Gîte Coté Grange - Florennes
Gîte Coté Grange
Gîte Coté Grange
Gîte Coté Grange
Gîte Coté Grange

Gîte Coté Grange

Rue Père Heugens 5
5600 Philippeville

Information about the accommodation

The Gîte Côté Grange is a comfortable accommodation suitable for four people, located in rural Philippeville, in the Pays des Lacs region. This gîte offers an inviting and cozy interior, complete with a well-equipped kitchen and cozy sitting area, as well as two bedrooms and a dining area. Guests can enjoy a south-facing terrace overlooking the garden, making it ideal for relaxing and admiring the surrounding natural beauty. The location of the gîte is perfect for lovers of peace and nature, with countless routes and hidden gems nearby. Gîte Côté Grange emphasizes local charm and offers an authentic experience in an area known for its lakes and vibrant water features. The immediate area offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration, guaranteeing a unique and memorable holiday experience. It also offers visitors the chance to learn about local producers and culture, adding an extra dimension to their stay.

In the area

  • Le Phénicien 4.9 km
  • La Clairière 5.3 km
  • Musée Spitfire 6.3 km
Train Station
  • Philippeville 5.1 km