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Quill's Garden in Oranjestad Hotel
Distance: 1,7 km9.9
Quill's Garden
, Oranjestad

Quill Gardens Boutique Hotel: Luxury rooms, world-class diving, breathtaking views & historic sites at The Quill Volcano.

The Old Gin House Oranjestad in Oranjestad Hotel
Distance: 898 meter8.5
The Old Gin House Oranjestad
Oranjebaai 1, Oranjestad

Tranquil hotel featuring well-equipped rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, pool, bar, and prime activities hub.

Talk of the Town Inn & Suites in Oranjestad Hotel
Distance: 847 meter10
Talk of the Town Inn & Suites
L.E. Saddler Road 9, Oranjestad

Talk of the Town Inn and Suites: Enjoy comfortable bungalows, a swimming pool, and top diving locations in the heart of Oranjestad, St. Eustatius.

Princess Inn in Oranjestad Apartments
Distance: 88 meter10
Princess Inn
Hare Majesteit Koningin Beatrixweg 8, Oranjestad

Princess Inn in Oranjestad: Luxury apartments for families and divers, next to restaurants and bars. Near Scubaqua and Golden Rock Dive Centers.

Papaya Inn in Oranjestad Hotel
Distance: 1,2 km9.3
Papaya Inn
William Plantz Road 3A, Oranjestad

Papaya Inn: Experience comfort in St. Eustatius with well-appointed rooms, garden breakfast, and proximity to historic sites. Perfect for any traveler!

Information about Statia

Sint Eustatius, often referred to simply as Statia, is a Caribbean island and a special municipal area of the Netherlands. Located in the northeastern Caribbean, between Sint Maarten and Saba, the island is known for its tranquility and natural beauty. The most striking feature of St. Eustatius is the dormant volcano, the Quill, which is loved by hikers and nature lovers. The volcano offers several hiking trails, rich biodiversity and panoramic views of the island and surrounding seas.

The island has a rich history that is reflected in the well-preserved colonial buildings and ruins, such as Fort Oranje. The destination is ideal for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts thanks to the clear waters and abundance of marine life surrounding the protected marine park. Less commercial and overcrowded than other Caribbean destinations, St. Eustatius offers an authentic and relaxing experience for tourists looking for an unspoilt destination.