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De Skure
De Skure
De Skure
De Skure

De Skure

Iepersestraat 103
8550 Harelbeke

Information about the accommodation

De Skure is located in a renovated old farm and offers a hospitable environment, where everyone can enjoy a unique and comfortable living experience. The property features a charming summer garden and several holiday homes under construction, which will offer a wide range of accommodation options in the future. During the summer months (July, August and September), guests can look forward to fresh drinks and tasty dishes, prepared with ingredients from the on-site vegetable garden, as well as artisanal ice cream. In the spring (April and May) De Skure also serves as an excellent location for communion and spring parties, where a warm and cozy atmosphere is assured. The location near nature reserves and local attractions makes De Skure an ideal base for both relaxation and exploration of the area.

In the area

Parking Garage
  • P Veemarkt 4.5 km
  • P Veemarkt 4.6 km
  • P Veemarkt 4.7 km
  • K in Kortrijk 4.7 km
  • P Veemarkt 4.8 km
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Tourist Attraction
  • Kortrijk Doorniksewijk NMVB tram station 5 km
  • Kortrijk NMVB stelplaats 6 km
  • De Libel 6.9 km
Train Station
  • Kortrijk 5.3 km
  • Waregem 9.3 km