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Hotel De4dames in Schiermonnikoog Hotel
Distance: 99 meter9.3
Hotel De4dames
Langestreek 94, Schiermonnikoog

Experience serenity at this central 2-star hotel nestled amid Schiermonnikoog's scenic beauty.

Hotel Graaf Bernstorff Schiermonnikoog in Schiermonnikoog Hotel
Distance: 123 meter8.1
Hotel Graaf Bernstorff Schiermonnikoog
Reeweg 1, Schiermonnikoog

Immerse yourself in tranquil Wadden retreat, a blend of luxury, comfort and unparalleled service.

Vakantiehuis De Trekvogels in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 873 meter
Vakantiehuis De Trekvogels
Rijspolder 30, Schiermonnikoog

Bungalow De Trekvogels on Schiermonnikoog: comfortable accommodation for 5, with sunny terrace, open kitchen and access to peace and nature.

Kampeerboerderij De Branding in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 1,2 km7.7
Kampeerboerderij De Branding
Heereweg 2, Schiermonnikoog

Camping farm De Branding: Budget-friendly, in the middle of Banckspolder, near the Wadden Sea and the village center. Ideal for families, schools and associations.

De Kooiplaats in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 2,6 km8.5
De Kooiplaats
Kooipad 1, Schiermonnikoog

Kooiplaats Schiermonnikoog: sustainable accommodation among greenery, near dunes and salt marshes. Ideal for walking and cycling trips and an area full of rich history.

Groepsaccomodatie De Oorsprong in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km9.1
Groepsaccomodatie De Oorsprong
Heereweg 8, Schiermonnikoog

De Oorsprong: Versatile accommodations on Schiermonnikoog. Ideal for weddings, company outings and experience farm life. Strong value for money!

De Beusenhof in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 1,1 km10
De Beusenhof
Rijspolder 78, Schiermonnikoog

Beusenhof: peace and privacy on Schiermonnikoog with large garden, unique view and proximity to the sea. © 2021 reliability guaranteed!

Vakantiehuis IJsvogel Schiermonnikoog in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 1,1 km10
Vakantiehuis IJsvogel Schiermonnikoog
Rijspolder 80, Schiermonnikoog

IJsvogel Holiday home on Schiermonnikoog: comfort for six, near village and beach, with garden and underfloor heating, non-smoking, no pets.

Ambrosijn Hotelsuites in Schiermonnikoog Bed and breakfast
Distance: 78 meter8.3
Ambrosijn Hotelsuites
Langestreek 13, Schiermonnikoog

Hotel Ambrosijn, Schiermonnikoog; culinary sensation and artisanal ice cream parlor in the smallest 4-star suite hotel on the island.

Strandhotel Om de Noord in Schiermonnikoog Hotel
Distance: 1,3 km7.9
Strandhotel Om de Noord
Badweg 117, Schiermonnikoog

Beach hotel Om de Noord on Schiermonnikoog: quietly located accommodation near the center and directly on the beach, with a unique beach pavilion and free WiFi.

Vakantiehuis HONDERDTWINTIG in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 882 meter10
Rijspolder 120, Schiermonnikoog

Holiday home Hundred and Twenty: private grounds on Schiermonnikoog, close to the beach, 5-person, modernized bungalow. Pets not allowed.

Landal Strandappartementen Vitamaris in Schiermonnikoog Holiday resort
Distance: 540 meter8.7
Landal Strandappartementen Vitamaris
Badweg 53, Schiermonnikoog

Landal Vitamaris on Schiermonnikoog: modern comfort in a National Park, with free wellness, indoor swimming pool and close to Europe's widest sandy beaches.

Vakantiehuis Esra in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 854 meter9.7
Vakantiehuis Esra
Rijspolder 65, Schiermonnikoog

Holiday home Esra: luxury accommodation on Schiermonnikoog. Equipped with 4 bedrooms, TV/WiFi, wood stove and bicycles. Enjoy nature & comfort.”

Vakantiehuis Op e Dun Schiermonnikoog in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 245 meter9.5
Vakantiehuis Op e Dun Schiermonnikoog
Noorderstreek 18, Schiermonnikoog

Op é Dûn, authentic holiday home in Schiermonnikoog. Accommodation for five with modern luxury, including fireplace, equipped kitchen and garden.

Appartement Aan het Strand in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km9.3
Appartement Aan het Strand
Badweg 32, Schiermonnikoog

On the Beach: 4-person apartment in Noderstraun, 50m from the beach, pets allowed, view of the forest and dunes.

Villa Zandkasteel in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 922 meter10
Villa Zandkasteel
Badweg 71-2, Schiermonnikoog

Villa Zandkasteel: attractive holiday home on Schiermonnikoog, near the beach. Comfort with two bedrooms, open kitchen, fireplace and terraces.

Koningskaars in Schiermonnikoog Bed and breakfast
Distance: 826 meter9.3
Badweg 67 B, Schiermonnikoog

Mullein: luxury apartments in the dunes of Schiermonnikoog, with essential amenities, underfloor heating, and access to Resort Schierduin facilities.

Pension Westerburen in Schiermonnikoog Bed and breakfast
Distance: 236 meter8.5
Pension Westerburen
Middenstreek 32, Schiermonnikoog

Pension Westerburen: Experience comfort on Schiermonnikoog with private sanitary facilities, free WiFi, fresh breakfasts, local specialties and the option for full board.

Appartement Schiermonnikoog in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km8.7
Appartement Schiermonnikoog
Badweg 62, Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog: choose from 300+ holiday homes, apartments and hotels. Surrounded by beach & dunes, with activities for every part of the day.

Springfield in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 549 meter9.1
Melle Grietjespad 17, Schiermonnikoog

Holiday farm Springfield: diversity in accommodation, endless beach walks, cycling routes to the Balg and bird watching opportunities on Schiermonnikoog.

Noderstraun 58 in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 1,4 km8.7
Noderstraun 58
Badweg 58, Schiermonnikoog

Noderstraun 58: Comfortable apartment in Schiermonnikoog's dunes, view of the North Sea, access to Beach Club, ideal for beach walks.

De Strandjutter - Luxe Villa op Schiermonnikoog in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 881 meter9.3
De Strandjutter - Luxe Villa op Schiermonnikoog
Badweg 71 - 6, Schiermonnikoog

Beachcomber: luxury villa in the dunes of Schiermonnikoog, next to beautiful beaches. Reliable and comfortable all year round.

It Aude Kolonyhús in Schiermonnikoog Apartments
Distance: 822 meter9.5
It Aude Kolonyhús
Badweg 67A, Schiermonnikoog

It Aude Kolonyhûs: stay in historic Schiermonnikoog. Suitable for groups, studios available. Beach 600m, village 1km.

Appartement 8 - Resort Schierduin in Schiermonnikoog Vacation home
Distance: 756 meter
Appartement 8 - Resort Schierduin
Badweg 67, Schiermonnikoog

Beach resort Schier: luxurious corner apartment for 2-4 guests, with modern kitchen, comfortable seating, baby-friendly bedrooms and terrace. Perfect for nature holidays!

Information about Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is a small Wadden Island in the north of the Netherlands, known for its extensive sandy beaches, dunes and nature reserves. The island is a National Park and offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy unspoiled nature and diverse bird species. The car-free nature of Schiermonnikoog makes it ideal for cycling and walking tours, allowing tourists to explore the breathtaking landscapes in peace.

In addition to nature experiences, Schiermonnikoog offers various cultural attractions, including the historic village center and the Shell Museum. The island has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, which is reflected in the characteristic buildings and monuments. Accommodations range from campsites to luxury hotels, ensuring a suitable stay for every type of traveler. The combination of nature, tranquility and culture makes Schiermonnikoog a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.