35 accommodations in Hapert

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Hotel Hofstede Landduin Hapert in Hapert Vacation home
Distance: 2,3 km8.9
Hotel Hofstede Landduin Hapert
Schouwberg 8, Hapert

Immerse in modern comfort housed in 18th-century farmhouses; enjoy robust regional charm.

Bed & Breakfast Aan de Brink Netersel in Netersel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,2 km10
Bed & Breakfast Aan de Brink Netersel
Carolus Simplexplein 10, Netersel

B&B Aan de Brink Netersel: Luxury rooms, homemade breakfast, cycling and walking paths, close to Belgium.

d oude pastorie netersel in Netersel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,0 km9.9
d oude pastorie netersel
De Hoeve 32, Netersel

B&B d'Oude Pastorie: monument from 1821 with swimming pool, sauna and close to Eindhoven.

Poort van Brabant in Hapert Hotel
Distance: 719 meter8.5
Poort van Brabant
Oude Provincialeweg 82, Hapert

Poort van Brabant: enchanting experience in the heart of the Kempen with local dishes and high-quality comfort.

Landal Het Vennenbos in Hapert Holiday resort
Distance: 2,6 km8.5
Landal Het Vennenbos
Schouwberg 7, Hapert

Landal Het Vennenbos: perfect family destination in Brabant with subtropical swimming paradise, indoor play forest and surrounded by natural beauty.

De Verloren Sinjoor in Bladel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,7 km9.3
De Verloren Sinjoor
Groot Terkooijen 3, Bladel

B&B De Verloren Sinjoor: tranquility in Brabant greenery, unique overnight stay in Irish gypsy wagons and fresh breakfast with regional products. Horse facilities available.

Recreatiepark De Achterste Hoef in Bladel Camping
Distance: 3,2 km8.9
Recreatiepark De Achterste Hoef
Troprijt 10, Bladel

Recreation park De Achterste Hoef: Brabant family campsite with luxurious private sanitary facilities, comfortable accommodations, playgrounds and recreational lake on site, surrounded by Kempen forests.

Hotel/Restaurant De Tipmast in Bladel Hotel
Distance: 3,6 km8.9
Hotel/Restaurant De Tipmast
Tipmast 48A, Bladel

Hotel Tipmast, a serene oasis in Bladelse woods, offers freshly renovated rooms and multifunctional spaces. Perfect for both holidays and business trips.

De Kipmulder - Landgoed Ten Vorsel in Bladel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,0 km9.5
De Kipmulder - Landgoed Ten Vorsel
Ten Vorsel 1A, Bladel

Holiday home De Kipmulder: luxuriously furnished for 2-8 people, disabled friendly, with private terrace and garden. Located in the Kempen, close to Belgium.

De Vorselse Molen in Bladel Vacation home
Distance: 2,5 km9.1
De Vorselse Molen
Bredasebaan 28, Bladel

Ten Vorsel Estate: historic group accommodation in Bladel with various activities, popular with families and schools. Home of the award-winning \#039;Tree of the Year 2019\#039;

Gindrahuis in Bladel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,6 km9.9
Sniederslaan 6A, Bladel

Gindrahuis from 1895: Mix of history and comfort. B&B with a central location in Bladel, known as 'the haunted house'. Do you dare?

Hotel Bladel in Bladel Hotel
Distance: 2,7 km8.9
Hotel Bladel
Beatrixlaan 1b, Bladel

Hotel Bladel: open 24/7, luxurious comfort in the middle of the city. Close to shops, restaurants and forests. Includes free WiFi and flexible check-in.

Camping De Tipmast in Bladel Camping
Distance: 3,6 km8.7
Camping De Tipmast
Tipmast 52, Bladel

Camping De Tipmast in the Kempen: where spacious camping pitches, high-quality facilities and surrounding natural beauty come together.

Prima Plek in Bladel Vacation home
Distance: 3,3 km9.3
Prima Plek
Park de Tipmast 4, Bladel

PrimaPlek: your reliable storage facility in Buurmalsen. Perfect for caravan, camper, boat or convertible. Book now!

Hoeve Ten Vorsel in Bladel Vacation home
Distance: 2,9 km9.3
Hoeve Ten Vorsel
Ten Vorsel 4, Bladel

Ten Vorsel estate: ultimate hospitality in Bladel since 1971. Meet the Witches Tree, Tree of the Year 2019, led by Rob Raijmakers.

Schuttersoord Gilde Sint Joris in Bladel Camping
Distance: 3,0 km9.7
Schuttersoord Gilde Sint Joris
Leemskuilen 16, Bladel

Sint Joris Gilde Bladel, unique crossbow shooting experience. Competitions for individuals and groups at Leemskuilen 16a.

Minicamping De Karpermolen in Bladel Camping
Distance: 1,9 km9.1
Minicamping De Karpermolen
De Uitgang 12, Bladel

Karpermolen Camping, quietly located in Brabantse Kempen, with spacious pitches, clean sanitary facilities and its own fishing pond. Only 400m from Bladel center.

Gasterij Landschot in Hoogeloon Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,5 km9.9
Gasterij Landschot
Heieind 6, Hoogeloon

Gasterij Landschot: luxurious rooms, Nature Spa, bicycles & breakfast with regional products. Near Eindhoven.

Landrop Bed & Breakfast in Hoogeloon Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,8 km9.9
Landrop Bed & Breakfast
Landrop 3, Hoogeloon

Landrop B&B, Hoogeloon: Luxury rooms, regional breakfast, high tea, and business facilities in the serene rural Kempen.

Guesthouse Het Vierspan in Hapert Vacation home
Distance: 1,6 km9.9
Guesthouse Het Vierspan
Dalem 1, Hapert

Vierspan Guesthouse: 75m² in rustic Dalem, restored barn for 2-4 guests. Spacious, comfortable, view of horse meadow, near Kempen Nature Reserve.

B&B 't Boerenhart in Duizel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,8 km10
B&B 't Boerenhart
Hoef 35, Duizel

B&B 't Boerenhart: Modern apartment on a farm, view of nature, cycling & walking routes, terrace.

Brewery Hotel De Gouden Leeuw in Vessem Hotel
Distance: 6,3 km8.7
Brewery Hotel De Gouden Leeuw
Jan Smuldersstraat 26, Vessem

Beerze Brouwerij Hotel in Vessem offers a luxurious experience with suite options, restaurant Mout & Hout. Near Eindhoven.

B & B De Stijl in Vessem Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,7 km10
B & B De Stijl
Postels Huufke , Vessem

B&B De Stijl: secure online booking, quietly located next to a forest with a terrace and large garden. Smoke-free, no pets, air conditioning, WiFi and TV!

Landgoed de Biestheuvel in Hoogeloon Vacation home
Distance: 5,5 km8.9
Landgoed de Biestheuvel
Hoogcasteren 25, Hoogeloon

De Biesteuvel Estate: Group accommodations in the heart of Brabantse Kempen. Enjoy outdoor activities, private garden, ample parking, helpful staff and more!

Chaletpark Rustika in Vessem Bungalow park
Distance: 6,0 km9.1
Chaletpark Rustika
Lantie 7, Vessem

Chalet park Rustika, serene oasis in Brabantse Kempen. Close to Gendersteyn and 't Caves golf courses. Buy your own chalet surrounded by nature.

Eurocamping Vessem BV in Vessem Camping
Distance: 5,5 km8.7
Eurocamping Vessem BV
Zwembadweg 1, Vessem

Eurocamping Vessem: Nature rich North Brabant, spacious camping pitches, safari tents and chalets. Ideal for families, various facilities!

Vakantieboerderij de Putte in Hoogeloon Vacation home
Distance: 4,2 km8.5
Vakantieboerderij de Putte
Vessemseweg 34, Hoogeloon

Holiday farm De Putte: attractive accommodation in Brabant suitable for groups, surrounded by natural beauty and near Eindhoven and Tilburg.

Camperplaats Vessem in Vessem Camping
Distance: 5,3 km9.5
Camperplaats Vessem
Zwembadweg 1, Vessem

Camper site Vessem: Spacious pitches in picturesque Brabant, surrounded by nature. Including camper facilities and dog friendly.

Hotel Restaurant De Bengel Eersel in Eersel Hotel
Distance: 3,8 km8.9
Hotel Restaurant De Bengel Eersel
Markt 13, Eersel

Hotel Restaurant De Bengel, Eersel: comfort in wooded Kempen. Modern rooms, authentic square, cycling and walking packages, free WiFi.

Recreation TerSpegelt in Eersel Camping
Distance: 4,3 km9.1
Recreation TerSpegelt
Postelseweg 88, Eersel

TerSpegelt: perfect for families, with adventurous Star Beach, exciting PumpTrack, quiet Nature Gate and luxurious holiday homes.

Bed & Breakfast Het Dijkhuis Eersel in Eersel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,3 km9.9
Bed & Breakfast Het Dijkhuis Eersel
Dijk 33, Eersel

Dijkhuis Eersel: A refreshing stay in two comfortable rooms, with private bathroom and terrace. Loaner bikes available for exploring!

Hazelaar Kampeerboerderij Den in Eersel Vacation home
Distance: 4,0 km8.7
Hazelaar Kampeerboerderij Den
Postelseweg 173, Eersel

VOF Den Hazelaar: comfortable group accommodations in Eersel with sports and survival track, shooting program and scooter rental.

La Cantina in Eersel Camping
Distance: 4,4 km8.9
La Cantina
, Eersel

TerSpegelt: peace and adventure with SterrenStrand, PumpTrack and Natuurpoort. Choose from luxurious rental accommodations or camping pitches!

Bed en Breakfast Puur8a in Duizel Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,0 km10
Bed en Breakfast Puur8a
Smitseind 8, Duizel

B&B Puur 8a: attractive guesthouse in a 1930s house with private terrace, fresh eggs from our own chickens, free WiFi & parking, close to the A67.

️campercamping blij venneke in Duizel Camping
Distance: 2,2 km9.5
️campercamping blij venneke
Dalemsedijk 28, Duizel

Camper site Blij Venneke: spacious pitches in green surroundings with free Wi-Fi, excellent sanitary facilities and an attractive conservatory near Eindhoven.

Information about Hapert

Hapert, located in the province of North Brabant, is known for its authentic charm and serene tranquility. It is part of the municipality of Bladel, in the south of the Netherlands. A place rich in history, with many monuments that bear witness to its long history. It is easily accessible via the direct N284 highway connection and is equipped with various local amenities such as shops, restaurants and schools that are available to residents and visitors.

A green oasis, Hapert is dotted with countless cycling and walking routes, which take visitors past pleasant natural sights and through picturesque landscapes. It provides access to the beautiful National Landscape Het Groene Woud, where flora and fauna can be admired. The annual events, such as the Hapert fair and the cycling race, attract people from far and wide. This place combines a high quality of life with an excellent tourist experience.