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Juliana's Hotel Saba in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 148 meter9.5
Juliana's Hotel Saba
Windwardside 1, Windwardside

Top-tier business accommodation: featuring pool, hot tub, and conference facilities.

The Cottage Club Hotel Saba in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 91 meter9.1
The Cottage Club Hotel Saba
Windwardside 1, Windwardside

Relax in tropical bliss with ensuite cottages, professional hospitality, and exotic day trips.

Saba Arawak Hotel in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 501 meter7.7
Saba Arawak Hotel
hassell road , Windwardside

Saba Arawak Hotel: Spacious suites, sea view pool, restaurant and bar. Perfect location for diving, hiking and relaxing.

Queen's Garden Resort Saba in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 785 meter8.9
Queen's Garden Resort Saba
Troy Hill 1, Windwardside

Upscale resort offering modern amenities, tranquil stays, diving excursions, and walking tours.

Haiku House in The Bottom Hotel
Distance: 1,8 km9.5
Haiku House
Troy Hill , The Bottom

Haiku House, Saba: Luxury and privacy on Troy Hill with breathtaking Caribbean views, swimming pool, SieMatic kitchen, and free WiFi. Enchanting architecture.

Spyglass Villa in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 780 meter10
Spyglass Villa
, Windwardside

Spyglass Villa, Booby Hill: Luxury villa with modern amenities and breathtaking views of the ocean and hills. Ideal for a serene and private holiday.

Flamboyant Cottage in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 789 meter10
Flamboyant Cottage
, Windwardside

Flamboyant Cottage, Saba: Comfortable 2-4 pers. with chlorine-free private pool, near hiking trails and diving locations. Fully equipped kitchen and quiet environment.

Cloudbreak Villa in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 429 meter10
Cloudbreak Villa
, Windwardside

Cloudbreak Villa: Luxury escape in Windward Side, Saba, with ocean views, gourmet kitchen, air con, wifi, gardens and walking distance to the city center.

Champagne Cottage in The Bottom Hotel
Distance: 1,4 km10
Champagne Cottage
, The Bottom

Champagne Cottage: Luxury stay on Saba with key-shaped pool, patio and beautiful views, close to Windwardside Village and Saba Marine Park. Perfect base!

Compass Cottage in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 787 meter10
Compass Cottage
, Windwardside

Compass Cottage: Sophisticated Saban architecture, private pool, lush gardens, near Windwardside Village. Enjoy spectacular views of Saba Island!

Hibiscus Cottage in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 203 meter10
Hibiscus Cottage
, Windwardside

Hibiscus Cottage: Central to Windwardside Village, a charming home with modern conveniences, veranda with views, two bedrooms, and short walk to everything.

Hummingbird Villa in Windwardside Hotel
Distance: 465 meter10
Hummingbird Villa
, Windwardside

The Volta Hotel in Eindhoven: 4-star comfort, modern facilities, meeting rooms, and close to the Van Abbemuseum and Demer shopping street. Free WiFi and breakfast included.

Information about Saba

Saba is a small, volcanic island in the Caribbean, belonging to the Dutch Caribbean Islands. The island covers an area of just 13 square kilometers and is known for its unspoilt natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. The summit of Mount Scenery, with a height of 887 meters, is the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and offers spectacular views and hiking trails. Despite its modest size, Saba offers a unique biodiversity, with a wealth of flora and fauna, both terrestrial and marine.

The island has a population of around 1,900 inhabitants and has a hospitable, small-scale tourist infrastructure. Visitors can enjoy world-class diving, thanks to the diverse and vibrant coral reefs. The capital, The Bottom, and the picturesque village of Windwardside offer charming accommodations, local crafts and culinary experiences. The island has no beaches, which contributes to its exclusive character and unspoiltness. Saba is an ideal destination for ecotourism and adventure enthusiasts seeking a serene and authentic Caribbean experience.