Ruidenberg b&b - Ichtegem
Ruidenberg b&b
Ruidenberg b&b
Ruidenberg b&b
Ruidenberg b&b

Ruidenberg b&b

Ruidenbergstraat 8
8610 Kortemark

Information about the accommodation

Bamp;ampB Ruidenberg in Kortemark offers a quiet living space where guests can enjoy the charm of the beautifully renovated horse stables, transformed into a modern bed and breakfast. Located on the south flank of a hill, this accommodation offers a serene environment surrounded by nature, with respect for both people and animals. Guests can choose from various rooms, each furnished with an eye for detail and comfort. A tasty breakfast is served daily, focusing on local products. For business meetings, meeting rooms are available, equipped with the necessary facilities for a productive session. In addition, Bamp;ampB Ruidenberg offers the unique opportunity to stable horses for guests who want to bring their four-legged friends. The location in Kortemark also makes it easy to explore nearby sights and nature reserves, ideal for walks and bike rides. In short, Bamp;ampB Ruidenberg combines modern amenities with an authentic atmosphere, perfect for both relaxation and work.

In the area

Parking Garage
  • Koekelare Bos 3.5 km
  • Parking Ravenhofpark 5.9 km
  • Centrumparking Hoedemakers 6.1 km
  • In Den Plezanten Hof 2.7 km
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  • De Engel 4.2 km
  • Spoorauto Kamieltje 4 km
  • Museum Torhouts Aardewerk 6.1 km
Tourist Attraction
  • Stadspomp 6.1 km
  • Stadspomp 6.3 km
  • Herdenkingsmonument "Bloemen tegen het vergeten" 6.4 km
Train Station
  • Kortemark 5 km
  • Torhout 6.5 km
  • Lichtervelde 9.2 km