29 accommodations in Dwingeloo

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Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant de Borken Dwingeloo in  Dwingeloo Hotel
Distance: 1,6 km7.5
Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant de Borken Dwingeloo
Lhee 76, Dwingeloo

Luxury hotel near A28 motorway, offering sauna, hot tub, and indoor swimming pool amenities.

Hotel & Restaurant Wesseling Dwingeloo in Dwingeloo Hotel
Distance: 333 meter8.5
Hotel & Restaurant Wesseling Dwingeloo
Brink 26, Dwingeloo

Idyllic location near national reserves with exceptional dining options and free parking.

B&B de Ster van Dwingeloo in Dwingeloo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 572 meter9.5
B&B de Ster van Dwingeloo
Heuvelenweg 8, Dwingeloo

Unwind in our tranquil B&B, boasting rustic charm, modern comforts, and superb service.

Het Bonte Paard in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 4,1 km8.1
Het Bonte Paard
Stroovledder 17, Dwingeloo

Het Bonte Paard: holiday homes near Dwingelderveld NP, up to 14 people, kitchen, swimming pool.

StrooDrie in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 3,5 km9.9
Stroovledder 3, Dwingeloo

StrooDrie in Dwingeloo: 13 bedrooms, close to Dwingelderveld, ideal for groups of up to 30, sports field & terraces.

Camping De Bosrand in Dwingeloo Camping
Distance: 1,7 km8.7
Camping De Bosrand
Bosrand 9, Dwingeloo

Camping De Bosrand: your serene stay near Dwingelderveld national park. Spacious, green pitches and car-free for optimal peace and quiet.

Natuurkampeerterrein Lheederzand in Dwingeloo Camping
Distance: 3,0 km9.1
Natuurkampeerterrein Lheederzand
Achter Het Zaand 2A, Dwingeloo

Lheederzand campsite in Dwingelderveld offers authentic camping, ideal for cycling and walking tours, with an option for teepee tent rental.

Gastenverblijf Lheederhof in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km9.5
Gastenverblijf Lheederhof
Lhee 71, Dwingeloo

Lheederhof: Historic farm lodges in Dwingeloo. Luxury and comfort in 1600 built homes surrounded by natural beauty.

De Hooge Haer in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 1,9 km7.5
De Hooge Haer
Lhee 27, Dwingeloo

De Hooge Haer in Dwingeloo; perfect for group events, with disco bar, large recreation room, extra living room and sleeping options for up to 70 people.

Camping Meistershof in Dwingeloo Camping
Distance: 4,0 km8.9
Camping Meistershof
Lheebroek 33, Dwingeloo

Camping Meistershof in Drenthe; offers comfortable pitches, nature cabins, playground, miniature golf and proximity to Dwingelderveld Park.

Camping Torentjeshoek in Dwingeloo Camping
Distance: 1,9 km8.9
Camping Torentjeshoek
Leeuweriksveldweg 1, Dwingeloo

Camping Torentjeshoek: enjoy comfort pitches, a swimming pool and unique accommodations such as an Army truck and Treehouse, close to Dwingelderveld National Park.

Vakantiepark Zonnetij in Dwingeloo Holiday resort
Distance: 2,1 km9.1
Vakantiepark Zonnetij
Lhee 88A, Dwingeloo

Holiday park Zonnetij: enjoy luxurious accommodations in the peaceful Drenthe Lhee, close to Dwingelderveld, with horse rental, silence policy and shops nearby.

Camping De Olde Bârgen in Dwingeloo Camping
Distance: 2,0 km9.1
Camping De Olde Bârgen
Oude Hoogeveensedijk 1, Dwingeloo

Olde Bârgen: authentic nature campsite in Dwingelderveld NP. Camping spots available for tents, caravans and campers. Managed by Wijntjes and Dekker.

degoedevakantie in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 1,7 km10
Lhee 95, Dwingeloo

The Good Holiday: quiet farm at Dwingelderveld National Park. Garden and attic house for 2. Beautiful walking and cycling routes.

Vakantieverblijf Dwingeloo An 't Noordende in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 1,5 km10
Vakantieverblijf Dwingeloo An 't Noordende
Lhee 10, Dwingeloo

An't Noordende, in Drenthe; renovated, comfortable farmhouse with luxurious facilities. Near forests, water and Dwingelderveld National Park.

vakantiehuisdwingeloo in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 2,7 km8.3
Oosteresweg 9, Dwingeloo

Oosteresch Holiday Home: Find peace and quiet in our animal-friendly farm at Dwingelderveld National Park, close to the picturesque Dwingeloo.

Huisje In 't Bos in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 1,8 km9.7
Huisje In 't Bos
Anserpad 4, Dwingeloo

House in the Forest: tranquility in Dwingelderveld with its own forest, WiFi, bicycles and pet-friendly. Near the village of Dwingeloo.

Bed&wellness Bij Hoeve Holtland in Dwingeloo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,8 km10
Bed&wellness Bij Hoeve Holtland
H.S. Stevensweg 1, Dwingeloo

Mumsamp; ampmore: CRBKO-approved fitness & relaxation for pregnant women and mothers in Dwingeloo, max. 10 participants per class.

Dwingelderhof in Dwingeloo Camping
Distance: 2,6 km8.3
Holtien 9, Dwingeloo

Camping Dwingelderhof: the soothing greenery of Drenthe as your backyard. Privacy, naturism and birdsong guaranteed. Book now!

BoerenBed - De Lange Weide in Dwingeloo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,9 km9.5
BoerenBed - De Lange Weide
Holtien 5, Dwingeloo

De Lange Weide, organic farm in Dwingeloo. Tent houses with hot tub, fresh bread and meals. Experience the rich rural life near Dwingelderveld National Park.

ONS-appartement Dwingeloo in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 3,1 km9.9
ONS-appartement Dwingeloo
Plaggenveldsdijk 1, Dwingeloo

ONS apartment: enjoy our luxurious, wheelchair-accessible accommodation in Drenthe, adjacent to Dwingelderveld. Come home to us, even with your dog!

Het Pothok in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 969 meter8.9
Het Pothok
Drift 10, Dwingeloo

Pothok: unique holiday accommodation in Dwingeloo, fully equipped for two, surrounded by Dwingelderveld nature, pet-friendly at the on-site filling station.

De Brink in Dwingeloo Hotel
Distance: 378 meter8.5
De Brink
Brink 30, Dwingeloo

Grand Café de Brink in Dwingeloo: taste from 40 types of beer, or dine in the Greenest village in Europe, with the authentic Drenthe environment as a backdrop.

't Klein Huussie Appartment Dwingeloo in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 340 meter8.9
't Klein Huussie Appartment Dwingeloo
Brink 2, Dwingeloo

KleinHuussie in Drenthe: After 17 years full of passion, special contacts and wonderful experiences, this popular holiday apartment is closing.

Boutique Hotel de Drentse Liefde in Dwingeloo Hotel
Distance: 407 meter10
Boutique Hotel de Drentse Liefde
Drift 4, Dwingeloo

Boutique Hotel De Drentse Liefde: charming stay in Dwingeloo with unique rooms, free WiFi, covered bicycle shed and luxurious amenities: The base for adventures in Drenthe.

Groepsaccomodatie De Vogelsangh in Dwingeloo Vacation home
Distance: 735 meter8.9
Groepsaccomodatie De Vogelsangh
Heuvelenweg 29, Dwingeloo

De Vogelsangh, Dwingeloo: charming group accommodation near Dwingelderveld NP, city center conveniences and plenty of recreation, including quad and Segway rental.

B en B Dwingeloo in Dwingeloo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 803 meter
B en B Dwingeloo
Batingheweg 2, Dwingeloo

B&B Dwingeloo: Relax in a natural environment, with personal service, modern facilities and historic charm.

Bed and Breakfast Buitenlede 7 in Dwingeloo Bed and breakfast
Distance: 395 meter10
Bed and Breakfast Buitenlede 7
Lheeweg 7, Dwingeloo

Buitenlede 7, luxury apartments next to Dwingelderveld, with fully equipped kitchens, private terrace, garden and stargazing options.

Camping Doortenshof in Dwingeloo Camping
Distance: 870 meter8.7
Camping Doortenshof
Lhee 1, Dwingeloo

Doortenshof farm campsite; atmospheric camping near Dwingeloo and Dwingelderveld nature park. Spacious pitches, well-maintained facilities. Authentic experience!

Information about Dwingeloo

Dwingeloo, located in the province of Drenthe, is a picturesque village known for its unique combination of rich history and beautiful natural surroundings. The village was founded in the 11th century and has many monuments, including the famous St. Nicholas Church from the 15th century with its striking green tower. Dwingeloo serves as a gateway to two national parks: the Dwingelderveld and the Drents-Friese Wold, where visitors can explore numerous hiking and cycling trails.

The village of Dwingeloo is not only a haven for nature lovers, but also offers a range of cultural activities. The annual Shakespeare Theater, the historic observatory and various events such as the summer Brinkdagen, offer something for everyone. With an excellent selection of accommodation, eateries and local shops, Dwingeloo offers visitors an enjoyable and relaxing stay in this beautiful part of the Netherlands.