in lodge tents or sheep hut, directly at De Kuilen swimming lake and fish-rich stream. With electricity, water, WiFi and more.

Castle Tongelaar in Mill Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km9.1
Castle Tongelaar
Tongelaar 12, Mill

Tongelaar Castle in Mill: serene location for functions, dinners and concerts. Open on Wednesdays and Sundays for overnight stays and weddings.

B&B Quinta de Kuilen in Mill Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,4 km10
B&B Quinta de Kuilen
Uilweg 29, Mill

Quinta de Kuilen B&B: comfort in picturesque Brabant with 3 luxurious rooms, home restaurant and ideal start for cycling and walking tours.

Het Huus van Truus in Langenboom Vacation home
Distance: 3,0 km10
Het Huus van Truus
Zuid Carolinaweg 1a, Langenboom

Het Huus van Truus offers a charming mix of farmhouse style and modern convenience to up to 5 guests in Langenboom's serenity, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and garden.

B&B Prima Toeven in Mill Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,4 km9.9
B&B Prima Toeven
Vissteeg 6, Mill

Prima Toeven B&B in Mill: rural tranquility, near Tongelaar Castle. Clean double rooms, extensive breakfast and personal attention guaranteed.

Mini-Camping De Keuterij in Sint Hubert Camping
Distance: 3,7 km9.3
Mini-Camping De Keuterij
Hapseweg 24, Sint Hubert

Mini-campsite De Keuterij: Family campsite in Sint Hubert with playground & animals. Including electricity and sanitary facilities.

Het Wisbroek in Sint Hubert Camping
Distance: 3,0 km9.3
Het Wisbroek
Kwekerijweg 20, Sint Hubert

Wisbroek Sint Hubert: Luxury log cabins, rustic camping pitches and group space. Ideal for nature and tranquility lovers.

De Lage Raam in Mill Vacation home
Distance: 2,1 km10
De Lage Raam
Achterdijk 32a, Mill

Mill Group Stay Brabant: sleeps 28, wheelchair accessible, 8 bedrooms, terrace, near woods. Ideal for cycling and walking tours.

Boerderijcamping Gieben in Wilbertoord Camping
Distance: 3,8 km9.5
Boerderijcamping Gieben
Wethouder Lindersstraat 88A, Wilbertoord

Mini Camping Boer Jan: 15 sunny spots next to the meadow, milking & tractor driving. Ideal for an educational holiday!

Bed and Breakfast Bij het struinpad in Wilbertoord Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,3 km10
Bed and Breakfast Bij het struinpad
Verbindingsweg 11, Wilbertoord

B&B Bij het Struinpad: Unique style & comfort, near Molenheide & water recreation.

CAMPING BOSZICHT in Wilbertoord Camping
Distance: 2,6 km9.3
Tipweg 10, Wilbertoord

Boszicht Camping Wilbertoord: luxury chalet for 6, top-rated with Zoover Award Gold.

Kampeerboerderij De Tienmorgen in Beers Camping
Distance: 3,4 km9.1
Kampeerboerderij De Tienmorgen
Broekkant 11, Beers

Camping Farm De Tienmorgen: Idyllic spot in Brabant nature, perfect for family outings, meetings & more. Open Apr-Oct.

Vakantiepark De Bergen in Wanroij Holiday resort
Distance: 5,5 km8.3
Vakantiepark De Bergen
Campinglaan 1, Wanroij

Holiday park De Bergen in Wanroij: indoor play paradise, outdoor playground, beach, and nature walks.

Minicamping 't Amans in Wilbertoord Camping
Distance: 3,9 km9.3
Minicamping 't Amans
Amansweg 20, Wilbertoord

Mini campsite 't Amans in Wilbertoord: ideal place for campers looking for nature and Brabant hospitality.

Boertel De Lampersehei in Wanroij Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,0 km8.9
Boertel De Lampersehei
Lamperen 14, Wanroij

Lamperse Hei: B&B in Brabant with WiFi, sauna, swimming pool, playground & wheelchair access. Book via

Information about Mill

Mill is a small, historic town located in the southeast of the Netherlands, in the province of North Brabant. Known for its rural charm and excellent infrastructure, Mill is the ideal destination for those seeking peace and comfort. Visitors are welcomed by beautiful traditionalist architecture, interspersed with modern buildings. Beautiful parks and green spaces abound, as well as numerous hiking and biking trails, allowing visitors to explore the beauty of the surrounding nature at their leisure.

Cultural attractions in Mill include a carefully restored windmill, the Lion's Den, and a local church, St. Willibrorduskerk, which is iconic to the region with its striking architecture. The local museums, including the Myllesheem museum, offer an insight into the rich local history and culture. Mill also has a wide range of welcoming dining options, where one can enjoy a variety of local and international dishes. Mill's location, in close proximity to larger cities such as Nijmegen, also makes it a perfect base for exploring the wider region in North Brabant.