32 accommodations in Hoogeveen

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Hotel Hoogeveen in Hoogeveen Hotel
Distance: 1,3 km7.9
Hotel Hoogeveen
Mathijsenstraat 1, Hoogeveen

Rustic business retreat in the woods. Modern amenities. Daily breakfast and 2 restaurants.

B&B Hartje Hoogeveen in Hoogeveen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 692 meter
B&B Hartje Hoogeveen
Voltastraat 3, Hoogeveen

Hartje Hoogeveen B&B: comfortable garden house with private entrance, open kitchen and extensive bathroom, close to Dwingelderveld, Echten and Reestdal.

The Schildhoeve in Fluitenberg Hotel
Distance: 2,3 km9.3
The Schildhoeve
Fluitenbergseweg 69, Fluitenberg

Premium service, nature and tranquility at De Schildhoeve Extraordinary. Ideal for large groups, weddings and meetings.

Westerhoeve Pesse in Pesse Vacation home
Distance: 4,9 km10
Westerhoeve Pesse
Oostering 45, Pesse

Guesthouse Westerhoeve Pesse: charm and comfort in Drenthe, with spacious rooms, outdoor terrace, recreational facilities and close to nature reserves.

the Wemmenhoeve in Pesse Vacation home
Distance: 4,0 km9.3
the Wemmenhoeve
Hoogeveenseweg 43A, Pesse

Wemmenhoeve Drenthe: luxurious group accommodations. Picturesque view, near Hoogeveen, private sanitary facilities and fireplaces, private terraces and playgrounds.

De Spaarbankhoeve in Fluitenberg Hotel
Distance: 2,4 km8.1
De Spaarbankhoeve
Hoogeveenseweg 5, Fluitenberg

De Spaarbankhoeve in Hoogeveen, with comfortable rooms, free WiFi, in serene surroundings near tennis courts, walking routes, and award-winning city center.

B&B Hertenhoef Drenthe in Fluitenberg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,0 km10
B&B Hertenhoef Drenthe
Fluitenbergseweg 50, Fluitenberg

Hertenhoef B&B and Lodges: Luxury accommodation in Drenthe, suitable for a longer stay, 1 km from the A28 highway with a view of alpacas and deer.

Bed & Breakfast INN Drenthe in Fluitenberg Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,2 km9.5
Bed & Breakfast INN Drenthe
Fluitenbergseweg 72 A, Fluitenberg

Bed & Breakfast Inn Drenthe: Exclusive apartments with sun showers, surrounded by nature. Breakfast included, ideal for cycling and hiking adventures.

Familiecamping Hendrikswijkje in Elim Camping
Distance: 7,7 km9.5
Familiecamping Hendrikswijkje
Groot Hendrikswijk 1, Elim

Family campsite Hendriks Wijkje in Drenthe: various camping options, nice accommodations and attractions nearby for a family holiday!

Giesselterhoek in Fluitenberg Vacation home
Distance: 4,2 km9.1
Gijsselterweg 8, Fluitenberg

Giesselterhoek: Group accommodation in Drenthe, up to 18 people. Near nature reserve and Hoogeveen, ideal for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers.

SVR Camping De Knotwilg in Elim Camping
Distance: 7,9 km9.5
SVR Camping De Knotwilg
Jeulenwijk 6, Elim

SVR Camping De Knotwilg: tranquility, wooded landscape, ideal for cyclists. Near the bustling village of Elim. Book now via 06-13665303.

Camping Nieuw Moscou in Hollandscheveld Camping
Distance: 7,1 km9.5
Camping Nieuw Moscou
Zuideropgaande 129, Hollandscheveld

Camping Nieuw-Moscou: serene holiday spot in Drenthe with a personal approach, wide range of amenities and unique naturist facilities.

Boerdeheij in Elim Vacation home
Distance: 8,0 km
Brandligtswijk 3, Elim

Boerdeheij in Drenthe: Converted barn with cooking facilities, swimming pond and Paddock Paradise. Locally harvested food and Bell tent in the summer.

Camping MYRY in Elim Camping
Distance: 8,0 km8.9
Camping MYRY
Brandligtswijk 10, Elim

Camping MYRY in Drenthe; quiet area, spacious pitches, modern sanitary facilities, free WiFi and cozy canteen with terrace.

Appartement Derde Zandwijkje in Hollandscheveld Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,4 km10
Appartement Derde Zandwijkje
3e Zandwijkje 8, Hollandscheveld

Derde Zandwijkje Apartment: Quietly located with easy access to the A37 and A28. Modern facilities, customizable services, horse stable and pasture available.

Bed & Breakfast Bij de Trekgaten in Hollandscheveld Bed and breakfast
Distance: 2,8 km9.9
Bed & Breakfast Bij de Trekgaten
Hollandscheveldse Opgaande 1B, Hollandscheveld

B&B 'Bij de Trekgaten': Explore Drenthe from this 4-tulip accommodation with self-catering facilities.

Iloons Yurt in Hollandscheveld Bed and breakfast
Distance: 5,9 km9.5
Iloons Yurt
Kerkhoflaan 11, Hollandscheveld

Iloons Yurt: Authentic Mongolian tent in Hollandscheveld with trampoline, play areas and nature.

Camping Eikenhof in Hollandscheveld Camping
Distance: 5,5 km8.5
Camping Eikenhof
Rechtuit 56, Hollandscheveld

Camping de Eikenhof: Spacious camping pitches, chalets & activities in wooded Drenthe. Ideal for family holidays!

Hoeve Koeweide in Fluitenberg Vacation home
Distance: 4,0 km10
Hoeve Koeweide
Fluitenbergseweg 91, Fluitenberg

Hoeve Koeweide: recently renovated private holiday home in Drenthe, close to Echten. Space for 4-5 people, spacious garden, near Dwingelderveld.

B&B De Waterjuffer in Elim Bed and breakfast
Distance: 8,1 km9.9
B&B De Waterjuffer
Jufferswijk 106, Elim

B&B De Waterjuffer: Double bathroom, kitchen, next to forest & 1.5 km from Schoonhoven lake.

Budget B & B in Elim Bed and breakfast
Distance: 9,3 km8.9
Budget B & B
Langewijk 170, Elim

Hippago: Idyllic stay in Drenthe with horses, private lessons & colorful gypsy wagons.

Pullevaart in Elim Vacation home
Distance: 9,3 km9.9
Langewijk 168, Elim

Guesthouse Pullevaart: Serene stay with natural swimming pond, free parking and bicycle storage in Drenthe.

Bed and Breakfast Schoonhoven Suites in Elim Bed and breakfast
Distance: 7,4 km10
Bed and Breakfast Schoonhoven Suites
Marten Kuilerweg 37, Elim

Schoonhoven Suites: Luxury B&B in Elim with solar, private terrace, kitchen & massage bath.

Summio Villaparc Schoonhovenseland in Hollandscheveld Holiday resort
Distance: 7,2 km8.7
Summio Villaparc Schoonhovenseland
Marten Kuilerweg 22, Hollandscheveld

Summio Villaparc Schoonhovenseland: holiday homes near Schoonhoven lake, ideal for nature and water sports enthusiasts.

Camping Tussen De Wieken in Hollandscheveld Camping
Distance: 6,8 km8.3
Camping Tussen De Wieken
Meerboomweg 15a, Hollandscheveld

Camping 'Tussen de Wieken' in Hollandscheveld: swimming pool, top facilities & suitable for the disabled.

Camping Hollandscheveld in Hollandscheveld Camping
Distance: 7,9 km9.5
Camping Hollandscheveld
Jan Kreeftweg 5, Hollandscheveld

Camping Hollandscheveld: Family-friendly, near the forest & Schoonhoven lake, ideal for cyclists.

De Vijverkamer in Hoogeveen Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,6 km9.9
De Vijverkamer
Beukencamp 3, Hoogeveen

Bed & Breakfast De Vijverkamer: comfortable rooms with air conditioning, private terrace and breakfast in bed in Hoogeveen; starting point for Drenthe walking and cycling routes.

Box,B&B Stal 't Eikeltje in Hollandscheveld Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,7 km9.5
Box,B&B Stal 't Eikeltje
Meerboomweg-Zuid 13, Hollandscheveld

B&B 't Eikeltje: Personal attention, private entrance, WiFi, rural location near Hoogeveen.

Hotel Restaurant Martensplek B.V. in Tiendeveen Hotel
Distance: 7,0 km8.9
Hotel Restaurant Martensplek B.V.
Haarweg 22, Tiendeveen

Hotel Restaurant Martensplek: A-status golf course, comfortable accommodation, gastronomic dining and E-bike charging points in Drenthe's nature.

minicamping Schonewille in Nieuweroord Camping
Distance: 5,6 km9.7
minicamping Schonewille
Trambaan 6, Nieuweroord

Minicamping Schonewille in the heart of Drenthe offers peace, nature and trips to surrounding villages/cities. With beautiful cycling routes, nearby supermarket and bakery!

Stal Zwartschaap in Stuifzand Vacation home
Distance: 3,8 km9.5
Stal Zwartschaap
Zwartschaap 22, Stuifzand

Stal Zwartschaap: wheelchair-friendly apartments in Drenthe. Ideal for nature lovers, hikers and cyclists. Horse boarding available.

Minicamping De Zandgaten in Stuifzand Camping
Distance: 3,9 km9.5
Minicamping De Zandgaten
Siberiƫ 26, Stuifzand

Camping de Zandgaten: serene holiday base in Drenthe. Provided with easy access to shops, museums and nature reserves. With well-maintained sanitary facilities and bicycle charging point.

Information about Hoogeveen

Hoogeveen is an established, urban area located in the northern province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. Founded in the 17th century, the city offers a combination of historic charm and modern amenities. The green municipality is distinguished by its peat colonial past and comes with unique characteristics such as beautiful canals and remarkable cascading fountains. Hoogeveen also offers a handful of important cultural attractions, including the Thialf ice stadium and the Historical Museum de 5000 Morgen.

Furthermore, Hoogeveen is recognized for its stimulating economic environment. As a vital player in Dutch industry, the city is home to an impressive range of niche markets, including avionics, metals and food processing companies. Hoogeveen is also an excellent destination for shopping and food lovers, with a varied range of shops and restaurants in the lively city centres. With accessible public transport and landscaped cycle paths, Hoogeveen is an easy and pleasant city to visit and explore.