55 accommodations in Ieper

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Novotel Ieper Centrum in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 340 meter8.5
Novotel Ieper Centrum
Sint Jacobsstraat 15, Ieper

Uncover history & comfort at our hotel, ideally situated near Grand Square & war museum, offering superior amenities.

Hampshire Hotel O - Ieper in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 195 meter8.1
Hampshire Hotel O - Ieper
D'Hondtstraat 4, Ieper

Discover historic Ypres from a perfectly located base, offering comfort and free internet.

De Iep vzw in Ieper Bed and breakfast
Distance: 1,6 km7.9
De Iep vzw
Poperingseweg 34, Ieper

De Iep and 't Wikhof: Group accommodation near historic Ypres, perfect for exploration of WWI sights. Full board or self-catering available.

Flanders Lodge Hotel in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 1,8 km8.1
Flanders Lodge Hotel
Dehemlaan 19, Ieper

Flanders Lodge: Close to the Menin Gate, modern rooms with air conditioning, free WiFi, extensive breakfast buffet, and an ideal base for Ypres history.

Ariane Hotel in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 386 meter9.5
Ariane Hotel
Slachthuisstraat 58, Ieper

Ariane Hotel-Restaurant, four-star comfort in historic Ypres. Best hotel in Belgium since 2013. Culinary delights with local products. Near Menin Gate.

Vacation Home Landgoed de Monteberg in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 10,6 km9.7
Vacation Home Landgoed de Monteberg
, Heuvelland

Landgoed De Monteberg: Comfortable accommodations, ideal for meetings and relaxation. Enjoy vineyards, walks and wine tastings in Heuvelland.

Albion Hotel Ypres (Ieper) in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 415 meter9.5
Albion Hotel Ypres (Ieper)
Sint-Jacobsstraat 28, Ieper

Albion Hotel: Historical building in the center of Ypres, 200m from Menin Gate. Close to Grote Markt and In Flanders Fields Museum. Modern comfort, top service.

Main Street Boutique Hotel in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 624 meter9.9
Main Street Boutique Hotel
Rijselstraat 136, Ieper

Main Street Boutique Hotel in Ypres: Luxury four-star hotel with six unique rooms, free minibar, and close to the Menin Gate and the In Flanders Fields Museum.

B&B Pottebreker in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 3,9 km9.1
B&B Pottebreker
Poperingseweg 267, Ieper

**Bamp;ampB Pottebreker**: Charming stay in Vlamertinge with theme rooms, breakfast, garden, game room and garage. Near Ypres, Poperinge and Heuvelland.

't Kalut in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 12,9 km9.7
't Kalut
Oestenstraat 6, Heuvelland

**Kalut Holiday Home**: Dranouter, serene surroundings, Tuscan landscape, three-star comfort, WiFi, culinary delights nearby, ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

B&B Wellness Yoake in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 295 meter9.1
B&B Wellness Yoake
Tempelstraat 35, Ieper

Yoake: Quiet B&B in historic Ypres with private wellness spa, hammam, sauna, jacuzzi and massages. Perfect mix of luxury and relaxation.

Juliette's B&B in Ieper Bed and breakfast
Distance: 297 meter9.5
Juliette's B&B
Minneplein 3, Ieper

Juliette's B&B offers comfortable rooms in historic Ypres, close to the Menin Gate and the In Flanders Fields Museum. Enjoy an extensive breakfast buffet.

Hotel Tearoom New Regina in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 143 meter8.5
Hotel Tearoom New Regina
Grote Markt 45, Ieper

Hotel New Regina: Stylish rooms on the Grote Markt, next to Cloth Hall and Flanders Fields Museum. Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet and tempting tearoom.

Alliance Hotel in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 277 meter6.7
Alliance Hotel
D'Hondtstraat 19, Ieper

Alliance Hotel Ypres Center: Only 50m from the Grote Markt, modern furnished rooms, sunny terrace, daily breakfast, and covered garage for bicycles and motorcycles.

Doucemont in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 12,6 km9.3
Zwartemolenstraat 41, Heuvelland

Doucemont: Idyll in the Westhoek with 32 beds, perfect for family outings, team building and seminars, surrounded by serene meadows and fields.

ieperlee 23 Holiday Home in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 305 meter10
ieperlee 23 Holiday Home
Veemarkt 23, Ieper

Holiday home Ieperlee 23: Luxury 4-star accommodation in historic Ypres, close to In Flanders Fields Museum and the Menin Gate. Perfect for hiking and cycling tours.

't Moltje Velogement (Monteberg) in Heuvelland Bed and breakfast
Distance: 10,6 km9.7
't Moltje Velogement (Monteberg)
Lettingstraat 39, Heuvelland

Vélogement 't Moltje: Enjoy a panoramic view of the Monteberg, walking and cycling routes, garden terrace and unique picon tastings in the picturesque Heuvelland.

Gasthof 't Zweerd in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 267 meter8.1
Gasthof 't Zweerd
Grote Markt 2, Ieper

Gasthof 't Zweerd, Ypres: affordable rooms with box-spring beds, TV and shower. Enjoy an extensive breakfast buffet and explore Ypres' rich history.

Natuurterrein 't Heuvelhof in Heuvelland Camping
Distance: 13,4 km9.3
Natuurterrein 't Heuvelhof
Zwartemolenstraat 8, Heuvelland

't Heuvelhof nature reserve: Enjoy a sauna, hot tubs and a swimming hole in the tranquility of Dranouter. Perfect for camping among vineyards and orchards!

Plumer House in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 583 meter10
Plumer House
Capronstraat 9, Ieper

Plumer House: Charming rural mansion in the heart of Ypres. Suitable for 10 people, close to historical sights. Cozy living room and Provencal courtyard.

Menin Gate House in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 563 meter9.7
Menin Gate House
Hoornwerk 2, Ieper

Menin Gate House: Three holiday homes next to the Menin Gate in Ypres. Enjoy the daily Last Post, spacious rooms and a private courtyard.

Ter Thuyne in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 292 meter9.3
Ter Thuyne
De Stuersstraat 19, Ieper

Ter Thuyne: High-quality accommodation with hot tub, air conditioning and free WiFi in Ypres. Near In Flanders Fields Museum and Menin Gate.

B&B Inga in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 436 meter7.1
B&B Inga
De Stuersstraat 53, Ieper

Inga in Ypres: Comfortable rooms, close to St. Philibert Metro Station and Zoo Lille, near Menin Gate and In Flanders Fields Museum.

Tempelhof in Ieper Apartments
Distance: 232 meter8.3
Tempelstraat 6, Ieper

Tempelhof Ypres: Stylish apartments in the center, within walking distance of Menin Gate and In Flanders Fields Museum. Perfect for romantic or group stays.

Ypres Ramparts House in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 754 meter9.9
Ypres Ramparts House
Kanonweg 18, Ieper

Ypres Ramparts House: Comfortable holiday home with air conditioning, on the edge of historic Ypres. Near museums and nature reserve De Palingbeek. Experience rich history!

@Cocoon in Ieper Bed and breakfast
Distance: 250 meter9.1
Sint-Niklaasstraat 9, Ieper

@Cocoon: Enjoy spacious rooms with modern comfort in historic Ypres, close to the Grote Markt, Menin Gate and more. Private shower, WiFi and generous breakfast included.

The Salient | Accommodation for groups in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 313 meter8.7
The Salient | Accommodation for groups
D'Hondtstraat 27, Ieper

Menin Gate Bvba: Group accommodation for up to 137 people in a historic building, 160m from the Ypres market. Enjoy a private garden and close to Menin Gate and museums.

Villa Ernest in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 74 meter9.9
Villa Ernest
Schotlandstraat 5, Ieper

Villa Ernest: Luxury holiday home for 9 people in historic Ypres. Private garden, modern interior, walking distance from Grote Markt and St. Martin's Cathedral. Quiet location.

Vakantiewoning Hof ter Harte in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 3,8 km9.5
Vakantiewoning Hof ter Harte
Dikkebusseweg 338, Ieper

**Holiday home Hof Ter Harte:** Comfortable, child-friendly home for 14 people. Near Ypres, with garden, terrace and close to nature and cultural hotspots.

De Hollemeersch in Heuvelland Hotel
Distance: 9,8 km8.7
De Hollemeersch
Lettingstraat 58, Heuvelland

Hotel De Hollemeersch: Enjoy peace and nature with panoramic views, West Flemish specialties and the proximity of Ypres and the Kemmelberg.

De Lork in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 9,3 km8.1
De Lork
Kattekerkhofstraat 2, Heuvelland

De Lork: Overlooking the Kemmelberg, this accommodation offers space for 30-192 people, a climbing wall, seven halls, a sports hall and historical excursions.

Aparthotel Trilogie in Heuvelland Hotel
Distance: 8,5 km8.7
Aparthotel Trilogie
Reningelststraat 23, Heuvelland

Aparthotel Trilogy: Fully equipped apartments with kitchen and terrace. Adjacent restaurant for fresh meals. Ideal for any stay.

Camping YPRA in Heuvelland Camping
Distance: 8,6 km8.3
Camping YPRA
Pingelaarstraat 2, Heuvelland

Camping Ypra, located near the Kemmelberg, offers 300 pitches on 12 hectares. Near Ypres, ideal for walking and cycling trips. Discover vineyards and castle parks.

Fika Stuga in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 9,2 km9.9
Fika Stuga
Terrierstraat 5, Heuvelland

Fika Stuga: Modern holiday home on the Kemmelberg with electric bicycle rental and charging facilities. Relax in the beautiful nature of Heuvelland.

De Kleine Mote in Heuvelland Bed and breakfast
Distance: 10,0 km9.5
De Kleine Mote
Beukelaarstraat 2, Heuvelland

De Kemmelberg B&B: Enjoy panoramic views and plenty of outdoor activities. Near historic cities and Great War sites. Modern comfort and eco-friendly.

The Shepherds Farm in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 10,1 km10
The Shepherds Farm
Beukelaarstraat 1, Heuvelland

The Shepherds Farm: Authentic farm in Heuvelland with heated outdoor swimming pool, private terraces, Hammam, luxury suites and panoramic views.

Hotel Nicolas in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 5,5 km9.7
Hotel Nicolas
Veurnseweg 510, Ieper

Hotel Nicolas: Luxury B&B with spacious rooms, free bicycles, and swimming pool. Ideal for history in Ypres, Poperinge and Veurne and gastronomic experiences nearby.

Hostellerie St. Nicolas in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 5,9 km9.7
Hostellerie St. Nicolas
Veurnseweg 532, Ieper

Hostellerie Saint Nicolas offers luxurious rooms, a top restaurant and bicycle rental in the Flemish Westhoek, near Ypres. Visit Poperinge and Veurne.

B&B Back2Front in Ieper Bed and breakfast
Distance: 4,1 km9.9
B&B Back2Front
Moortelweg 4, Ieper

Back2Front: Quiet Boezinge, holiday home & B&B, 5 rooms, extensive breakfast. Ideal base for Ypres and walking and cycling routes.

B&B Logie Jolie in Ieper Bed and breakfast
Distance: 3,7 km10
B&B Logie Jolie
Moortelweg 15, Ieper

Bamp&B Logie Jolie in Ypres: Luxury rooms, rural garden, cozy fireplace, near the Menin Gate and In Flanders Fields Museum. Perfect for relaxation and discovery.

Jeugdverblijf Munchenhof in Langemark-Poelkapelle Vacation home
Distance: 7,3 km7.3
Jeugdverblijf Munchenhof
Markt 43, Langemark-Poelkapelle

Munchenhof: Top accommodation with modern rooms, free Wi-Fi, and top meeting facilities. Perfect location to sights and transport hubs.

Kasteelhof 't Hooghe in Ieper Hotel
Distance: 4,4 km8.9
Kasteelhof 't Hooghe
Meenseweg 481, Ieper

Hotel Kasteelhof 't Hooghe: Comfort in a historic castle, 3 km from Ypres. Enjoy an extensive breakfast, private parking, free internet and spacious family rooms.

De Pypegale in Lo-Reninge Vacation home
Distance: 9,3 km8.9
De Pypegale
Pypegale 1, Lo-Reninge

Holiday farm De Pypegale: Spacious holiday home in Reninge with swimming pond, large garden, playground, and fully equipped kitchens. Suitable for 24 people.

Barak de Vinck in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 4,1 km10
Barak de Vinck
Bellewaardestraat 3A, Ieper

Barak de Vinck in Ypres: Experience life like in 1919, without modern luxury. Discover historic sights such as the Menin Gate and In Flanders Fields Museum.

Vakantiewoning Hoeve-C in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 7,6 km10
Vakantiewoning Hoeve-C
Steenstraat 38, Ieper

Holiday home Hoeve C: Spacious house for 12, modern amenities, wellness, terrace. Perfect location for walking and cycling trips. Child-friendly!

't hof Bellewaerde in Ieper Camping
Distance: 3,9 km9.5
't hof Bellewaerde
Bellewaerdestraat 2, Ieper

't Hof Bellewaerde: Ecological landscape campsite in the Westhoek near Ypres, near walking routes, Crater Forest and historical sites from WWI. Breathtaking views!

vakantiehuis GLUK in Zonnebeke Vacation home
Distance: 5,5 km10
vakantiehuis GLUK
Frezenbergstraat 100, Zonnebeke

Holiday home GLUK: Elegant country house in Westhoek with 5 luxurious bedrooms, a heated swimming pool, sauna, BBQ and close to the historic sights of Zonnebeke.

Vakantiewoning Belle Vue in Zonnebeke Hotel
Distance: 5,9 km4.1
Vakantiewoning Belle Vue
Menenstraat 73, Zonnebeke

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B&B Haere Mai in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 9,8 km9.3
B&B Haere Mai
Brulozestraat 1, Heuvelland

Bed and Breakfast Haere Mai: Comfortable room with Auping bed, free WiFi, Westhoek discount pass, and fresh breakfast. Ideal for cycling and walking tours.

B&B De Zavelaar in Heuvelland Vacation home
Distance: 8,5 km10
B&B De Zavelaar
Brulozestraat 8, Heuvelland

Bamp;ampB De Zavelaar: Cozy rooms in Heuvelland, near Ypres and Poperinge. Breakfast with a view of Kemmelberg. Perfect for culture and nature lovers!

De Akkerwinde in Zonnebeke Vacation home
Distance: 6,7 km8.7
De Akkerwinde
Lange Dreve 12, Zonnebeke

De Akkerwinde: In the heart of the Westhoek, close to WWI memorial sites, Bellewaerde, and the serene Polygone forest. Comfortable rooms, bicycle rental, and extensive breakfast.

Camperplaats Zillebeke Vijver in Ieper Camping
Distance: 2,3 km8.7
Camperplaats Zillebeke Vijver
Zillebekevijverdreef , Ieper

Zillebekevijver camping site: Comfortable camper site near Ypres, ideal for nature and history lovers, with electricity for €16.50/night.

Poortershuys in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 826 meter10
Grimminckstraat 6, Ieper

**Poortershuys:** Holiday home for 10 people and 2 babies in the heart of Ypres with Finnish sauna, fully equipped kitchen and green garden. Historical location!

The Chamberlain in Ieper Vacation home
Distance: 390 meter10
The Chamberlain
Rijselstraat 74, Ieper

The Chamberlain: Luxury holiday home in Ypres with stylish rooms, private kitchens, communal areas and close to historic attractions.

' t Hooghe Licht in Langemark-Poelkapelle Bed and breakfast
Distance: 6,6 km9.7
' t Hooghe Licht
Zonnebekestraat 104, Langemark-Poelkapelle

't Hooghe Licht: Charming B&B near Ypres. Three cozy rooms, rural-modern interior, and close to attractions such as Bellewaerde and WW1 sites.

Information about Ieper

Located in the Belgian province of West Flanders, Ypres is a historically important city known for its role during World War I. The city is home to several memorials and museums, including the Menin Gate and the In Flanders Fields Museum, which attract many visitors every year who want to commemorate and learn about history. The well-preserved medieval architecture, such as the Cloth Hall and St. Martin's Cathedral, makes Ypres not only a place of historical interest, but also an attractive destination for architecture enthusiasts.

In addition to its rich historical heritage, Ypres offers numerous recreational activities and facilities for tourists. The town has a good network of walking and cycling trails, allowing visitors to explore the surrounding countryside. The Grote Markt, the main square, is a lively area full of cafes, restaurants and shops, where tourists can enjoy local delicacies and Belgian beers. Its combination of history, culture and hospitality makes Ypres a unique and versatile destination.