31 accommodations in Nijmegen

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Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 2,5 km9.1
Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent
Hertog Eduardplein 4, Nijmegen

Easily accessible spa hotel, offering free WiFi, fitness amenities, and complimentary parking.

Sanadome Hotel & Spa Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 2,9 km7.9
Sanadome Hotel & Spa Nijmegen
Weg door Jonkerbos 90, Nijmegen

Indulge in exceptional 4-star facilities, featuring thermal baths, modern gym, and a beauty centre.

Mercure Hotel Nijmegen Centre in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 494 meter8.7
Mercure Hotel Nijmegen Centre
Stationsplein 29, Nijmegen

Strategically located for city exploration, featuring spacious rooms, a bar, and onsite dining.

Hotel & Hostel de Prince Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 845 meter7.9
Hotel & Hostel de Prince Nijmegen
Lange Hezelstraat 42, Nijmegen

High-standard accommodation in historically rich surroundings with top-tier food service.

Hotel Courage Waalkade Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 1,2 km7.9
Hotel Courage Waalkade Nijmegen
Waalkade 108-112, Nijmegen

Uncover history at our riverside hotel, near the shopping district offering exclusive discounts to local attractions.

Bastion Hotel Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 2,9 km7.7
Bastion Hotel Nijmegen
Neerbosscheweg 614, Nijmegen

Revel in the historic charm of Nijmegen. Hotel affords luxury, seamless connectivity, and effortless access to the city.

Apollo Hotel Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 256 meter7.7
Apollo Hotel Nijmegen
Bisschop Hamerstraat 14, Nijmegen

Located centrally, providing swift access to key attractions and hubs. Offering free Wi-Fi.

Credible Hotel Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 935 meter8.9
Credible Hotel Nijmegen
Hertogstraat 1, Nijmegen

Find tranquility amidst the city bustle in our centrally located retreat offering prime amenities.

Manna Suites Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 253 meter9.1
Manna Suites Nijmegen
Oranjesingel 14, Nijmegen

Experience historic charm subtly blended with modern comfort, concealing six unique suites.

Blue Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 705 meter9.1
Blue Nijmegen
Oranjesingel 14, Nijmegen

Small-scale, stylish rooms in central Nijmegen, featuring modern amenities and unique setting.

Hotel Nimma Nijmegen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 2,2 km8.3
Hotel Nimma Nijmegen
Weurtseweg 478, Nijmegen

Modern rooms with free WiFi and AC, easy access to cultural hotspots, free parking.

Hotel Oranjestaete Nijmegen in Nijmegen Apartments
Distance: 595 meter9.5
Hotel Oranjestaete Nijmegen
Oranjesingel 66, Nijmegen

Top-notch, central accommodation offering complimentary bikes, free Wi-Fi, and self-catering options.

B & B The Blue Hour Nijmegen in Nijmegen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 130 meter10
B & B The Blue Hour Nijmegen
Groesbeekseweg 18, Nijmegen

Blauwe Uur B&B in Nijmegen: a national monument from 1895 offers a spacious stay in a natural and cultural environment.

Hotel sleep inn box5 in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 321 meter9.5
Hotel sleep inn box5
Van Welderenstraat 120, Nijmegen

Box 5 Boutique hotel in the heart of Nijmegen. Four luxurious rooms with city views, free Wi-Fi and modern comforts. Ideal for private and business events.

Bouitique café hotel BOX5 in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 321 meter9.5
Bouitique café hotel BOX5
Van Welderenstraat 120, Nijmegen

Box 5, a boutique hotel in Nijmegen, offers 4 luxurious rooms with every comfort including free WiFi. Top guest reviews!

B&B Natuurlijk Genieten in Bemmel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,4 km8.1
B&B Natuurlijk Genieten
Waaldijk 26B, Bemmel

B&B Natural Enjoyment: Unique T-farmhouse style accommodation near Park Lingezegen. Modern comfort, vine views, high ratings.

Mooij Bed and Breakfast in Ooij Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,1 km9.7
Mooij Bed and Breakfast
Vlietberg 6A, Ooij

MOoij Bed and Breakfast, sustainable stay in Vlietberg near Nijmegen. Enjoy nature, history and the proximity of the city center.

Waalstrand Bemmel in Bemmel Vacation home
Distance: 3,7 km7.7
Waalstrand Bemmel
, Bemmel

Gelderse Poort: the unique rugged river landscape with wild horses, cattle and rare bird species, perfect for nature outings.

Vierdaagsecamping De Grote Kat in Ooij Camping
Distance: 3,4 km9.3
Vierdaagsecamping De Grote Kat
Ooijse Bandijk , Ooij

Four-day campsite De Grote Kat: camping comfort near Nijmegen. Enjoy massage, BBQ and regular meals during the running days!

Bed & Breakfast De Goffert in Nijmegen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,4 km8.9
Bed & Breakfast De Goffert
Dobbelmannweg 26, Nijmegen

B&B De Goffert in Nijmegen; peace and comfort near Goffertpark, hospitals, university. Max 4 guests, incl. free WiFi and variable breakfast options.

Vierdaagsecamping de Dennen in Nijmegen Camping
Distance: 2,7 km8.1
Vierdaagsecamping de Dennen
Dennenstraat 25, Nijmegen

Four Days Camping De Dennen: ideal location near the start of the Four Days Nijmegen, with facilities such as dinner, WiFi and permanent sanitary facilities. Group accommodations available.

Boutique Hotel Straelman in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 940 meter9.9
Boutique Hotel Straelman
Straalmanstraat 28, Nijmegen

Boutique Hotel Straelman in Nijmegen combines luxurious rooms, personal service and proximity to history, shopping streets and nature.

Hotel De Gulden Waagen in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 860 meter7.9
Hotel De Gulden Waagen
Lange Hezelstraat 75A, Nijmegen

Hotel De Gulden Waagen: historic accommodation in the center of Nijmegen. Including luxurious rooms, near Kronenburger Park. Enjoy free WiFi and medieval breakfast.

Lino City Hotel in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 877 meter9.7
Lino City Hotel
Lange Hezelstraat 78, Nijmegen

Lino City Hotel: charm, history and gastronomy in the heart of Nijmegen, with comfortable accommodation & food bar Fingerz.

Hotel Pauw in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 858 meter8.5
Hotel Pauw
Grote Markt 38-40, Nijmegen

Hotel Pauw: comfortable stay in the heart of Nijmegen with street food, cocktails and a weekly live DJ. Book now for the Streetfood Parade!

Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping in Nijmegen Camping
Distance: 2,3 km9.1
Waalcamping Vierdaagsecamping
Winselingseweg 41, Nijmegen

Waalcamping Nijmegen: close to 4-day route, 100 pitches, free parking, city beaches around the corner and on-site masseurs for hikers.

B & B Urban Oasis Nijmegen in Nijmegen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,7 km9.9
B & B Urban Oasis Nijmegen
Dommer van Poldersveldtweg 210, Nijmegen

B&B Stadsoase Nijmegen: Green oasis from 1895 in Nijmegen East, exclusively for your group. Near Radboud University, Stuwwal and Ooijpolder.

Aan de Anna Bed & Breakfast in Nijmegen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,1 km9.7
Aan de Anna Bed & Breakfast
Sint Annastraat 370, Nijmegen

B&B 'Aan de Anna' retains the historic charm of 1923 with modern conveniences in Nijmegen, near Radboudumc and the university.

Bed & Breakfast WestZijde in Nijmegen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 839 meter9.1
Bed & Breakfast WestZijde
Graafseweg 126, Nijmegen

B&B WestZijde: 1870s monumental building in the heart of Nijmegen. Enjoy peaceful garden rooms with private bathrooms and kitchens, ideal for long stays.

La Boutique in Nijmegen Hotel
Distance: 1,9 km8.9
La Boutique
Van Peltlaan 4, Nijmegen

La Boutique Hotel Nijmegen: Comfort and convenience in the center, opposite Radboud UMC. With unique rooms, shared kitchen, roof terrace and bicycle rental.

B & B Huize Nijmegen in Nijmegen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 293 meter9.5
B & B Huize Nijmegen
Groesbeekseweg 50, Nijmegen

B&B Huize Nijmegen: Historic mansion from 1893 with modern sustainability, near the center. Rooms with bathroom, free wifi. Including fresh breakfast.

Information about Nijmegen

Nijmegen, located in the province of Gelderland, is the oldest city in the Netherlands, rich in history and cultural highlights. With its origins in Roman times, Nijmegen offers a range of historical monuments, including the medieval Valkhofpark, where there was once a Roman settlement. The city offers several museums, such as the Valkhof Museum with an extensive Roman collection and the Africa Museum that focuses on African art and culture. The Grote Markt, surrounded by historic buildings and bustling terraces, is the beating heart of the city.

The picturesque surroundings of Nijmegen add to the charm of the city. Surrounded by hills, forests and water, the area offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. The nearby Ooijpolder nature reserve is an attraction for nature lovers. Nijmegen is also known for the annual Four Days Marches, the largest walking event in the world, where thousands of participants come from all over the world to take part. With its mix of history, culture and nature, Nijmegen offers something for everyone.