30 accommodations in Cadzand

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Hotel de Schelde Cadzand in Cadzand-Bad Hotel
Distance: 2,1 km8.9
Hotel de Schelde Cadzand
Scheldestraat 1, Cadzand-Bad

Savor luxury hospitality, comfort and unbeatable service near the sandy shoreline.

Noordzee, Hotel & Spa Cadzand in Cadzand Hotel
Distance: 2,2 km9.1
Noordzee, Hotel & Spa Cadzand
Noordzeestraat 2, Cadzand

Unwind in luxury with saunas, a steam bath, and indoor swimming pool at our premium seaside retreat.

Hotel Bruist Cadzand in Cadzand Hotel
Distance: 1,1 km9.1
Hotel Bruist Cadzand
Badhuisweg 58, Cadzand

Relax in our rustic hotel near a serene beach in Zeeland, relishing our personal service and comfort.

Strandhotel Cadzand in Cadzand Hotel
Distance: 1,6 km8.9
Strandhotel Cadzand
Boulevard de Wielingen 49, Cadzand

Experience top-notch facilities at our coastal gem with a sea view, tennis court, pool, spa services.

Hotel de Blanke Top Cadzand in Cadzand-Bad Hotel
Distance: 1,8 km9.3
Hotel de Blanke Top Cadzand
Boulevard de Wielingen 1, Cadzand-Bad

Unwind in our coastal hotel's spa, delight in fine dining, and explore nearby nature reserves.

Essenhoeve in Cadzand Camping
Distance: 2,0 km9.1
Bosweg 2, Cadzand

Essenhoeve Minicamping and Apartments in Cadzand; rural charm with comfort, close to the North Sea beach and Het Zwin, ideal for families.

Minicamping De Couter in Retranchement Camping
Distance: 1,8 km9.7
Minicamping De Couter
Groene Weg 1, Retranchement

De Couter: Luxury apartments and mini-campsite in beautiful Zeeland Flanders, near picturesque villages and the lively seaside resort of Cadzand-Bad.

Camping De Wachtsluis & Theehuis in Retranchement Camping
Distance: 2,1 km9.5
Camping De Wachtsluis & Theehuis
Wachtsluis 1, Retranchement

Camping De Wachtsluis: 800m from the North Sea, near Het Zwin. Experience Zeeland with the charm of farm life, modern facilities and a hospitable Vermue family.

The Molinshoeve in Retranchement Camping
Distance: 1,7 km9.1
The Molinshoeve
Strengweg 2, Retranchement

Camping Den Molinshoeve: comfortable camping on the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen coast, with sustainable facilities and near the charming Cadzand.

Minicamping Koolswegje in Cadzand Camping
Distance: 878 meter8.9
Minicamping Koolswegje
Koolsweg 3, Cadzand

Minicamping Koolswegje, Cadzand: 25 spacious pitches with free WiFi near the beach and Het Zwin. Discover local agriculture, ample play options and indoor facilities.

Roompot Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad in Zeeland Holiday resort
Distance: 1,5 km8.7
Roompot Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad
Cavelot 1, Zeeland

Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad: luxury villas with modern amenities, beach access, children's fun with Koos, pet-friendly & on-site care services.

Duinhof Holidays in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 1,6 km9.3
Duinhof Holidays
Boulevard de Wielingen 7B, Cadzand

Duinhof Holidays: Luxury holiday homes in Cadzand-Bad, Zeeland. Experience the cleanest beaches and rugged nature reserves. All-in service and close to vibrant cities.

De Putter in Cadzand Camping
Distance: 379 meter9.3
De Putter
Erasmusweg 9, Cadzand

De Putter in Cadzand: quiet camping in the green with a user-friendly website, privacy guarantee and Social Media sharing options.

Camping De Lange Strink in Retranchement Camping
Distance: 1,6 km8.3
Camping De Lange Strink
Strengweg 3, Retranchement

Camping De Lange Strink Cadzand, in a historic farm, close to the sea, beach and dunes, ideal for walks, bike rides and culture in Bruges.

EuroParcs Cadzand in Cadzand Holiday resort
Distance: 1,4 km7.5
EuroParcs Cadzand
Lange Strinkweg 2, Cadzand

EuroParcs Cadzand: Modern holiday homes in picturesque Zeeland surroundings with beach, swimming pool, bicycle rental and bird-rich Het Zwin nature reserve nearby.

Strandappartement Duinhof.Holiday cadzand in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 1,6 km9.7
Strandappartement Duinhof.Holiday cadzand
Stijn Albregtstraat 2-4, Cadzand

Beach apartment Duinhof in Cadzand Bad: sun-drenched luxury between dunes and diversity of shops, restaurants and terraces.

Hoeve Cezant in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km10
Hoeve Cezant
Lange Strinkweg 1-001, Cadzand

Hoeve Cezant in Cadzand-Bad combines historic charm with modern comfort, near the cleanest beach in the Netherlands.

Duinhof Oost in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 1,6 km9.5
Duinhof Oost
Vlamingpolderweg 4, Cadzand

Duinhof Holidays: Beach stays for 2-8 people in Cadzand-Bad, near the Netherlands' cleanest beaches and cities such as Sluis and Middelburg.

Roompot de Parade Cadzand-Bad in Cadzand Holiday resort
Distance: 1,9 km9.3
Roompot de Parade Cadzand-Bad
Duinzicht 1, Cadzand

Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad: Luxurious, spacious villa for 14 people with private lounge, free WiFi and parking. Flexible booking conditions!

Cadzand Ferienhaus in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km8.7
Cadzand Ferienhaus
De Brabander Wijk 34, Cadzand

Cadzand-Bad holiday home: Sun, beach and nature 500m from your door. Perfect for families and nature lovers.

Landgoed Nooren in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 1,2 km
Landgoed Nooren
Tienhonderdsedijk 4, Cadzand

Landgoed Nooren in Cadzand offers exclusive accommodation, spacious and luxurious, surrounded by the beautiful Zeeland landscape. Your private retreat for relaxation!

Villa Zwinstrand in Retranchement Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km
Villa Zwinstrand
Kaapvaartstraat 3, Retranchement

Villa Mer Holidays: detached 6-person bungalow, green surroundings, near beach, natural Zwin park & picturesque towns. Comfortable, pet friendly, spacious yard.

BONNIES Beach & Spa Cadzand NL in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km9.9
BONNIES Beach & Spa Cadzand NL
Vlamingpolderweg 12 001, Cadzand

At Bonnie's Beach & Spa Cadzand you can enjoy luxurious bungalows with spa facilities, suitable for 4 or 6 people. Perfectly located at Vlamingpolderweg Salmstraat 34.

Vakantiehuisje bij zee in Cadzand, Zeeland in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 765 meter8.1
Vakantiehuisje bij zee in Cadzand, Zeeland
Ringdijk Zuid 16, Cadzand

Dijkhuisje Cadzand: Rural accommodation near the sea, Bruges (18km) and Knokke (7km). Suitable for 4 guests, price from €950/week.

Minicamping Knokkert in Cadzand Camping
Distance: 1,5 km9.3
Minicamping Knokkert
Vierhonderdpolderdijk 8, Cadzand

Minicamping De Knokkert in Cadzand: Spacious pitches, clean sanitary facilities, in the middle of nature reserves near the Zeeland-Flemish coast. Ideal for families!

Minicamping De Beerostie in Cadzand Camping
Distance: 633 meter8.9
Minicamping De Beerostie
Vierhonderdpolderdijk 2, Cadzand

Minicamping De Beeröstie offers a unique camping experience in Cadzand. Enjoy 25 spacious pitches, green facilities and a beautiful polder view!

Molecaten Park Hoogduin in Cadzand Holiday resort
Distance: 1,9 km8.9
Molecaten Park Hoogduin
Zwartepolderweg 1, Cadzand

Molecaten Park Hoogduin, Cadzand: Sea view, cycling routes, ANWB recognized with 4.4 stars. Top choice for both campers and holidaymakers.

the Knockaerthof in Cadzand Camping
Distance: 1,8 km9.5
the Knockaerthof
Knokkertweg 5A, Cadzand

Minicamping De Knockaerthof: charming tranquility in Cadzand, next to the beach and nature reserves, with free WiFi, near historic Bruges and Ghent.

Camping De Hoogte in Cadzand Camping
Distance: 2,3 km8.3
Camping De Hoogte
Strijdersdijk 9, Cadzand

Camping de Hoogte in Cadzand: for peace, natural beauty, beach fun. Ideal for families, couples and water sports enthusiasts.

Strandhuisjes Cadzand-Bad in Cadzand Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km9.1
Strandhuisjes Cadzand-Bad
Zwartepolderweg 1, Cadzand

Molecaten Park Hoogduin, ANWB recognized, offers comfortable 6-person beach houses in Cadzand, Zeeland, with an 8% early booking discount.

Information about Cadzand

Cadzand, located in the province of Zeeland on the South-West coast of the Netherlands, is a reliable destination for both peace seekers and active holidaymakers. The place has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages and now offers a wide range of facilities. The extensive sandy beaches, numerous cycling and walking paths and gastronomic restaurants make Cadzand popular with visitors of all ages.

The natural landscape around Cadzand is of top quality and unique in its kind, culminating in the Zwin Nature Park. This cross-border nature reserve between the Netherlands and Belgium is a paradise for many species of migratory birds and one of the few places in Western Europe where the transition from seawater to fresh water still occurs in its natural form. The combination of historic charm, natural beauty and modern facilities make Cadzand an expert destination all year round.